Trump Commutes Roger Stone Sentence, Indicating He’s Not Backing Down Against the Bullies

Now pardon Julian Assange.

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  1. The way the rabid left has treated Roger Stone PROVES that they are dirty, rotten rat bastards (BCP's favorite term for them, and I agree) who are persecuting ANYONE who DARES to support President Trump. Stone REFUSED to lie about the POTUS to get out of trouble, so they made an EXAMPLE of him to scare all dissenters into submitting to them! THEY WILL DO THAT TO ALL OF US IN THE FUTURE IF THEY NEED TO TO FURTHER THEIR MARXIST AGENDA!

  2. This title is exactly why I have grown to like this guy and will gladly vote for him. Saw a meme where there was a photo of Trump and caption said " They are not coming after me , they are coming after you, I'm just in the way". Pretty much sums it up

  3. If Biden tried to tie Mr. Finn into this, he'll just open the doors to questions like "Why did he search out to unmask him, but waited so long to say so". Also lying about it.

  4. Flynn was actually deeper than that, because of the fact that Flynn used to be the head of the defense intelligence agency he knew where the bodies were buried and he knew that once he got in to the new Administration he would be able to unravel the misuse of the intelligence agencies under the Obama Administration so they had to get rid of him

  5. The election started weeks ago, and Joe has been locked in the Landry room waiting for his swim trunks to dry. I heard Joe is a championship level pushups black belt

  6. They just keep underestimating Trump time and time again and he's already 3 moves ahead. He's playing 4 level Spock chess while the other's cling on to their 3D chess board.

  7. Speaking of political duds, does everyone remember how the impeachment was over Trump supposedly targeting his political opponent? And Biden was a weak candidate in the primaries but somehow cruised to a win. Do you think they figured they had to make Biden his actual opponent so they can try more BS?

  8. How come no American media is telling you about the British High Court case against Christopher Steele, he of The Steele Dossier which formed the core of the Russia collusion probe? It was found that said dossier was fabricated and paid for by lawyers for the DNC when the three Russian bankers named in the report sued Mr Steele for damage to their reputations with made up lies and Steele was forced under oath to admit the truth that it was all made up. The silence about this finding from the msm is deafening.

  9. Clinton pardoned Marc Rich after making huge donations to the so-called “Clinton Foundation” along with terrorists from the Weather Underground and the FALN.

  10. Total presidential pardons/sentence commutations.

    Carter : 566
    Reagan : 406
    H.W. Bush : 77
    Clinton : 459
    G.W. Bush : 200
    Obama : 1927
    Trump : 27

    Please, by all means Demonrats, educate me on abuse of power.

  11. What happened to Roger Stone should scare the hell out of all Americans! Being set up with a 4 a.m. raid and CNN told in advance. Jailed on false charges. Railroaded through the court. Shades of Nazi activities during Hitler!

  12. These investigations without probable cause are a step along the road to a police state. Combined with the plea deal system, a lot of innocent people can find themselves being prosecuted once in the system.

  13. The Flynn prosecution was bogus because the untruths he told, if any, were not material to an ongoing investigation. Basically he was just given a memory test by the FBI in an attempt to entrap him. The prosecution threatening his son is why he pleaded guilty. See constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes' videos on the subject for further details.

  14. Actually, a presidential pardon is a forced admission of guilt, so it would make it difficult for Stone to sue entities that sued him.

  15. You say we can't believe Roger Stone is guilty of a crime? Yes you can. You just have to believe really, really, really hard. Give it a try just close your mind and repeat Roger Stone is guilty, Roger Stone is guilty, Roger Stone is guilty over and over. For a little variety toss in orange man bad and defund the police.

  16. I want the Deep State to go into the deep part of another dimension…..out of this physical world. Hooray for Stone and Flynn. Deep state is the dark force…