Trump Gets Raided by the FBI at the Mar-A-Lago: My Hot Take

A banana republic move which carries a high risk of spectacularly backfiring:

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  1. HOW MANY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT did Obama remove and SEAL… so that no one would know all the illegal shit he was doing?… all the lies he was hiding and all the "negotiating" that was going on with the ACA and other questionable activities and even what he know about Hillary and her Non-Profit and her server and WHEN.

  2. the FBI is still searching for the racist that hung a racist noose on Bubba Wallace's garage door, so… in all likelihood the trail of clues has now led them to Trump's Mar-a-Lago

    it all adds up

  3. It's so pathetic how worried about Trump these DNC communist cockroaches are. The Brandon administration and the degenerates who support it are nothing but weak, scared, and cowardly lemmings.

  4. My hot take: the Trump appointee makes a move that, by Your admission, can potentially backfire and, if it does, hand him an easy win?

    And nothing about that strikes You as a tiny bit…chess-y, or multidimensional, perhaps?

  5. it was a completely stupid move on the FBIs part form both a political and tactical standpoint. the timing is incredibly dumb and the amount of paperwork that they have to search through will take months, probably after the midterms' when the republicans are set to take over and will make life hell for the FBI.

  6. Damn right there terrified, because you don't get to commit just a little bit of treason once you cross the line you're all in.
    I've been saying this forever now, what wouldn't you do what wouldn't you say to avoid the penalty for treason?

  7. If they do charge him 🙄, he opts for a jury trial. You’ll get your nullification, Styx. Or maybe they hang it long enough until he gets they martyrdom campaign boost.

  8. Trump had the power as president to de-classify any document he deemed necessary as commander an Chief. The FBI can't even confirm if the documents were previously de-classified.

    They are trying to use 20.71 to render Trump unable to run for office. Republicans tried to use the same rule on Hillary to stop her from running. The rule doesn't apply to Trump. It didn't work with Hillary and it won't work with Trump.

    The rule 20.71 can't override constitutional law. The constitution is clear on who can run for the president and this rule is not part of the constitution. There would have to be a previous constitutional amendment to the constitution in order to use it on Trump.

    There is no such amendment.

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