Trump Goes NUCLEAR With Biggest Ad Buy Possible, Democrats Seem To Be Preparing To LOSE

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  1. This unmitigated campaign disaster is brought to you by the party that is more likely to hire based on diversity than merit… This is what you get Democrats…

  2. Gee, if I donated to Trump/Pence 2020, Tim Pool just got some of my money (it was a cool ad – featured all those beautiful pro-Trump boat parades that are going on everywhere that there's water)

  3. I don't know Tim, HRC spent 1bil last time and look where it got her. Biden is getting massive free publicity through MSM and all the anti-trump yt'ers.
    Think Trump is gonna win, don't vote, that's all she wrote.
    Crime Bill Biden & Top Cop Harris get the white house.

  4. Trump is the ONLY ONE TO VOTE FOR the democrats aren't our parent's democrats they are fake the real democrats have been replaced by radical communist with a backing from Pelosi and Schumer and the democratic powerhouse who want America to be another Venezuela VOTE TRUMP BECAUSE OUR COUNTRY DEPENDS ON IT.

  5. The story was about Tokugawa Ieyasu, during the warring states era in Japan, after he lost a battle against a rival, and his army scattered, he ordered one of his retainers to throw open the gates of his fortress and start bashing a drum, then he sent out ninjas to do as much damage as possible, the army thought that, if he was THAT bold to attack a besieging army, then he surely had thousands of men inside his castle, so, the army turned around and marched away.