Trump gets Raided by the Feds

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  1. These corrupt establishment types are the divisive ones, have you ever seen a Trump rally? They are always so light hearted. Saying someone like Sam Harris went mad because of Trump says more that Sam Harris is not the person you think he is. Rational people don't "go insane" because of a "mean man".

  2. Next comes the PLANTED "evidence" the dems will CLAIM to have found at Mar-A-Lago! Watch for it to drop in the MSM later this week or the next!
    Why do you think the FBI raided it when Trump wasn't there, and couldn't have his lawyers there to watch the feds search? SO THEY COULD PLANT EVIDENCE!!!

  3. When i clicked on this, I really wasn't looking for some centrist reaction. Can't have insightful commentary if you also are heel dragging and finding news ways to say, "but hes divisive and i don't like him as a person." totally irrelevant leftoid moment

  4. WHAT AN IDIOT!!! Francis doesn't realize that we've already had (and still have) SO MANY RINOs that have been saying "we can't let this get worse."
    We NEED more Conservatives that will push back so hard that it only shows the world just what kind of monster the left is.

  5. Even if Trump doesn't make it in with a Republican Super Majority and it's some other Republican that doesn't weaponize the institutions against the Democrats…the next time the Democrats get that power, they're just going to do it again. It doesn't matter who does it, once that line is crossed it won't be uncrossed. Republican or Democrat it doesn't matter. The only way we can go back on this is to get rid of both parties and that's never going to happen.

  6. Your reactions feel kneejerk to me. Trump appointed Wray as the FBI director, and this raid waas signed off by a federal judge. I would wait to see what happens before doing the 'Trump was framed!' routine you are doing here. There was clearly enough evidence for probable cause.

  7. So if he sent them into insanity, that they were willing to break the rules does that say more about president Trump, or them, tell me how great America was when we were sleep before president Trump, and he didn't divide the country he actually pulled us together, we're just finding out that the globalist hate us. And people that you knew were rational, when it came to being irrational you have to know that they were on the wrong side of History, at least. President Trump's agenda exposed that, no matter the fight that we're all in, and no matter how far they break the rules, is that because president Trump is so divisive, I don't think so,, the exposure, although it hurts, was more necessary, than that dirt nap, our country was in. Prior to president Trump's run for office, cuz that's actually when they started doing it dirty work, against him, and his policies, with felt by us, immediately before we even knew with foreign policy really meant. And if Hillary Clinton who was the alternative, we knew what a crook she was, and she's very decisive. Look at the sleep this country was in, it shows a video of Hillary saying to middle class America we're going to raise your taxes and everybody collapse and says yay, is that an audience of provocateurs or was that us clapping. So all of this personality versus getting the job done, and Governor Ron DeSantis, looking like an alternative to president Trump, that's silly talk. He was running a country not a state. And what do you care, he was taking all the slings and arrows for us, they couldn't pass too many horrible legislations against us, like they're doing now when he was in charge, he went to court for the wall, whether you agree with it or not, it's law, he probably played all the videos of the last leaders saying the wall was necessary I saw those videos, that legally they can't tear it down, they can slow crawl, putting the last pieces to the puzzle together, so ask yourself why he had to go to every Court, to make it law. I'm old and long-winded but I'm going to give you one last example, as a black person, the experience that we're having now reminds me of post slavery, do you know how many people, that may not have even benefited from slavery, that hated us, and we found out, by them exposing their hate to us, and I'm not bitter about it, made my life a living hell, but I'm happy, we live through the antifa effect, but being a black American I don't agree with black lives matter either, but they have been exposed, as paid agent provocateurs, makes me wonder if that was the same agenda in my time.

  8. The left are evil & play a hard game (Hitler was left wing), there is no more discussion to have, you can't even reason with them, they just change the definition of words e.g 'what is a woman?' 'what is a recession?'. Trump should have put Hillary in jail but he backed off & look where it got him. The time to be magnanimous has gone.

  9. I have to respectfully disagree with Francis. Playing nice with the democrats is why we’re in the state we’re in. The democrats want power and to retain power by any means necessary. Their scorched earth policy is killing our nation. Francis says that Trump was incredibly devisive, sure but in a good way. The left has been letting in illegals at the expense of our citizens, allowing pedos to infiltrate our schools, indoctrinating children to believe their futures are decided by the color of their skin and if they’re white they’re evil; essentially democrats have been eating away at the soul of this country. People got fed up and Trump was the response. He wasn’t elected to play nice Francis, that’s what you fail to understand. We wanted someone who wasn’t afraid to take a stand and call it like it is no matter what. Despite what you think, we need him to finish what he started. You said he drove people mad, ok that says more about them then it does Trump.

  10. Honestly I want a politician who is divisive in the right ways. If you're not "divisive" you're part of the machine. There is no middle ground with those who consider you to be inherently evil. Trying to play nice with the illiberals is just making us slide further down the slippery slope.

  11. Okay, perhaps that's a bit of an overreaction. Still, pick a lane, jackass. All I ask is that the leader of our nation be sincere and act in good faith. We don't need more representatives who are faithless puppets, paid to promote the global nwo while actively ruining the nation they've been "appointed" to represent.

  12. Lindsey Graham was a preacher (liar)…well, I guess his actions and behavior prove it was, indeed, no more than a cash grab, as his moral standing is on his back. All it was ever about was increasing his own money and power. How can an individual such as this have any semblance of self-respect?

  13. You guys have no idea !! When did President Trump when in office use the FBI or Congress to go after his political rivals ? He didn’t only the DemocRATS have done that !! So why shouldn’t the tide turn because if they don’t do it then it will once again bolden the DemocRATS to do it again.

  14. I don’t understand the argument of “he made clearly irrational people go insane so we shouldn’t have him in office.” He did a good job, and there’s no reasonable and rational person who become so deranged over a man doing his job adequately. We do not need unity with nutters. It’s okay if they’re mad.

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