Trump Facebook Ban Stands As Liberals Cheer Censorship

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  1. As bad as this is, I enjoy watching right wingers now declare that private companies and billionaires – those great people who worked hard for their money and deserve to bend the law when it suits them…. – are to have their private property REGULATED or maybe even seized by the working class.
    If you listen close you can almost hear Carl Marx laughing from beyond the grave.

    I am not a communist, so please don't start with that. I simply try to look at the fun side of disasters to avoid the despair.

  2. Former President Lyingsack gets his public fomenting of violence supported by your free speech argument. So, invite former President Celebrity to your free soeech forum. He will thank you for your support, proud boy

  3. Abby Martin interviewed Brian Becker soon after Jan 6 and he was vocally in support of Trump being deplatformed. Abby was in full agreement, and they were both disparaging of people who werent for this. The problem is if he broke any laws there is a process of law to deal with this and it isnt the place of these giant platforms to take the law into their own hands. These people should be called out for the stance they took on that.

  4. Not trumpers committing these riots… deleted Facebook months ago having ZERO regrets… F sucker and his Bitch ass COMMIE friends, and F Bernie and you socialist wannabes

  5. Anyone I hear dumping on a banned Trump, I automatically know they lack integrity. Its the litmus test for decency. Facebook think you're stupid and will fall for this.

  6. The bigger a corporation gets, the more ability it has to censor people and hide the truth. In fact, it's required to do so as an insider to government. FB is proof of this.

  7. Twitter and Facebook and goggle plus YouTube r scum and filth and corrupt fake news garbage. They are horrible and need to go away forever. We need to hit them in the pocket.

  8. What i dont get is republicans cheered on the private sector and that not to regulate them….. For decades…… Now its liberals fault for it the party who said years ago this was wrong and needed to be stopped? Most people seen this coming giving corporate companies control and not regulating them all. Capitalism unregulated we all suffer.

  9. Federal judges have ruled that Trump or AOC or any public figures CAN NOT BLOCK their followers to avoid unpleasant responses. However, FB can ban or block individuals because it's a private business. Rules for thee but not for me? (not to mention a private baker in Colorado must bake cakes for a Gay wedding or be shutdown)

  10. I feel much better knowing that Facebook has appointed a Facebook oversight board to monitor Facebook's decisions about Facebook.

  11. They think that if Trump is not allowed on social media he can't get reelected, think again and prepare for conservative regulation of social media, Neos are gonna eff things up so bad we will welcome a republican presidency as the lesser of two evils.

  12. I don't understand how Nick Clegg flies under the radar in America so much. He's not just Nick Clegg, he is Sir Nick Clegg, former Member of Parliament, former member of the European Parliament, former leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in the UK, former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for Christ's sake, he's not just some faceless executive. He formed a coalition government with the Tories, reneged on manifesto pledges to raise tuition fees & was second in command when we bombed Libya. Please start looking deeper into this guy.

  13. Nick Clegg former Deputy Prime Minister to David Cameron – and he's from the liberal democrat party, but enabled War crinimal Cameron with his austerity push that killed thousands and wrecked our economy and NHS – thats who Nick Clegg is

  14. George Orwell, a real socialist who fought in Spain against the real fascists warned us. He even wrote two novels about it: 1984 and Animal Farm. The Liberals are using these books now as a manual.
    "and the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascist" (Winston Churchill)

  15. Even if you hate Trump. If they can do this to him. They can also do it to YOU next!

    Trump was simply the "test run" for them. An example.

  16. Get rid of the telecommunications act……problem solved. More media companies like before to represent any and all who wish to be heard.

  17. I had an argument with idiots on Instagram over this. I know it was pointless but it’s so frustrating that people bring up talking points in favor of big tech. Ugh it’s so gross. Also just because you are in favor of free speech it must mean I’m a trump supporter, I happened to not be, but even if I was I’m still right.

  18. this isn't just DC dems and the young turks. democrats have a problem culturally with being authoritarian, dishonest, censoring and having zero empathy for anyone of the right or left of them.

  19. Poor Jimmy, he confuses right wing bias with bias in general.
    Claims cancelling Trump is evidence of right-wing bias (it isn't) and then talks about censoring anti-War and socialist sites.
    So which is it?

  20. It does demonstrate that presidents are not that high in global power rankings. It's confirmation of what Eisenhower alluded to in his valedictory speech.

  21. 1:45 Jimmy says "that guy sounds like he's more important than the president"

    Jimmy was referring to NICK CLEGG, the former DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER of the UNITED KINGDOM. Second in command in British government, now working for Facebook.

  22. "Corporate society takes care of everything. And all it asks of anyone, all it has ever asked of anyone ever, is not to interfere with management decisions. 
    I don't mean to resist. I'm just tryin' to understand.
    This is for your own benefit. You must know that. All decisions concerning you are."
    – William Harrison, Rollerball

  23. Jimmy says "you either see the internet as a utility, or you don't"

    I view it as a creative commons / collaborative commons. There will be for-profit ISPs, and there need to be non-profit ISPs too, such as a cooperatively owned ISP.

    There is a place for private, public, and commons, and other sectors. Politics and economics classes rarely teach that the economy has any more than two sectors. I can probably name 8-10

  24. Can I just point out that nick clegg is just a failed neo Liberal British politician who was roundly laughed out of the country after brexit

  25. I don't really support censorship, but the comparison Jimmy makes between Twitter and the telephone isn't really a good one. You don't spread a message to millions of people via phone — it's one on one. Moreover, you pay for phone service. And, as a paying customer, you have greater "rights". When you sign up for a "free service" (though one could argue that these platforms aren't free since they make money off our info), you have no rights and are to abide by their terms of service. However, I do agree with Jimmy that these platforms are pretty much today's town square…. The problem is that they're privately owned. So, even though they seem like public domains, they technically aren't.

  26. Does anyone remember when the left was:
    Anti War
    Anti Survailiance
    Anti Police state
    Anti judging by skin colour
    Anti Monopolies
    Anti Establishment
    Anti Military Industrial Complex
    Anti Plutocracy
    Anti Intellectual elites
    Anti Career Politicians
    Anti Billionaire's
    No! I guess you have to be a boomer to remember those days.

  27. We should seize(generally I don't like seizing things) all media including twitter and transfer them to public trusts which hold free speech and truth sacrosanct.