Trump Drops PROOF Piers Morgan Smeared Him With FAKE Video, Politifact Caught LYING To Protect Biden

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  1. Opinion: Pres Biden probably though someone was supposed to be there to shake hands which would explain why he looked around an pointed. That makes sense to me.

    Edit: in some culture pointing at someone is an insult and using the full hand is preferable. Don't think that's the intention here but good to know anyway.

  2. Cmon TIm, the processes that led up to the investigations into fraud were left leaning. Laches? Laches? Ya that's about a bunch of horseshit. You don't know the truth about voter fraud. Your assuming your knowing the truth. Ubiquitous excuses being used to deplatform anyone with evidence of election fraud. The media lying about the laptop. Trump wasn't that unpopular. I know you don't wanna lose subscriptions but just STFU about the election. You don't know and many been shut down without any chance of presenting all the evidence involved. When you suppress one side to allow another the lastand first word? ya I'd be leary also.

  3. Fjb…potato joe was clearly gesturing to the diversity picks in the background while garbling nonsense at them, yeh the ghost handshake is funny but the reality is far more damning, ignored by a background wall of diversity picks 👏👏👏

  4. The 2020 election was rigged. They changed voting laws and regulations, they allowed legally questionable ballot processing and they dismissed meritorious court cases without legal justification. A concerted effort was made to ensure the maximal outcome in favor of Biden. That’s not counting all the meddling done by social media companies and fake news agencies. Tim is wrong about the 2020 election.

  5. 2 Be honest at this point those people writing those articles making those cut edited videos of lies from a satanic cult. aka occupy dems..Those people should be called out their names put up on a list as the enemy of the people…Don't want violence to happen to them but they should be shamed in society in public… There has to be accountability…

  6. Just remember this is all the lefty TDS crowd need – they will always believe any drivel and dirt from anyone so long as it is bad press against the man…..its so damn pathetic its not even funny anymore.

  7. I, by no means, am anywhere close to what would be considered "on the left", id actually be more right centerist. It looked like president houseplant motioned, with his hand to gesture a question as to which direction he would exit the stage…. Lets stop grabbing for bs to focus on. Theres so many real problems we could focus on. We SHOULD BE focused on the split rule enforcement of law between the ruling and the ruled….

  8. Biden shaking hands looks more like he was making a hand gesture like you would asking a question, when he turns again he does the same thing to the people on the other side of the room…then he gets lost.

  9. I don't know if he was "first", but the first person I heard say, "The media is the enemy of the American people" was Pat Caddell. Pat was a former Jimmy Carter pollster and media member. I heard him say it when he was appearing as a contributor on Fox News Channel. RIP Pat – truth teller.

  10. I mean…you can say anything really…the best would be a side by side comparison of Biden turning from some other speech to shake hands with someone…and compare the two. Alas, he simply looks disoriented just like many other examples over the last several years.

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