Trump Departed The White House, Its Over, Biden To Be Sworn In And Trump FAILED To Pardon Assange

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  1. I'm glad he didn't pardon them. It would've been pointless, and this way he gets to kick people like tim on his way out. Since people like Tim were the ones crippling his supporters resolve by convincing them the corrupt system tim rants and raves that needs to go, will work out and they should play by the rules being used against them. "I wish just once a president would buck the established system" my ass. Unsubscribing now that Tim's just trying not to get banned

  2. No mention of how many jobs he killed in 1 day? Estimated 50k from wall construction, and keystone pipeline halting alone. Is that some sort of record?

  3. They wont let him go because they want to crush him – to make an example of him to anyone who would want to dare to oppose their rule – Keep in mind commies ALWAYS went after nationalistic leaders because they are direct threat to them – That is why they wont leave Trump alone – they want to literally put him in jail , humiliate him and his family – that is what commies did EVERYTIME and EVERYWHERE they gained power – this is no idle talk this is history 101.
    If you want an example ? look what comies did to Tzar and his family – look what Chineese communist did to milions of people when they grabbed power.

    You just watch how soon america will engage in yet another war under Biden – just watch and see.

    As for Establishment or Military-industrial complex – Trump was afront to them because not only he didnt start any wars – he was actually working towards removing american troops from other countries – and that for them is profit loss – yes they need america to be engaged in wars in order to suck on the tax payers money – after all you are in a war aint you ? – Literally for the last 20 years America IS in constant warfare in countries waging offensive wars and there is NO suger coating this.

  4. If he pardoned those 2. the example would be set to have many more ed's and Julian's step up. They wouldn't want that now would they? Sets a bad precedent.

  5. He didn't pardon who you think is right. There is no objective right for him to pardon. When he doesn't do what you want you really tear him down. Like he needed to buck the system. Man you're really an asshole when Trump didn't do what you wanted. You insult him, and call him pathetic cause he didn't pardon who you wanted.

  6. salty after not getting what YOU wanted eh? how disrespectful didnt like his attitude? at worst trump sounded like many peoples grandfathers where do you get off acting like his words were just too much for you while you cry about a "free speech hero" not getting a pardon? your contradicting yourself a lot in this video and now i can see that you really are a person that would kick someone when they are down. Trump did many things, he couldn't make everyone happy and apparently you were one of the unhappy ones. We didnt have war and people were finally able to lift themselves up from poverty, that is two things more than we usually get out of a president because we normally get zero. thats honestly more than i could have hoped for. you are being a crybaby in this video. a bitching rant is unlike you so i felt the need to criticize you, many trump supporters are feeling like there is no hope at all for the free individual and you just had to kick them while they were down?

  7. There is a plan in place for trump to come back we just need to be patient. Seek out what's really going on behind the scenes. True believers never give up hope. Keep the faith for a man who puts his and his family's safety in danger every day. Hang in there America.

  8. Oh well, Since Biden is in might as well hope for the best and roll with it.
    Where's my damn Medicare, reparations, free college, and and student loan forgiveness Joe?

  9. Based on the fact that the illegal impeachment trial is going to take place maybe he did try to pardon him, but got blocked by McConnell. Since the media isn’t doing their homework well not know. They’re living for this trial which is sick. I wouldn’t be surprised if his family was threatened. Not pathetic if you’re protecting your family and freedom. Look at dines D’Souza and what the Obama administration did to him.

  10. Sometimes I wonder if Tim is schizophrenic…

    First he says "the list of people is HORRIBLE!" then he literally goes through and finds that most people were either too harsh in terms of sentence or were not criminals at all…

    Or were political prisoners.

    Sometimes I wonder…

  11. Trump spent the last 4 years saying FU to the establishment and all it got him was constantly stabbed in the back by most and even people like you going well but I wish he wouldn't be so mean and instead tell the establishment he respectively isn't having it. Sorry you can't have it both ways. This is what happens when you expect someone to do everything but refuse to support them.

    Also if you think these pardons were bad let me point you to Clinton who pardoned 140 on his last day and already had an a column in the NTY times defending them all because he knew people would be mad. I wont bore you with the whole list but it included members of a communist terrorist organization that carried out 130 bombings on US soil. Also commuted sentences of members of the Weather underground who were caught with large amounts of firearms and explosives… and for those that don't remember they were a far left domestic terrorist group that bombed several government buildings and banks as part of their war against the state. Oh and they set off a bomb at the US capitol and the pentagon. So yeah the capitol has in fact been under REAL attack in recent history.

    Also lets be real here… the media ragged on Bush for a good 4+ years after he was out of office. Trump and "Trumpism" is going to be their boogie man for a time

  12. No way!!! I just found out that Joe Biden is the President of the United States, AND that states certify results after ensuring ballots are properly counted and correcting irregularities and errors! That sure clears up A LOT for me, thanks!!!!!

  13. This my opinion but assange would still be killed even if he got the pardon or at least go missing within the first few days in the usa and nobody would say anything on social media.