Trump Catches COVID

The Empathetic Left comes to the rescue when Our President needs them the most!

Written by FreedomToons


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  2. You know, small businesses should have stayed open, because when you leave only a few places open, it gets crowded in those places it makes no sense why small businesses should close.

  3. Funny how people complain the highest poverty rate is seen in more red states then blue but the homelessness rate is higher in blue states than red states
    And this is pretty funny because it pretty much says that hey even though these people live below the poverty line they still have a roof over their head soooo

  4. Dude, when the data came out about how schools came out because there's a 0.001% chance of anyone under the age of 16 to die from covid a friend of mine said "So there's a chance? Keep schools closed"

  5. While I understand the play to small businesses if we had all work together and had only shut down for 2 to 3 weeks we wouldn't have the issue unfortunately life doesn't work like that

  6. No liberal wanted small businesses to die. We tried to establish grants and loans, but the Republicans refused. Instead, the loans which were meant to go to small businesses went to large businesses because the Republicans refused to set up proper regulatory processes to prevent that. Any small business that died died because the Republicans and Trump were taking every penny the government had.

  7. Real Americans, still working. Fake's, I make more money on unemployment "YAY for ME!" Just wait, that "money" runs out REAL quick.

  8. Increase taxes so businesses shut down jobless and poor people increase and join socialism.
    Came to power again and repeate the cycle

  9. Meanwhile, in Britain a heavily pregnant mother was locked in a quarantine prison, and tonight an urgent ultrasound resulting in a miscarriage. And in Sydney four infants were killed (yes I said killed) because the Australian coven policy prevented them from traveling to receive emergency treatment. "eVeN iF iT sAvEs JuSt OnE lIfE"