Trump DOMINATED The Debate Leaving Biden Looking WEAK Most Of The Time, CNN LOSES IT, Blames Trump

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  1. There's a riot video from Portland from just the other day, where one of the Antifa rioters can clearly be heard yelling to the COPS, "We're not going to stop until Joe Biden gets elected". The left DOES support Biden. They ARE pushing for his election, because just as Trump said, they will run all over him and he WILL do the bidding of the far left.

  2. Chris Wallace was the only thing stopping Trump from literally sticking a fork in Joe and eating him for dinner. I can’t believe how many times Wallace bailed that man out out of trouble.

  3. "White Supremacist" is another term that has been highjacked and mutilated by the left. Given their re-defining of racism to be the formula racism = prejudice + power, this is not surprising. They believe that racism is system deep, always activated, and that it can only be engaged in by white people because it is colonial / enlightenment culture which exudes it.

    And that's where we get to our new explanation of "White Supremacy / Supremacist". To these people, it has nothing to do with skin color. That's a common and automatic factor, but it would make their statement fall apart if it ended there. White Supremacy, to these people, is any type of conscious engagement with "whiteness", a catch all term that is used to describe the above-mentioned colonialism and the enlightenment.

    The reason, in this ideology's view, that white people are racist regardless of where they are on the globe, is because they believe that concept of "whiteness" has "blemished" or "colonized" every inch of the globe. Whether it's the Gregorian calendar, the 24 hour clock, law (eg. blackstone's formulation), western medicine with names all stemming from Latin, etc. Or whether it's that McDonalds Tim sometimes describes in Egypt, multiple Disney parks in different countries, people in Hong Kong waving American flags, Japanese creating the "Christmas" tradition of ordering KFC, etc. In the minds of individuals who adhere to this ideology, any time a non-white person or a person from a non-western country engages with anything perceived to be white-even if it's something their own nation developed means for on its own and these morons presume it's an act of whiteness–these idiots feel that it is an act of global assimilation, with "white" –aka enlightenment- culture swallowing all other cultures, ideas and traditions like it is some type of conceptual black hole.

  4. Agreed… Trump showed his bully side last night… it was off-putting and un-Presidential. Trump needs to let Biden look the fool without going nuclear.

  5. Idk why people hate trump because hes an arrogant prick, if you are American, and go anywhere else in the world, the people of that country will few you as an arrogant prick, because all americans are. We are cocky and confident and know we are the best, why would we want our president to act otherwise? Unlike Obama who pandered and kissed the ass ofRussia, China etc, and told americans they arent the best. And that's only 1 of the many reasons he will go down in history as the worst president to ever serve. Trump will remember as one of the best, not because of his cocky attitude, but because he gets shit done for us, the American people, and puts our needs and desires above everything else. That's why I'll be voting him. It's just a bonus he is an arrogant asshole.

  6. I saw the Spectecle diffferently. I saw, A BIASED "Moderator" * the historically Leftist Chris Walleye of CBS News for DECADES) as President Trum took on the BALD FACED LIES and OMB of Mr PotatoeHead* "Those statement about my SON have ALREADY been DEBUNKED, They're LIES." and THEN attacking the President on MISREPRESENTED Information Brought out via a SMEAR Piece from the Old Youk outaTimes. so, the Debate WAS a Two on one fight, with Chris Wallleye INTERUPTING the PRESIDENT at ALMOST EVERY TURN, While letting Creepy Joe Glow on and on and on. And Yes, Joe was a RUPET for the Voice in his Earwig.

  7. I was pissed last night. I thought Trump could have done so much better. He could have had better comebacks!
    After this video I feel so much better.
    Please trump prepare more next time.

  8. I truly believe that these debates mean nothing. People know who they are voting for. But to watch the debate if people are:

    for President Trump – they agree with what President Trump

    For Biden – they disagreed with what Trump said. (Not that they agree with what Biden said)

    That’s the unfortunate part of this election. It isn’t about Biden being better than Trump as President. It’s that people will vote because they don’t like Trump

  9. It was a complete circus but if I did have to give the "win" to someone it would be Trump. As big alof an ass as he came off, Biden came off looking like a slow, weak old man. There was one moment where Trump shushed Biden like he was an adult would a child, he shut up, and that made him look so weak willed compared to Trump.

