Trump Files Lawsuit In Nevada, Alleges Dead People Voted, OUTRAGE As Unexplained Delays Stop Count

Trump Files Lawsuit In Nevada, Alleges Dead People Voted, OUTRAGE As Unexplained Delays Stop Count. Trump campaign claims non residents voted and some mail votes were stolen.

While Democrat Joe Biden makes gains in Nevada Trump’s camp has claimed that many votes were cast fraudulently. Rumors have been circulating of dead people having voted.

While we can’t confirm if this is true no one as of the recording of this segment has debunked the claim seen in many videos of people aged 118 or 120 had applied and voted.

It is seemingly Trump will need legal victories to carry several states and many are calling for investigations of suspicious videos and allegations

So far the results are still good for Republicans as they made gains in the house and seem poised to hold the senate.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. My father in law received 2 ballots for the couple that lived across the street from them. That couple has been dead for 5 and 6 years (husband and wife) they were family friends. So not only did they send out ballots to dead people, but they sent them to the wrong damn address!!!

    That is someone I personally know, so I don't have any trouble believing that there is fraud going on.

  2. Right, good luck with that, Trump. So far everything the d's said would happen has happened. Prior to the election, they crafted a narrative and then proceeded to put all of the pieces in place to ensure the exact scenario they gamed out came to pass. One could say it was their trump card.

    But rest easy. Everyone said election fraud in America was exceedingly rare and they were right. A Presidential election is only rigged once in a blue moon.

  3. Maybe we start setting up good government sites which allow us to see all out the data the government has on ourselves. Maybe we can not log into these sites with private computers and we will be required to use government owned sites. It will give a up tick in government libraries. Government libraries, DMV, Post Office and VA offices could all have these official computer terminals.

    Military history, Criminal history all levels, IRS history, Public school history and voting history. Are we really in the information age or the disinformation age?

  4. TAKE HEART AMERICA. Even in the awful case that the Democrats steal this election via Fraud, Republicans gained seats in the House, and retained a Majority in the Senate. So., we are still in a position to be able to blunt any damage Joe Biden and the Far Left have planned. I think that once these low information " I hate Trump" Voters who really didnt Vote for Biden because they liked him or knew the Lefts actual Policy or platform, but simply Voted for him because they have been brainwashed by the Media into hating Trump see what Joe Bidens Team of Far Left Radicals are going to try to do, they are going to fall out of love with Democrats and Biden in a hurry. It's one thing to hate Trump enough to Vote for Biden, it's another to accept Communism or Policies that will clearly start having extreme negative impacts on the economy , income, and jobs .And there is no way Joe Bidens policies as handed to him by his Handlers are not going to cause very negative results.

  5. Lawsuits after a major election are not uncommon .if you take classes on election law youll find that the book says" if you lose, sue" …you're always encouraged to sue if you lose that way you at least have a shot at getting the decision made in a court of law …

  6. Dead People should have NEVER received a ballot in the first damn place! Project Veritos has already had videos of Ohmar's brother harvesting and paying people for ballots as well as a guy who worked in the postal service who called them to report their boss made them harvest ballots that had been late so they could date them for the 3rd and he called in on the night of the 4th. So yea, there's a TON of proof the Dems are cheating!

  7. Trump is not the kind of guy who will ever admit defeat .. when he loses he always blames someone else other than himself and if you're on his campaign staff you'll receive your fair share of the abuse …in his mind he thinks he deserves this election and he also thinks that in a fair election he would never lose to biden…someone has been giving him bad advice ever since he took office

  8. This is going to expose the fraud in the election this isn’t just in those states, hang on for the fraud to be exposed with the media, face book, Twitter, YouTube, corruption!!! Google

  9. Republicans cant believe biden beat them may be that some fraud was committed it may not but it doesnt matter any more in this election than in elections past .everyone knows yoi have to expect some fraud your going up against democrats ..although i think most of the accusations of cheating are exaggerated..its very hard to chest in a presidential er lection .there are eyes everywhere

  10. If, from the very DAY that the USPS announced that they were officially endorsing Biden, Observers were not in place at every Post Office, then the Election was seriously compromised at that point.
    The USPS handled / delivered most of the Mail In Ballots ( hence the Name) , and had declared they were as a Group " supporting Biden" . Now how exactly and in what world would you let openly declared Biden Supporters have direct, unmonitored control of and responsibility for handling / delivering the Oppositions Ballots? Seriously guys , on what Planet would that be acceptable? But that is exactly what Democrats engineered, they pushed for Mail In Ballots, knowing the entire time they had the Postal Service in their pocket , supporting Biden. And who was on site for impartial monitoring Republican Ballots or the USPS handling of them at any post office ? Absolutely NO ONE.

  11. So is Fox news become a trump hating Network just because they're tired of all the riots and don't want to be destroyed thinking that Joe biden's going to win

  12. Trump has been attacked for every reason. If Trump wins in court… GOOD! Nothing will change. When Trump won legitimately, they treated him like he stole it anyway. But, doing things that are bad for this country is not going to do anything to stop the Democrats from hurting the Country. For them, The ends justify the means…

  13. What happens with Youtube is Tim Peterpan and Junk Sugar get elevated to the level of professionalism for being born with anuses. Actual reportage is what people want and need. Your sociopath opinion matters as much as my dog's does. These grifters fucked you, reckon it back