Trump Ex Campaign Manager Brad Parscale TACKLED By Cops After “Standoff”

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  1. Ok he's just standing there and then suddenly they yell get on the ground and tackle him before he has the chance to process the request.
    Imo Brad should legally be allowed to punch that dick head in the face, whether he is guilty or not.

  2. The cops had no choice but to behave as if this dude still had his revolver on him. He ignored their demands to get on the ground so they took him by surprise. This is standard practice.

    I would like to point out that the dude immediately raises his hands and offers no resistance to the cops.
    I rate this an A+ maneuver.

  3. Just because a woman has bruises does not mean a guy beat her… I HAVE PHYSICALLY SEEN A WOMAN HIT HERSEF AND CALL THE COPS, luckily there were cameras around his house and dumb bitch forgot..

    Also let's not forget if she divorces him…how much will she get? I'm the eyes of a slimy lawyer This incident will definitely help her weight in gold when it comes to who gets what

  4. And so we wait to find out it's another case of a wife divorcing her husband and with her first salvo she accuses him of some heinous activity, for which she will face no penalty.

  5. Parscale was not fired, he was reassigned back to the social media campaign where he started to do the work behind the scenes as he did in 2016. He was promoted due to his great work back then, and since the social media situation and redirection for ad campaigns he was reassigned

  6. I did a double take on the headline. I thought it said Pascale fled his house in a bikini. My mind was going oooh. I was still gathering the pieces of my brain off the ground when I got the clarification. Sorry. I know its a family tragedy but I'm still laughing.

  7. If we do not want our police to come armed for war, then stop hunting them like animals. Members of our society are actively hunting police officers as though for sport. This is wickedness. If we don't want our police treating us like combatants in a war perhaps we should stop treating THEM like combatants in a war. Members of our society needs Jesus, and His righteousness.

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    10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

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  8. I guarantee you the other side of it consists of: "Haha hubby, you're going DOWN and I'm gonna make sure it looks like it's your fault. Chad's already sent his girlfriend in the other car, maybe you'll see me in court, maybe you won't, so there."