  10. I don't think it was much of a Trump win. I think they both lost the debate haha. I liked Trump in 2016, I like him more now, but the debate performance wasn't very good in my opinion.

  11. I've listened to hundreds of debates. Most of them are just people talking over one another to win an argument.
    Maybe the Soho Forum debates are the exception to the rule, but the vast majority are very messing and the Mod has to step in multiple times.
    This just seems like the MSM trying to sway a rationally ignorant public. Biden did seem like a dumber version of Ross Perot's "Can I finish?"

  12. Tim: (17:40) "This is the arrogance in me, but I'm really confident I would have absolutely obliterated Joe Biden in that debate. 100%."

    Really?! Your arrogance is misplaced. Both Pakman and Seder dominated you in debates. You are not good at them, I'm saying that and I'm on your side.

  13. I don't see how anyone could think Biden won the debate. Trump came and did exactly what everyone thought he would do (and delivered some good/promising points in the process) while Joe was a doormat getting stumped on with muddy boots. We learned next to nothing about Biden or his policies/ideas that we didn't already know, and in the process, he looked like a pushover for most of the debate.

    Now if you want to say it was an ugly win for Trump that didn't do him many favors then I think that's fair (and accurate) to conclude.

  14. I don't want to edit my other comment and make it even longer, but you know….. I'm on team Trump here and I just don't think he was prepared for any of the questions. He just fell short on almost all of the questions. He just rambles on and on for everything.
    I didn't find the debate funny, I found it really cringe. And the constant interrupting and arguing actually gave me a headache.
    I normally find amusement from Trump's speeches, but for how ill prepared he was, it was just painful. It SHOULD have been an easy walk in the park win for Trump, but again, I don't think Trump won that debate at all. Biden was nothing but lies, but the media will "fact check" him as accurate rendering that point irrelevant.

    Come on Tim, we are on the same side here yet you're giving Trump more points than he earned on this one.

  15. President Trump missed an opportunity, when asked about mail in ballot fraud, to point out the “Project Veritas” story, of ballot harvesting, being perpetrated by Congresswoman Ilan Omar (MN) and her minions. Paying for votes is a Federal crime!

  16. I'd like to add that the origin of the 4th degree in The Proud Boys was not to encourage violence, Gavin McInnes stated and all Proud Boys know that the 4th degree was created as a consolation prize for being forced to defend yourself against violence like "Hey man I know it doesn't fix your injuries or temporary incarceration but we can give you this little thing but it can earn you some respect with other members" as a former Proud Boy there's a strict rule that you can only use violence in defence of violence against yourself or to equalise numbers in defence of another person.

  17. No. Trump did not do a good job last night. Claiming he did does not help the campaign.
    It was a horribly missed opportunity to sway undecideds or other areas.
    Instead of bringing up actual policy points, it was cringey insults and outbursts.

  18. A couple of friends and I were talking about the debate as it was happening. Right after I said Trump was demolishing Biden and they needed a mercy rule, Wallace started trying to debate Trump too. It was eerie.

  19. Trump didn't need a stronger statement regarding denouncing white supremacists and right-wing militias. He has already publicly done so many times over the last several years. There is written, audio, and video evidence of him doing so. The question itself during the debate was made to seem like Trump has never done so, and it was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. What should have happened was Wallace putting Biden on the spot to call out, condemn, and denounce BLM and Antifa by name… but of course that was never going to happen.

  20. I think a big factor of this election is 80% of the right will vote in person and 80% of the left will vote by mail. And if the trend of 20% of mail in ballots being invalidate happens then it could boost trump votes by a lot.

  21. Trump needed to gather his thoughts for a response instead of interrupting. The moderator was acting as a human shield for Biden so he should've realized he was outnumbered.

  22. I understand Trump's problem with an amorphous call to "condemn white supremacists" because there's no telling who they mean. A better answer might be "I unquestionably condemn the ideas of white supremacy, but I don't know specifically who you're talking about. Antifa and BLM, however, I do know who they are and they are the ones who have been giving us night after night of violence and looting."