Trump Goes Full MADLAD Posting Creepy Biden Meme Talking About Kids Touching Him

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  1. Tim is getting close to the point that some of us were 4 years ago. Some of us held nose and pulled the lever for Trump. And it was one of the best decisions we could make.

  2. One thing I love about this historical event we're going through is thinking what it would be like if we sent just the openings to these videos back a year or two. THE END OF THE WORLD, ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, WAR!

  3. The real irony for people who say Trump is racist is that he just signed a law saying that farmers can still hire legal migrant workers with fewer restrictions to keep farms going and let migrants keep jobs. Oh but he's so terrible.

  4. Trump is as deepstate as the Clinton's and Obama… Americans, PLEASE, use critical thinking skills, research the blackrock! Trump is a puppet to the banks as much as Hillary Biden and Obama are

  5. I'd say it would be easier to clean out the corrupt politicians if more people backed Trump. Definitely easy as an independent to support Trump. Lots of Republicans blindly follow but they are becoming smart and seeing how the McCains and Romneys of the world are corrupt because Trump. He just doesn't seem to push hidden agendas and has a very clear path. We are up against the same DNC from the DNC leaks that works with the media with bribes.

  6. The Democrats and media playing up the corona virus will make Trump look like a savior when 2 million predicted don't die. When they claim it's 10 times more deadly than the flu but under Trump we only get flu death numbers, Trump wins.

  7. You don't share shit about anything negative regarding Trump. You only make video after video after video making everyone on the Left seem like SJW Communists/Socialists whereas you handle people on the Right with gloves, and need to ensure that no one ever mischaracterizes Trump supporters. The bias is strong, acting like you're unsure where you stand is bullshit, you're not some "milquetoast fence-sitter" you're a Right wing grifter who likes to act like they're even and fair whereas you are one sided.
    Also, Donald Trump was sued for raping a child back in 1994 along with Jeffery Epstein. Those "Epstein didn't kill himself" memes really only are skin deep.

  8. That 30 seconds of Biden muttering about kids rubbing his legs, roaches and bouncing on his lap is the only campaign add Trump needs to run to be reelected. Just show the actual footage of Biden mumbling this insanity in a MAGA ad on all the networks and on the internet = Trump landslide 2020.

  9. So you are guaranteeing yourself a black female president do you think Biden will be able to finish out a four year term at his age now he may even be impeached so just understand Republicans you might not want to do something the alternative might be worse someone with no experience at all