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  1. I thought Biden would be weak and given to the left on some of their issues but I had no idea that he would cave to them on everything. And I never thought he would be stupid enough to screw up foreign relations like he has. This is all being done on purpose though including the border. This is not incompetence. Biden’s handlers want to destroy America then somehow rebuild it in their woke euro image. They do not care about American citizens. Often times people joke about politicians don’t care about the people, but in this case it’s actually true. The sobering part is I don’t think we can take three more years of this. If conservatives are able to take the House and Senate they had better not screw things up. Many conservatives are not any better than these leftist. Most of them are cowards. It makes me sick sometimes to think about it. I have to go do something else like fishing or anything that takes my mind off of how they have run our great country into the ground.

  2. Wait a minute, now people in the UK want Trump back? I distinctly recall screeching and yelling from people over there that trump needed to be out of there because he was going to cause World War 3. how DARE you!🤣

  3. What is incredibly significant: Trump's oil production boom also happened during low oil prices!! Such a boom during low prices is amazing.
    Now Biden's propagandists are lucky that oil prices have skyrocketed to be able to even say that some leases have been bought as it's a no-brainer that there is some interest as oil is almost as profitable as gold…

  4. Hes an absolute arsonist! He flames anyone, love the mad orange man…. it takes 10 million man hours to build a new sub and they are putting 6 million in to diversity……. fucking clowns.

  5. I didn't like trump social stuff tbh but I'm currently paying $4.50for a gallon of gas…

    Sorry to say but I'd take a president with some racist/sexist tendencies over a nicer one who is increasing my prices in everything lol

  6. The dumb clean energy nonsense is appalling.

    People like that little troll doll of a girl and the activist who subscribe to that same cultish behavior of moral grandstanding give actual environmentalist the worst name possible.

    It is so incredibly frustrating that they can even follow the basic rules for advocacy when it comes to clean energy.

    If a alternate reliable clean energy cannot be fully attained, the next step is advocating for the cleanest possible practices with the fuel sources we have.

    That means that when we look into it we should be focusing on establishing pipe lines with very strict rules and regulations of use and installation Within our own continent.

    This is because relying on importation of fuel may make your countries pollution stats drop, but your essentially just handing off the pollution burden to countries with much less regulation on their oil extraction in usually much more fragile ecosystems.
    This ends up leading to more over all ecological damage.

    Also transporting fuel that we import is actually more damaging to the ecosystem than a pipeline. The possible ecological damage of a pipeline is much less than the inevitable climate damage running. That transpiring that much gas over seas will do. It is much heavier in average carbon emissions to simply import all of your fuel.

    Meanwhile we have access to a legit clean energy in the form of modern nuclear energy.

    This modern form of nuclear energy is highly stable, efficient, long lasting, and practically completely clean as most of the actual by products of getting energy from it is just steam.

    It would solve the energy crisis

    And it would heavily reduce harmful emissions from industrial grade uses of fossils fuels.

    Idiots the lot of them I swear.

  7. Even if everyone could afford one… even if they GAVE THEM AWAY — electric cars are not a solution! Electricity has to come from somewhere. It doesn't just magically get into the grid from well-wishes and hopium. And because the American left is full of useless NIMBYs we don't have the nuclear deployment to sustain home heating, let alone power every one of the half a billion cars in the country.

  8. I laugh like hell when the Trump-haters insist that Biden had 81 million people voting for him!
    A mountain-sized pile of votes for him were FAKE – the guy was installed, not elected.
    If he got 81 million votes, maybe 30 million were from PEOPLE – not 81 million.

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