Trump Campaign’s New ‘Truth Over Facts’ Website Targets Biden, Triggers Journalists

In a web-savvy move, the Trump campaign has co-opted Joe Biden’s ‘truth over facts’ gaffe to create a memeable new campaign ad experience. Most journalists, however, lacking investigative skills, memories, and senses of humor, immediately assumed that ‘truth over facts’ was the laughable new Trumpian motto. Tim and Adam laugh their way through a critique of this particular media strategy.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I know I’m late to this episode but in my town there is ONE sign that says “Truth over lies, vote Joe Biden.” This sign is in between the dozens of Trump signs

  2. Listen does anyone feel that something fishy is going on I don’t know very much i agree with capitalism but something is going on in the white house beyond that ? i think we are being played like a violin ?

  3. You kinda hit the nail, yes they are emotional, but left media is everywhere, it’s in your face, you actually need to work to avoid it, whereas, right media is something you need to seek out, it takes effort. Fox isn’t the greatest, must seek more, and it’s always good to hear the counterpoint as difficult as it is to ingest.

  4. I get democrat questionnaires all the time…they do the same thing…"how important is to you that Trump is removed from office" Kind of / Very / Extremely

  5. FYI on the chemtrail hype you can look up videos from US military personnel that worked the geo-engineering programs. You can also look up Harvard studies admitting that they are spraying nano particulates in the air to supposedly"fight global warming" the fact is the spray is full of heavy metals like aluminum barium and strontium all of which make humans immune-compromised when consumed. They also have US patents you can look up for cloud seeding. They were using these technologies all the way back in the Vietnam war which has been largely declassified.

  6. Liberals only read/listen to liberal sources because they are the dumbest damn people on the face of the Earth.

    Liberalism doesn't make people stupid. Stupid people are liberals.

  7. thats rich, tim and the rightwingers complaining about journalist lacking investigative skills is like thegolden arches complaining the a B king is unhealthy……lol

  8. I remember that the television series The Wire did a whole bit about journalism, you can see that modern fake news was about to hit mainstream back then (around 2008). There was this one journalist that was still true to investigative journalism with fact checks and everything. The other journalist made up most of his stories, and got highly rewarded for it (Pulitzer).