Trump Déjà Vu All Over Again, 3288,

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  1. Anyone with any brains can clearly see Trump is going to win the Presidential election, AGAIN. That is NOT the problem. The problem is the psychopathic opposition does not want to lose it's grip on power and their is no telling what the Marxists, gypsy grifters are going to do next. They will certainly keep on sabotaging Trump's Presidency. Will they come up with another hoax? With a false flag? Will they try to steal other elections? NOT UNTIL TRUMP REMOVES BARR AND DURHAM AND REPLACES THEM GIULIANI WILL THESE MARXIST TRAITORS CEASE TO SABOTAGE TRUMP'S PRESIDENCY. The Marxists traitors need to be imprisoned for treason, for an attempted coup, and for robbing this country almost into extinction. NOT UNTIL WE HAVE SOME SEMBLANCE OF THE RULE OF LAW WILL THIS COUNTRY BE SAFE. If Giuliani is appointed AG it will take, even at Trump speed, the next four years to begin to make a dent into the swamp. The swamp creatures need to quake in fear. We need them to turn against each other. Despite this, after the next four years, we will need at least two more administrations to enact laws and imprison the criminal gang that's been destroying this country. This is what is needed, otherwise the swamp will return emboldened, smarter and wiser.

  2. I just went to watch your recent video about msm, then I got a message that it was deleted by you. Did you delete it or is the message a default when yt machines delete videos?

  3. I am feeling great about President Trump, but would like to remind everyone how important it is to hold the Senate, and take back the house. If the left takes the Senate, Trump will be removed from office. The presidential race is only part of the puzzle. Get out and vote. Don't get complacent because you think Trump has it won. Our nation is truly at stake. If the left wins, you will see court packing, the end of the electoral college, and the end of our second amendment rights. Stay focused.

  4. The ONLY way Biden could win now, is by FRAUD !! In 2016, Broward County,FL registrar of voters, Brenda Snipes, tried to ADD a TRUCKLOAD of " missing ballots" to the vote total DAYS AFTER the election !! She was REMOVED from office by Gov. DeSantis from that one county which can tip the whole state of Florida, and thus the whole national ELECTION !!! This time, LOCAL CORRUPT JUDGES have already voted to IGNORE FEDERAL ELECTION LAW requiring that all ballots be in by 8pm election day !!! They approved EXTENDING the acceptance of mail in ballots for days,or, even MORE THAN A WEEK after the election deadline !!!! Can you just imagine the Democrat controlled government printing presses cranking out FORGED ballots by the TENS OF THOUSANDS and stuffing the mail system full of them until "Cadaver Joe" is elected ????!!!! Who knows how many forged mail in ballots have already been submitted ??? We all know the Democrats are liars and cheats……disgusting, power hungry Bolsheviks who sell out our country every chance they get…….the corrupt phonies that they are !! I pray that God will NOT allow them to triumph and that he will preserve our current President !!

  5. Bill I would Love to go to Trump Rally has one close coming up but due to disability I can’t wait in line that long or else I would be there Trust Me!

  6. Dang, Bill! I have to adjust mine also. More work! Have you noticed that when Hillary was campaigning there is no difference between the COVID crowd size? The only difference was no masks back then.

  7. I suspect these polls are VERY conservative. Just through listening to people, and a quick drive around the neighborhood (yard signs, banners, etc.), tends to show larger support for DJT.