Trump Calls For Goodyear Boycott, Goodyear PANICS, Conservatives Go On The Offensive

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  1. fyi not one democrat boycott has worked. every republican boycott has worked to damage every company they have targeted. democrats are a small part of every market except the vegan market.

  2. All these companies making political statements are exploiting the people that made them such a large company in the first place – the capitalist structure that allowed their power to grow is being shit on by them. Just like celebrities exploiting their fame, they forgot what got them there in the first place…it sure wasn't their political analysis.

  3. Word up, I need new tires on my jeep soon, going to do some research and find Goodyear's biggest competitor and buy theirs. Any suggestions? (2014 jk)

  4. After the election we must investigate all dems any crime we find must be prosecuted maximum sentences we must destroy the democratic party or they will destroy our country also put Soros in Gitmo

  5. What slime balls, literally saying "there have been misconceptions" then if you read the statement they double down and explicitly say no political messaging but support for "equity and racial" political messaging.

  6. I like how they try to walk it back and say they didn't make this but that they basically support it. And then block anyone from asking for clarification. Sorry you can't play it both ways

  7. I work for a major organization, we get crap like this through internal email all the time. It makes me really frustrated, and I want to take a stand. However, I also enjoy feeding my family and providing them a home. When the CEO makes announcements that they condemn and condone certain political actions, yet in the COC it states to not talk politics…it makes you wonder.