Trump Blasts Biden’s ‘Year of Misery’

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  1. For the most popular, totally legitimate president ever, there are tons of questions and holes in that façade.
    1. The dems vehement deny and defend anything around auditing the election.
    2. This administration is never seen in the white house.
    3. The footage of the inauguration doesn't match up with the weather reports for that day, and there were no fireworks seen over the monument that night.
    3. Quietly, behind the scenes, many are being arrested in connection to his previous and current dealings, especially regarding the Steele Dossier.
    4. Why does this administration need to deploy all manner of enforcement against their image (doxxing the guy who got Biden to say "let's go Brandon") and their agenda (sending the DOJ after parents who don't want CRT)?

  2. Vladimir Putin gives not one single fuck what Senile Creepy Joe thinks of him.
    To be fair, Vlad IS a former KGB officer, but that just gives him an edge. He's miles ahead of the US, and Biden in particular.

  3. Hell no… Covid isn't an excuse for him considering there was already a vaccine available… All he had to do is distribute it and let anyone who wants to take it, take it and just leave it be and stop obsessing over all these myriads of variants and just go back to normal… We did the same shit in Nigeria and we already have herd immunity because our government just let it be after getting a vaccine… So no, coronavirus wasn't an excuse… He had every opportunity to end it immediately he got into office but chose not to…

  4. Thanks for the opinions about who should be the next US president but I don't think the UK is the right place to go for advice on this subject. Trump is more of a necessity at this point vs a preference.

  5. I'm really fed up with this "mOsT pOpUlAr PrEsIdEnT eVaR!" silliness. Almost every new president is the most popular ever by raw vote total because the population keeps going up! What one ought to look at is the percentage of the popular vote margin (i.e., by how many popular vote percentage points did the winner defeat the opposing candidate). But you also have to consider the constitutional changes to who can vote. So we should really only look at post-1971 as that was the last time the constitution was amended to change who is allowed to vote (anyone 18 and up since then). If we were to go with apples to apples like that, then the most popular ordering is:

    Key: (D) = Democrat; (R) = Republican; (D-R) = Democratic-Republican; (F) = Federalist; (I) = Independent

    1972 Richard Nixon's (R) 2nd term: he got 60.67% of the PV with 23.15% margin over his opponent George McGovern (D) with 56.2% turnout.

    1984 Ronald Reagan's (R) 2nd term: he got 58.77% of the PV with 18.21% margin over his opponent Walter Mondale (D) with 55.2% turnout.

    1980 Ronald Reagan's (R) 1st term: he got 50.75% of the PV with 9.74% margin over his opponent Jimmy Carter (D) with 54.2% turnout.

    1996 Bill Clinton's (D) 2nd term: he got 49.23% of the PV with 8.51% margin over his opponent Bob Dole (R) with 51.7% turnout. [Ross Perot ran as an Independent]

    1988 George H. W. Bush's (R) 1st (only) term: he got 53.37% of the PV with 7.72% margin over his opponent Michael Dukakis (D) with 52.8% turnout.

    2008 Barack Obama's (D) 1st term: he got 52.93% of the PV with 7.27% margin over his opponent John McCain (R) with 61.6% turnout.

    1992 Bill Clinton's (D) 1st term: he got 43.01% of the PV with 5.56% margin over his opponent George H. W. Bush (R) with 58.1% turnout. [Ross Perot ran as an Independent]

    2020 Joe Biden's (D) 1st term: he got 51.31% of the PV with 4.45% margin over his opponent Donald Trump (R) with 66.2% turnout.

    2012 Barack Obama's (D) 2nd term: he got 51.06% of the PV with 3.86% margin over his opponent Mitt Romney (R) with 58.6% turnout.

    2004 George W. Bush's (R) 2nd term: he got 50.73% of the PV with 2.46% margin over his opponent John Kerry (D) with 60.1% turnout.

    1976 Jimmy Carter's (D) 1st (only) term: he got 50.08% of the PV with 2.06% margin over his opponent Gerald Ford (R) with 54.8% turnout.

    2000 George W. Bush's (R) 1st term: he got 47.87% of the PV with -0.51% margin under his opponent Al Gore (D) with 54.2% turnout. [Won EC, lost PV]

    2016 Donald Trump's (R) 1st term: he got 46.09% of the PV with -2.09% margin under his opponent Hillary Clinton (D) with 60.2% turnout. [Won EC, lost PV]

    As you can see, Joe Biden isn't even in the top half, let alone the most popular ever. If we discard the post-1971 rule, then you get:

    1788-89 George Washington's (I) 1st term: he got 100% of the PV and ran unopposed.

    1792 George Washington's (I) 2nd term: he got 100% of the PV and ran unopposed.

    1820 James Monroe's (D-R) 2nd term: he got 80.61% of the PV with 64.69% margin over his opponent John Quincy Adams (D-R) with 10.1% turnout.

    1804 Thomas Jefferson's (D-R) 2nd Term: he got 72.79% of the PV with 45.58% margin over his opponent Charles C. Pickney (F) with 23.8% turnout.

    1816 James Monroe's (D-R) 1st term: he got 68.16% of the PV with 37.24% margin over his opponent Rufus King (F) with 23.5% turnout.

    1808 James Madison's (D-R) 1st term: he got 64.74% of the PV with 32.33% margin over his opponent Charles C. Pickney (F) with 36.8% turnout.

    1920 Warren Harding's (R) 1st (only) term: he got 60.32% of the PV with 26.17% margin over his opponent James Cox (D) with 49.2% turnout. [died in office]

    1924 Calvin Coolidge's (R) 1st (full) term: he got 54.04% of the PV with 25.22% margin over his opponent John Davis (D) with 48.9% turnout.

