Trump Has Clearly Won the Election, but the Elites Don’t Respect That

You went and voted now go and protest.


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  1. What does it matter who's ahead before all the votes are counted? P.S. North Carolina was nowhere near 99% reported on Nov 4th. You liar.

  2. In states with voter id requirements, stupid democrats did not make a xerox of their voter id and mail it ,..they just mailed the ballot alone and maybe write their drivers license ,..THAT WON'T CUT IT, RUDY MUST CALL THAT ! #Wisconsin certainly and #Michigan

  3. The dems are filled with with seething hatred. They hate Trump to death. They hate us Trump supporters. They have tried everything they could to get rid of him. They have been operating on 'By Any Means Necessary' to get Trump out of the White House. BAMN includes lying and cheating. Stealing the election is the only way they can get him out. The news and the democrats might have jumped the gun announcing a Biden victory. They probably jumped the gun on person. If the election flips for Trump what do you think will happen? All those people partying in Times Square, the people partying in all the cities because they were told Biden won, and the millions that cheered in their homes, do you think they will accept a Trump victory? The news set up psycho drama and rioting big time by jumping the gun. The democrats wont let Trump be the winner. All they have is this election so they probably cheated because they are that insane about getting Trump out.
    By the way, I'm not sure Trump won. It's not over, it's not official, Trump is still in the game, but I can't keep up with all the details and numbers. And the stunts the dems pulled in Pennsylvania and elsewhere needs looking into.
    Biden is a total corrupt swamp rat, possibly on a par with Hillary. On TV he bragged about pulling a quid pro quo to get a prosecutor fired from investigating the swamp monkey business his son was involved in. It's all coming out now that he was making quid pro quo money. He's totally corrupt. He's like Hillary except we have the emails. He shouldn't have been running for President. I don't want him in the White House. I don't want him in office under any capacity. He has been stealing our tax dollars. He's probably been doing it for 40 years. He's a thief. Wee need the thieves investigated and kicked out of politics. They are bleeding this country. We could all have free health and college with the tax dollars they steal, playing games with it to enrich their friends and family.