Trump Gives Man Whose Bar Was Burned Down by Rioters a BIG Surprise

President Trump invited a Minnesota business owner to speak after his bar was burned down by rioters.

At the end of their exchange, Trump offers him a big surprise! This is why so many people love President Trump.

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


  1. Debs husband says remember if I've got this right that it was the marxists, socialists, liberals, and the rest of the scum that are being backed by the Democrats that destroyed this couple's business.

  2. The problem is that it has been proven that those riots and fires were started by white supremacist groups to discredit the protestors. Does Trump go after them? No. Of course not.

  3. Ď.
    H. to all antifa commys, and all those who seek to damage and destroy innocent lives. Patriots unite, "i want my commy scalps" -slighlty eddited Brad Pitt quote from inglorious bastards

  4. It's funny how trump will do all this for a guy who's business was destroyed and nothing for black people who where unarmed and killed by cops ?‍♂️