    1936 Franklin Roosevelt's (D) 2nd term: he got 60.80% of the PV with 24.26% margin over his opponent Alf Landon (R) with 61.0% turnout.

    1972 Richard Nixon's (R) 2nd term: he got 60.67% of the PV with 23.15% margin over his opponent George McGovern (D) with 56.2% turnout. [#1 in previous list]


    So where does Biden fall in this list? 40th (18th from the bottom). So basically over 2/3 (69%) of all presidents have been more popular than Joe Biden.

    Let's Go Brandon!

  6. it's easy to claim people who voted for you love you i they're dead.
    he is certainly loved by his canine voters and photocopy machine voters.

    the man is advanced terminal stages of alzheimers, controlled with an excess of drugs that are barely having an effect now.

    I saw a copy of his prescription on bitchute a few months before the US elections, donepezil was already on it, as were excelon, galantamine, [used in higher doses for severe alzheimers and dementia], these are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, there was another one too, an anti plaque treatment that is only this year approved by the US medical establishment, can't remember the name off hand, but the indications prove that biden is too far gone for it to be really effective, as the studies state that the greatest efficacy is attained in early diagnosis and treatment.

    also there were a couple of antipsychotics to control paranoia, a symptom that can terrify those so afflicted, as well as certain other behaviours associated with dementia and advanced alzheimers, such as confusion and euphoria as well as tractate loss of memory :

    he may remember a paragraph, the 'shape', for want of a better description, of it's contents and riff around it, "you know the thing!", or rote repetition of sentences with large lacunae in the text, then utters sentence, starts hesitantly to speak, it sounds like saying two words at once or crushing two sentences into each other, or contrarily, the sentence and a little of the next before a pause that hangs in the air with a shit eating grin, only to add another sentence and perhaps his 'conspiratorial whisper', [an effect of the paranoia], it can't be that bad, I'm smiling and the people here are smiling utters a few more words. break. maybe a tangent of odd recollections from a time he was compos mentis, [he often calls kamala the president], moreover, his handlers seem to get the best out of him when calling him 'mr vice president'.

    if you see biden just collapse, that may be due to cerebral oedema, one of the handful of serious side effects for this new anti plaque drug that is only a bit of a winner if you get it down an alzheimers patient's neck as early as possible in the case of early signs of first stages of alzheimers, not in the last stages.

    don't worry, I just spotted I was about to launch into a medical dissertation on brain biochemistry and anatomy, so the short form: the neuro transmitter acetylcholinesterase is much like others, seratonins et c. they are the neuron's on off purpose switches, they are usually maintained at a certain concentration in the brain, it is the uptake, absorbtion or release of these at their receptors that control individual nerve fibres' ability to communicate cell to cell, but block this communication when the receptors are 'full'.

    a poor analogy would be that "each neuron's receptors are a post office, with pidgeon holes.
    now imagine that a larger quantity of the pidgeon holes are 'clogged' with acetylcholinesterase envelopes that no one is clearing for delivery, they can't uptake more, but are not absorbing nor releasing.
    no news is bad news, in this case. this is what causes the onset of early symptoms, a lack of sufficient free receptors.
    this is what the inhibitors are for, in artificially clogging these receptors, the 'saturation' is lessened allowing greater exchange and improved communication.

    up until recently, the only thing that stopped this from happening smoothly were neuronal plaques, a protection of the nerve's waxy fat sheath insulation, building up to the point where it interferes with inter-neuronal column communications.
    a normal level of plaques allows a certain level of free biochemical exchange considered normal.

    too great an exchange being characterized by too fine a presence of plaques, much like surface shorting of wires that have degraded insulation, in effect a cascade of activity that is no longer a meaningful neuronal communication, but a 'brainstorm'.
    this can cause seizures, but the opposite is true in alzheimers, the plaques build up until the re-uptake is all the receptors can do, no re-absorption nor release, no activity.

    I think that's why they put biden on it, it's pretty much still experimental, developed and made by Biogen, yes, the same biogen that developed these super efficient vaccines that aren't vaccines… ensure we get paid for our progressive euthanasia shots, or the codger that 'legitimized' your election fraud is cabbaged.

    they put him on it over a year ago, and it was rushed through trials, hailed as the first new alzheimers treatment in 20 years.
    it's only just been approved by the FDA this year!

    Fauci is a director or shareholder at biogen, if memory serves.
    indeed I seem to remember that they were also the developers of drugs like AZT for AIDS treatments, that killed it's patients too.
    in any case, it's seems to confirm that biden was chosen because they expected him to die, sooner, rather than later, he was allready unfit for office at least two years ago..

    but what do I know? I am but a 'umble french cafe owner, traiying 'iz best to run my cafe while avoiding being shot by ze gestapo.

  7. Talking Colonial Britain. You know Laura Murray who was sued by Rachel Riley? Same Laura Murray who worked for Jeremy Corbyn, who's parents are outspoken Marxists. Her great grandfather was a colonial governor in the Indian Raj. Actually the family are a bunch of aristocrats who are loaded. Laura's mother sold a painting given by Picasso to her mother, against her mother's wishes & the family pocketed the £50 million. So, stinking rich, own expensive property, avoided taxes, ordered around people & upheld the Empire. How does that fit wih Marxism's abolition of private property, empire & wealth? Same question can be applied to so many more of these Bourgeious 'Marxists

  8. Strongest possible republican ticket would be Ron DeSantis-Rand Paul. Loved Trump's presidency, but he is just too volatile a candidate. DeSantis gets the nomination, he is president beginning in 2025

  9. There's a lot I disagree with Trump on, but he was clearly the better choice.
    Shame on everyone who fought to get Biden elected and refused to listen to our warnings about him and his corruption.

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