Trump Dropped His 2nd Term Agenda And Any Sane Person Would Agree With It, I Now Plan To Vote Trump

Trump Dropped His 2nd Term Agenda And Any Sane Person Would Agree With It, I Now Plan To Vote Trump. I certainly dragged that out as long as I possibly could.

Trump’s 2nd term agenda is more than just his plans for reelection it is a sign that the establishment politicians are being routed and now he may finally finish them off, figuratively of course.

Republicans have put out no new party platform and the Democrats are in complete disarray. I do not believe any sane person could support Biden and its true, most people voting for him are doing it just because they hate Trump.

But for me the riots are too much, the chaos is too much, and Trump is pushing for congressional term limits as well as ending our forever wars.

I’m not confident that he will do as promised or even be able to but I have seen enough now to vote against Democrats and Joe Biden and support Trump’s efforts to end our middle eastern excursions

I can imagine that the left’s only response will be that I somehow betrayed my principles as a liberal by now announcing I intend to vote Trump but honestly I don’t care what they think. It’s a fake argument and I acknowledge I will concede some areas of policy but my top issues right now are ending the riots and ending the wars.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Vote Jo Jorgensen a Dr who hasn't been brought up on sexual allegations and rape charges. Someone with real values, that knows how to collaborate and reach compromises and lead. Stop voting status quo or the lesser of two evils or a dogmatic allegiance to politicians that have ruined America for decades. Break the two party system even if only to offer more choices for our children and their children. America is on the path to real freedom and liberty when we have more choices and real power. Prove we have real voting power and a real say and change the dynamic. Shake it up. There are 535 Senators and Representatives, but there is 12,719 lobbyists. That's 23 lobbyists PER Senator or Representative. The two party system is completely bought out and it's so much easier to gridlock and subvert when you can simply split 1v1. Add more choices now you have 1v1v1, more pressure to collaborate or you alienate one of the parties completely and this adds so much more pressure to reach agreements and ensure our liberties. It's the only way to begin to cut into the corruption. You want to drain the swamp? You can't do that when both parties are corrupt and can gridlock eachother. You want change like the Obama Change campaign? Then make some change for a change and help America and it's future have more choices. The last time we had a shakeup was Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose party. Be Like our great forefathers and make this nation stand proud with the freedom of choice and opportunities.

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin

    This still holds true today. I neither ask nor require the Government to provide me with safety. That is not, nor was it ever, their purpose. Their ONLY Purpose was to Preserve My Liberty. End. Stop. Done. Period. The Constitution was never meant to limit the People—it was meant to Limit Government. I didn't ask for a stimulus check with 2 trillion debt attached during this pandemic I didn't ask them to force me to give up my choice to wear a mask, or not wear one. I wear one because I'm polite, but it should never be mandated by law. I didn't ask, nor did I want, them to shut down local business I relied on for goods and services. It should be MY choice if I want to go to a restaurant, give a store my business or stay home. The government was never meant to take away my Freedom–it was created to preserve my freedom. And while you might give away your Freedom (and your soul) for a $1200 check, I choose not to sell my soul.

    You might say like so many others you want to vote for someone who has a chance at winning. A chance at winning what? Either Dem or Rep we loose. This isnt a football game and you place a bet on who's gonna win. This is voting for a better America, for change and for values you believe in. If you tell me that MY CHOICE isn't valid you have sorely missed the freedom provided by America. The freedom to choose. If you want to go by that logic then you want to do the same thing every election year and vote for your favorite red or blue team go ahead but remember that if your opponent wins you wasted your vote because you didn't choose to vote for the winning person. Most likely it's a tradition for you and your family or friends and you swallowed that wasted vote nonsense without a second thought.

