Trump Endorses Loyalists, 2020 Election SKEPTICS In MI State Legislature. Prepping For 2024?

Team Rising reacts to a new wave of endorsements from President Trump.

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  1. Michigander here, it’s clearly a primary fight in these elections. I’m a campaign manager for a Republican that isn’t bending the knee for Trump. Our competition is a lunatic running solely on election integrity.

  2. This is the undoing of a nation, like most republicans tRump and his GOP enablers are doing the opposite of what they clame, Making America great again, what a joke the swamp has turned into a cesspit, and we are drowning in shyt.

  3. Robbie has it all wrong, most Trump supporters believe that he is the only way we keep things like taking off our caps and covering our hearts for the national anthem at our little league games. Little stuff like… normalcy! All wrong Robbie.

  4. The FBI ransacked the capitol January 6th, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell organized the ransacking of the capitol and the DNC, MSM, ransacked the capitol, the RINOS ransacked the capitol. Pence, Barr et all ransacked the capitol. Just get rid of Trump at all and any cost so that we may retain the deep state. Including The Hill, woke and oh so sophisticated reporting

  5. Bill Maher (love him or hate him) has said that Trump is putting people into place, in states all over the country, who WILL "find me the votes". He's called it a slow moving coup for years. Michael may have heard Bill and agrees with him or heard someone else or thought of it all on his own, but DJT's endorsements signal something.

  6. We've seen enough cheating to know Democrats will never try to get elected fairly in youngkins election there was a decrease in votes and it was even on live as it happened but he was just Lucky enough to win

  7. OK Robbie baseless claims? That’s it I can’t watch this I can tell it’s going to be full of propaganda just from your heading. With so much information on voter fraud? You can actually say that President Trump‘s claims are baseless? Really??? You had dead voters, you had more voters ballots then you had voters. You had that dominion machines that were designed for fraud. You had the numbers change on TV, that took away votes from one candidate. Guess who the candidate was? Yeah not writing because he got 81 million votes. 81 million votes for ….. you figure it out Robbie. I think you’re getting paid!🤔👌

  8. Everybody could see what Biden‘s been doing to the country. America last. How fast can we tear down America, and American values. Crimes in the streets, defunding of the police??? Are we really going in A good direction for America. Your statements are not logical. Given what is plainly visible, due to the actions of this regime. China like administrations coming to a town near you.

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