Trump Calls Out War Profiteering: Legacy Media Says He’s “Attacking the Military”

Trump is objectively correct:


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  1. As a retired Marine and former Program Mgr at SAIC I can say War Profiteering is real. Here’s how it works:
    1. US topples a dictator in some 3rd world shithole
    2. US gives that country money to buy US weapons & equipment to upgrade their military/security.
    3. Defense Contractors swarm in like vultures (Develop Business) to help the 3rd World shithole spend their US dollars.

  2. Trump calls these things out while appointing defense contractors to the Defense Department. Sure, Trump is better than Biden on this, but let's not pretend he's actually good on this issue, he's mostly bullshitting.

  3. It’s not just the military industrial complex. It is the MICIMATT complex. The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Media-Academe-Think-Tank complex. Not the just companies doing the manufacturing but all of those other groups have the same bad incentives and evil behavior.

  4. Trump is the commander in chief so he should be able to command the troops to come home. Put them on the southern border and it would stop all illegal crossings.

  5. Trump DOES have unilateral authority to end any conflict that our troops are in. He is the Commander-In-Chief. If the SecDef doesn't follow his orders, he can fire the SecDef and hire someone who will. NO excuses.

  6. they are just mad that "warmonger" "fascist" Trump hasn't started any wars or used political power to disrupt his enemies, as we can see they do just fine destroying themselves

  7. I finally subscribed to your channel after viewing ten of your videos. I was initially hesitant because I'm creeped out by your occultish name (Styxhexenhammer666) and avatar (is that a serpent eating its tail?). Re: Trump. I was stunned when I heard him call out the Pentagon and war profiteering during his press conference. It was incredible. If he keeps talking like that, he might find himself near a grassy knoll. His comments reminded me of Gen. Smedley Butler's (USMC) famous essay, "War is a Racket" where he spelled out war profiteering. And he wrote that in the 1930s.

  8. Remember when Jeb's campaign died? When Trump said that W lied us into an unnecessary war. The everyday little guy Republican was won over.

  9. If we all had full autos readily available we wouldn’t need to have a standing army…. after China is dealt with once and for all. Libertarian beliefs or not China must be dealt with.

  10. "Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses, evil mids that plot destruction, sorcerer of deaths construction, in the fields the bodies burning, as the war machiune keeps turning, death and hatred to mankind, Poinsoning their Brainwashed minds, Oh Lord Yeah"
    Ozzy The Great – Long Live Ozzy!

  11. You left out the resulting highly complex and therefor – likely to fail in battlefield environment – arsenal which will lose the next real war. No doubt because it is very complex. Also left out is the skewing of research science. A phenomena seen in pharma in spades. This is what I see as the establishment tripping and slipping on its own dick, falling and drowning in its centralized dollars. Which will soon be worth precious little.

  12. My last remaining Lefty friend: Did you hear what Trump said about our military? Can you believe how horrible?!
    Me: Horrible? I thought you'd be a supporter now!
    Friend: What do you mean?
    Me: Thought you all hated the military. You don't need a military if you don't believe we should intervene globally or have borders to protect domestically.
    Friend: Ya, but what if someone attacks us?
    Me: The U.S.? You can't care about that, it is Nationalistic.
    Friend: Dude, shut up. I mean invade us unprovoked and take all our shit; put us prisons all Red Dawn style.
    Me: What a wonderfully pro-capitalism and pro-property rights statement. You're right, we should defend those things. Maybe get a bunch of people together to do the same. We could call ourselves something like…America, then defend it from people who don't believe in the same freedoms.
    Friend: I hate talking to you.

  13. Google 'War Is a Racket' a 1935 short book and speech by Smedley D. Butler, a Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honour recipient.

  14. That was one of the main reasons I voted for Trump in 2016. I was one of those who went to Iraq due to the WMD lie and he was one of the few that was calling them out for it at the time. The rank and file people in the military knew they had no WMDs. They were practically throwing spitballs at us at the end of "Desert Storm". Before we went over there, we had one leader who protected his religious minorities, now they are being slaughtered. The other leader we took out made the African slave trade illegal, now there is an open slave market in the middle of the country.

  15. The vast majority (99.99%) of military men see no advantage of this war profiteering. We are sick of deploying away from friends and family and watching our friends die so some asshole in a suit can make millions. If a war is just we have no problem making sacrifices for our friends and country. I volunteered for my first 2 deployments because I was single and KNEW I would do a better job than 90% of the other people they would have sent in my place. The problem we have now is the people making war are sending us just for the sake of making money. Trump gets it and he has my and many other vet's support.

  16. The MIC is one of the top advertisers at most MSM. Why do you think the NYT supported the Iraq war? Why do you think the only positive coverage Trump got on MSNBC and others was when he launched missiles into Syria! Remember that stupid quote "Trump is finally acting presidential!" Trump is finding out there are better ways to fight countries besides the military and those are cheaper too! That's the problem, Raytheon isn't making heaps of money on the conflict!