  2. As a physician who followed closely the development of Covid-19 or Corona pandemic I believe that we are dealing with the largest malpractice case in global medicine. Medical care must be evidence based. There is no scientific evidence that masks, distancing, shutdowns and hand washing cure the pandemic or prevent the spread of the disease. It 'flattens the curve" which actually means it delays the spread of the virus. Dr. Fauci became Robin hood and opinions of physicians with different opinions were crushed by the media. No second opinion allowed. The methods described were adopted from experience in 1918 and the Chinese recommendations as the pandemic grew. Was it "common sense" not science which guided them? US had its experience with the pandemic of 2009 the "swine flu" or H1N1. President Obama listened to his advisor Dr. Fauci and did not order a shut down, masking, distancing and washing hands and the economy was not closed and schools continues to operate even though the H1N1 virus attacks children 100 times more than Covid-19. President Obama ordered to stop counting the "positives" and stop telling the public how many died. With all the sacrifices that Americans made at the advice of bureaucrats who never saw a patient nobody tells us if, indeed, the number of fatalities and morbidity decreased. Side effects of the above measures were never considered. What does ruining US economy mean? Poverty related death before Covid-19 were about 120,000/year. Are the riots and civil unrest related to prolonged shutdowns? Is anybody interested in prolonged civil unrest, looting, setting businesses on fire and destroying monuments? More, face masks are not a panacea and WHO doubted their use but immediately overruled by the global lobby which was interested to create a symbol of globalism as face masks have marginal value at the most. The story of Hydroxychloroquine is the story of the gross medical malpractice when tens of thousands died without being treated. Dr. Fauci had in 2005 evidence in his lab that HCQ is effective in curing and preventing Covid-19. He dismissed the drug while evidence is mounting that the drug is effective in global studies. For the first time in the history of medicine physicians were forbidden of treating their patients as they felt necessarily. The pros of treating with HCQ exceed by far the cons. Trashing a medication while there is no alternative is morally wrong and against physician's Hippocratic oath. Why did it happen? Misrepresentation: Testing "positive" does not mean that you are a Corona patient. Most who test "positive" are asymptomatic and only 1.02% of those die. The public must be aware that without autopsies the cause of death is presumptive. Most are correct but many are not. In US very few autopsies were done on patients who died presumably of Covid-19. There are 13 million Americans who tested "positive" for Tuberculosis and we did not declare a "pandemic".   The media turned every journalist to an expert and high-tech companies Google do not allow descent opinions. Fear was installed in America and the psychological impact especially in children will
    be felt for years. The idea that if you send your kid to school you send him to be slaughtered is negated by worldwide studies. With 20,000 children dying annually in motor vehicular accidents the greatest danger to kids is driving them to school.  -Isaac Barr MD

  3. Solid list tbh and I'm not a trump guy, I am concerned however about energy deregulation on the eve of climate change. "Clean air and water" is kind of at odds with fossil fuel deregulation


  5. Would be nice to see some screening in politicians on being allowed to have communist views because Bernie has been praising USSR since mid 1970's.I like the voucher choice for education it will force schools to compete for quality education over you get what you get.The age limit of all politicians must be 70 or below or forced retirement just like everyone else in the workforce.Also find out the money trail that left piles of bricks for rioters to throw would be nice also because none of those area had construction to even have bricks to throw at police.

  6. I love it, ignore Trump's mafia connections (russian, italian), ignore Trumps connection to child traffickers (epstein and co), ignore his corruption moves, ignore his appointing family members to the white house, ignore his racism, ignore his inferiority complex, ignore his vanity, AND yeah Trump is the smart choice. Of course Biden is a corrupt career politician but at least he is competent and keeps his corruption in check unlike Trump who embarrasses this country on a daily basis with his moronic actions.

  7. You’re an idiot. Thanks to the US meddling globally in the last few decades and it forming a global economy, my prospect of buying a house is directly connected to US election and I live 6000 miles away and you’re bitchin about non Americans and their right.

  8. I used to be an AOC Democrat a year ago. After seeing the things that I was screaming for a year ago actually start to take effect I realized how far removed from reality I was. The left have officially lost their frickin minds and im not going to be part of it. You can't bully people into voting or agreeing with you, that's actual facism, and they need to be checked. Trump 2020

    Edit: not even a fan of trump but the left have literally done the impossible and make me dislike them more than trump.

    My "fuck you" vote for all of the following:

    -Identity politics
    -Throwing police under bus
    -Riots and looting
    -Lending credence to marxist assholes
    -Race baiting
    -Not accepting federal help for burning businesses just to spite trump
    -politicizing sports
    -cancel culture
    -indoctrinating kids into liberal ideology without letting them develop their own beliefs
    -big tech companies discriminating against conservatives online
    -being intolerant and/or racist hypocrits
    -defending intolerant and/or racist hypocrits
    -supporting intolerant and/or racist hypocrits
    – making martyrs out of criminals
    -bullying behavior and trying to shut down others opinions

    Feel freed to add

  9. When America stops claiming to be the "leader of the free world" the world will stop interfering with your politics and also when your politics stops effecting the rest of the world

  10. I as a european care about american politics, because a lot of your precidents deccisions affect us too.
    When that is said, i woud prefer trump any day, to the left who seems to have gone mad a long time ago.