Trump Goes After Bernie (And He’s Not Completely Wrong)

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  1. Of course that communism and socialism is also a which is it because in communism no private property can be owned and in socialism private property can be owned the different is minor however it exists.

    Frankly it a misrepresentation of progressives because we want social democracy which use to be the USA till Corporatocracy murder social democracy and destroyed the economic system of capitalism for a corporate run government and market pretty much communism done backwards.

  2. (sigh) He's right. Bernie not only got screwed, but he nodded along and laughed while endorsing Hillary/Biden. Bernie is a great loser. He should've taken the nomination hostage at the '16 convention, if that happens, Trump's not president now.

  3. So if everyone stepped down and paved the way for Sanders he would have won? lol… Gimmie a break… Your boy is weak…
    Yeah, they played minor games, but your boy is weak. Your movement is weak and you haven't reached beyond your ideologues… That's the difference between Trump/MAGA and Sanders… Trump was able to reach beyond ideology (yeah, because he's a salesman and media guy, but still), whereas Sanders cannot…

  4. Trump called Warren Pocahontas-it's funny people think they're so clever when they say that. When really they're just being fools. It's all name calling with the republicans. They call Dems idiots and shitty. Like-argue like an adult. Give me real arguments.

  5. Biden is a bigger looser. Does anybody remember who many times biden ran for president. Bernie threw in the towel before the contest began. Both of them are looser. This bernie bro is going to vote for the great orange headed tyrant.

  6. Elizabeth Warren has been a lifelong Republican she is not a progressive and her biggest political move was to fool a bunch of idiots to think she was a progressive. She said it out right "I support capitalism" lol what else do you wanna hear? I'm not really a progressive?