TRUMP Campaign Lawyers Hold Press Conference 11/19/20

TRUMP Campaign Lawyers Hold Press Conference 11/19/20

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  1. They all need to be hanged from bridges and overpasses all over the country so everyone can see what happens when you try to destroy the US and crap on the constitution.

  2. I’m looking forward to Guilliani’s next press conference. I’m imagining a Rocky Horror Picture Show theme – Rudy will look great in fishnets. Can this circus get any weirder? Can Rudy debase himself any further? Can someone mount an intervention?

  3. Our Australian news reported that it was the most bizarre news event ever with strange claims that are completely without evidence. They made a big mockery of Guiliani sweating. That's the MSM.

  4. My God, you can see how fearful for her life she is looking out into the crowd. She's absolutely seen evidence that this is all true and MASSIVE. You can see that she knows she's up against the biggest monster we'll ever experience. She's mad, but she's clearly terrified for herself and the US. God help us.

  5. When men of ill will set up elections! "Unfriendly feeling; enmity. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. … It is therefore, the party is still being controlled who have "ill wills" For about 100 dollars a piece, small cameras could have broadcast over WiFi and Bluetooth every voting machine and hand counter so every observer and every person on Earth could watch and record the whole voting process. BUT WHY didn't they? Because they are men of ill will who wanted every opportunity given for cheating. That is the same reason they want to let everyone vote without any ID or proof of eligibility. ANYONE who says other wise is one of the liars and cheaters, and doesn't want democracy or free elections. 3

  6. All the MSM got out of this was the fact that he was sweating and just started a big global joke of him speaking. Protest at your local news stations!!!!! Fake news is the biggest fraud of all

  7. Biden:"We built the most extensive voter fraud organization in history." Sure, it was a freudian slip, but also seems like one of those biblical events where someone damns themselves against their own will. Essentially God caused him to accidentally say it.

  8. You pretend conservatives are enabling these conspiracy theorists. JB won this election and is president elect, whether you like him or not. If you don’t like the election system of this republic than get the hell out!

  9. We have the worst reporters on the face of our earth.. pure evil.. pure scum .. they must go with the swamp .. each one of these disrespectful excuse of a reporter.. We the a people deserve better .. then the dark .. shallow.. demonic .. lying .. dangerous reporting!!! We will remove every last one!!!

  10. Democrats also call evidence of creation and God and his Son Jesus conspiracy theories. That is the word they use to describe anything that threatens their fragile belief system built on a house of cards a 5MPH wind could blow over. Message to Satanic Democrats: The wind is blowing right now…

  11. Demon Rat Motto: "At the end of the day it is all about me and what I want, regardless of who gets hurt or killed in the process"
    Yes, even 80 million people who voted for Trump. Democrats must never be allowed to be involved in another election and their party dismantled. They are domestic terrorists, liars, dangerous criminals. We need to start building election fraud prisons and also start deporting people and revoke U.S citizen ship of all those involved in this Election fraud.

  12. Leftist and THEIR lying misleading misinforming 24/7 hate filled race baiting corrupt news and social media are the biggest THREAT our Country's have ever faced !!! They ARE responsible for tearing our Country's apart… and we're tired of it !!!

  13. Sydney Powell said yesterday it's now 1775. After WW2 the British Empire (14 countries ruled by the Queen) began to take over our intelligence community and deep state. This was the beginning of their dream to retake the USA back into the British Empire. The enemy of our founders is our enemy once again. Lord Mallock Brown now controls our election machines

  14. I'm so glad that they didn't hold back. Our election process is exactly what I thought, corrupt at its core and I knew it was being forced biased to the left as a means of a coup. I hope they mop the floor with the demonrats in every branch!

  15. Dear SEC. OF THE STATE of GA:

    This was my first time voting in a Presidential Election, although I'm soon to be 64 yrs old. I ended my dissent from elections voting because I believe Pres. Trump!
    But you have lost my belief in you! You've gone back on your "word", by not doing a "full canvassing" of the highly contested election of 2020. What are you thinking??????????
    WE THE PEOPLE NEED THE COMPLETE TRUTH… and don't give a-shit about the cost or the budget!!!! You better THINK HARDER about denying Us, OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE OUR LEADERS, and also about were you'll end up in History, if you allow those who are fraudsters to steal this election on your WATCH.
    I will become a "DISSENTER" for the Rest of My Life, believing as I always did; "That I Cannot Believe In Politicians, Nor My Government, Or People In General.
    Please tell me: Why you are not seeking the whole truth about this obvious FRAUD that's happening. I and most others must assume you and/or others are receiving KICKBACK MONEY for numerous reasons. As you know kickbacks are illegal, but even the appearance of it can be detrimental and costly. I hope you will not allow this to happen.
    Anthony DeRubbo Jr.

  16. Liberal controlled big cities want plugs biden to win because the have ran their cities into the ground with their insane policies, and by sucking on that government teat, and they count on plugs biden to come to their rescue to pay their debts and to make them whole again, and it all comes out of the value of $$ created by the producers, workers, entrepreneurs, the govt just prints money out of thin air!

    When they print money, they are in fact taking it from every American that has some savings, because by printing money out of thin air they are in fact devaluing the dollar!

  17. Im wrong of americas thought.,their voting system is mess., i thought their law is perfectly implemented.,.but even people easy to threat without any liable.

  18. FBI, CIA are working against Donald Trump as they play insider job within GOP as traitors and bootleggers from Donkey party glove in hand to topple DT and all their plans and illegal activities are gone astray and in vain. DT wins this election with a landslide….
    More Women GOP wins the Senate seats…..
    More Votes casted by the US Citizens to GOP as it is a record high in the annals of US history.