Trump CRUSHED Biden So Badly That They Will Now CUT OFF His Mic In Next Debates, Its All Rigged

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  1. could you imagine if trump walked up to the podium, setup a cardboard standup trump and said here's my stand in for the debates since you don't want to hear what i have to say anyway, walked out, and than went on joe rogan. he could even buy a commercial to tell people watching the debate to go watch the podcast…

  2. Tim the place i go for accurate and informative information on guns is colion noir's channel. you should give it a watch it will make your head spin when you see all these laws the dems are trying to pass

  3. It won't matter even if they do cut off Trump; his talking will still completely freeze up Biden. In fact, it'll be funnier when we can't hear anything and Biden just looks completely lost and confused while Trump is on mute.

  4. why would it be a problem to cut the mics these people moderating the debates tend to be pro left and would cut the mics of those they disagree with and all the party they agree with to interrupt

  5. Watching the debate I couldn't say Trump won.
    Too many fallacies, too much talking over.
    Biden didn't win either imho.

    I'd call it a fair draw since both candidates messed up equally.

  6. I am so sick of the mainstream media I can scream! Nobody fact checks them. They only fact check the right not the left. Yet Biden gets a total pass (ditto Harris) on everything! I am sick of it! And critical race theory teaches and promotes racism. In fact, it pretty much throws all races other than African American in the “white” category. This is also preached in the 1619 project. What do you say about that Biden or Harris? How is this constitutional? How does this uphold the Civil Rights Act? And why will you not do interviews and refuse to answer questions at your “rallies?” Trump takes questions. You don’t. Please explain that.

  7. The media doesn’t get another debate against President Trump. Fox News needs to invite the President on for a list of questions and then have Biden on to answer the same questions. If Biden refuses it shows he’s only willing to debate when they have Liberal mediators and on Liberal Turf.

  8. Don't cut the microphones cut the b.s. Have someone with the b@II$ to moderate. I'm from New Zealand And our recent debate was almost moderated with b@II$ for a Change, not going into the actual debate of either country both deserve face palms.

  9. It had to be all about Trumps "lies". Joe Biden didnt say anything that was coherent enough to fact check. And most of his answers consisted of telling people to vote "look you need to go vote".

    Fact check: you dont neccesarily NEED to vote, but if you want to be part of the determining factor of choosing a new leader BASED ON THEIR POLICY, you can.

    There you go I did those lazy ass journalists job. If I missed anything else Biden may have claimed, it must have been to incomprehensible as his statistics comments tend to include 20 numbers before he decided to throw his hands up, look into the camera and state the "go vote" answer that seemed to be his only response.