Trump Files LAWSUIT To Stop Vote Counting In Michigan, DEMANDS Recount In Wisconsin, Collins WINS

Trump Files LAWSUIT To Stop Vote Counting In Michigan, DEMANDS Recount In Wisconsin, Collins WINS. The media completely and totally failed us in every way.

Trump has demanded that his campaign be given access to observe vote tabulations in Michigan and is suing to be granted access and halt the process until they get meaningful access.

He has also called for a recount though he will have to wait until the total is certified which could take a month.

Democrats had a terrible night and nancy pelosi is surely reeling from the loss of several seats in the house. Meanwhile Susan Collins claims victory proving that every single poll from the RCP average was wrong.

Republicans had a tremendous night and will likely keep control of the senate and make strong gains in the house.

Whether the president is joe Biden or Donald Trump will probably be going to the supreme court.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. I've seen probably a hundred videos of people showing proof of major voter fraud. The videos are quickly ripped down. Also, the evidence is pretty insane, as the videos are self incriminating. And on top of that, if there are that many obvious examples of cheating, then you know there is countless more examples of cheating that weren't recorded.

  2. ??It’s Only Just Begun…
    Happy Days Are Here Again…
    Stayin’ Alive…
    THE MATH IS UNDOABLE FOR BIDEN. AZ was an invalid call. Michigan is already looking Trumpish, despite Biden buddies dropping off crazy 3:45 am ballot deliveries there AND IN WISCONSIN.
    Somebiden’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

  3. Over at Fox news, people are freaking out and jumping ship because of their communist backstabbing. Been throwing your name and a few others as good alt news sites. Get ready for a surge.

  4. Arizona frzud with felt pens only in republican areas. Protests are taking place. Dems cheated in 2018 and now 2020. Thousands of republican votes have been thrown out.

  5. Tim Pool, who are you gonna grift for next? Gonna move over to tea party next? You just float whereever your audience is politically. Hack

  6. Hire me as Inspector General to put the liars and gossips out of a job.
    It's too late to stop the split and never the twain shall meet again. It's been too late. There are too many extremists and not enough moderates. Nobody wants to talk or listen. We must go our own ways.
    – PDJ

  7. I haven't felt so anxious all day like this in a long time. I can live if Trump loses, but I never imagined the race to be so close and intense….It feels like we are in a documentary in the making.

  8. Mail in voting has made the presidential election an absolute nightmare for the people counting the ballots and an absolute joke of a race. We should never do it again.

  9. I told you two months ago that, as a former supporter, Trump had gone too far. Freedom…. yes you'll be tied up in lawsuits for months but Trump is out unless he out corrupts any corruption.

  10. I told you that's what's going to happen. People do not think ahead enough! You can't vote this problem away, you have to take it out by the roots. And the roots are colleges and universities. Think about it: Even if Trump pulls a close victory after everything that has happened in the last six months or so, he would certainly lose the next election. Why? Because schools, colleges and universities are shitting out more drones every single day.

  11. The democrats will get 49 senate seats when everything is counted. Plus two independent senators that caucus with the democrat party that = 51. We will take the presidency, senate, and house. Nothing you rethugs can do about it!

  12. Georgia and NC patiently waiting to see what Penn does…also Trump has pulled MASSIVELY in NY and California, that's why they stopped! Fraud like this…i only thought possible in small communist countries. Not even Russia or China can get away with this!

  13. The Propaganda Machine has been withholding and manipulating information for years to create and condition misinformed and uninformed voters with misinformation and disinformation. The Propaganda Machine of the Plutotechnocrats have been addicting and habituating the disinformed, the misinformed, the uninformed on drugs, sex, rock and roll, video games, and conspicuous consumption and all the Seven Deadly Sins. The Propaganda Machine takes in the Raw Material of Human Beings and turns out the Finished Goods of Zombie Automatons. The Plutotechnocrats and their Propaganda Mills are Disease Organisms. When the
    Plutotechnocrats no longer need the Propagandists and the Propagandized, they will Process them into Soylent Green and Organic Fuel. Soylent Green … is People!
    – PDJ