Trump Gets His .5% Post-Debate Boost… Exactly as I Predicted


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  1. If Biden wins they will quickly push through everything they can to remove the electoral college , stack the court, get rid of filibuster, and more, and whatever it takes to keep themselves in power and cheat from here out.

  2. Trump got Biden to publicly take stands on certain issues that will divide his base. He also built up enough material for a furious ad campaign that launched the very next day

  3. he will be fine with Hydroxychloroquin/Zinc. He could actually use a few days off as he seems to never stop working for the people, un like Biden in the basement

  4. In the aftermath of the 2012 election, it was widely seen that the Republican message of being anti-Obama was not enough and that they didn't give voters a positive reason to support Romney. Dems are making the same mistake this election. The thing to learn about history is that people don't learn from history.

  5. I talked to several demtards in MA, and they are not happy with Biden. The one thing I asked is how they felt when Biden so easily lied about Russia, continuing to say that, but I pointed out Hunters $3.5 million from the Moscow mayer, and the Hunter corruption, Hunter admits to on TV, Joe is on camera saying fire the prosecutor or no $1 billion fiasco, and how they felt being lied to so blantantly, debunked Hunter was the one they came back with in conversations, 3 out of 5 were pretty bummed out he is the candidate, and the lying from all of them made them realize he is corrupt, not to be trusted, and not really sure they will waste their time voting, and if they do they are going with Trump.

  6. Are we talkin' about the same debate?! Trump was very communicative, if you know how to listen; Biden blew up, "no, I don't support the GND!" "Coherency"?!…o…k…

  7. I heard Ginsberg was the vote that make Roe v Wade! If true, "abortion rights" SHOULD be revisited. Dems maximized their advantage of the time to shove all kinds of bullshit down our throats. So…IT'S BARF TIME! hahaha…The pendulum swings, only children don't "get it"…

  8. I am so sick of dems, the more lies. The more crazy riot, assault, looting, burning, harassment & intimidation they caused into our society, the more exhaust I feel about the whole situation, & frustrated to see people believing in those lies and keep on electing the same corrupted dems.

  9. I thought Trump lost the debate. He took a hit with the “will you denounce white supremacy “ question from Wallace. Trump came off as a bit of ass talking over Biden and Wallace but the name calling by Biden seemed like a drowning mans last words before Wallace pulls him out of the drink, time and again.

  10. Styx im listening to you over my very usual Kyle Kilinski and J Dore, you just have a very realist insight and I enjoy every sentence, hand gesture and petting of your cat!
    Keep up the good work!!

  11. Roe v. Wade isn’t anti abortion. It’s anti federal standing on it. States can still do what they want. If the feds don’t have authority over something, THEN GOOD! They need as little standing as possible over everything.

  12. Trump's not winning. I am calling it now. He should win, but things don't look good. People just dont seem to get what's going on with packing the court. They have no idea what they're asking for

  13. No suggestion that they deliberately infected Trump with the virus? He apparently got it from a staffer who likes to hug people. It wouldn't be too hard to get an infected person to come in contact with her hoping she would pass the virus on to the President.

  14. please stop dissing reagan. (no i didnt like him as a president but) the deep state crew attempted to assassinate him and nearly achieved their goal. i am sure he got the message when he, much to their surprise, regained consciousness. if he wanted lt leave the white house in a vertical position he was to become a hand puppet for the remaining of his stay and just do what he was told to do by those that he knew were now his handlers, no longer his sparring partners …. truth….. and i assume that as a student of the occult, you remember what hpb said: 'there is no greater religion than truth.'

  15. Biden seems focused?? It's not magic. It's Adderall. Why do you think his eyes seemed black? Adderall makes your eyes dilate.

  16. I think in a normal year, people would be looking for style over substance (see Obama). Biden had very little substance the other night. It would have been less if the mod wasn't easy on him.

  17. Well, a 3 month lockdown wouldn't wreck the economy if the gov't would insure small businesses from closure, implement comprehensive rent/lease forgiveness and pay all workers wages for the duration of the lockdown. The CARES Act gave $3Trillion for Wall Street, Banks and the wealthiest individuals in our country. If they can just do this for the 1%, they can do it for the other 99.