Trump Has Covid (Biden Fans React Predictably)


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  1. 13 days ago, Republicans condemned those who celebrated RBG's death.

    Tonight, not one Democrat is willing to condemn those wishing death upon the President of the United States.

    We are not the same.

  2. There are so may cures now it is getting ridiculous. The powers that shouldn't be don't want fast, inexpensive totally effective protocols. The solutions are easy to find on Dr. Mercola's website and many, many others.

  3. My prediction: Trump will be fine, but Biden will suddenly drop dead of COVID19. Our Overlord, the simulation moderator, will think that's the most amusing scenario.

  4. This is going to backfire on the dems and not for their response
    But trump is getting actual treatment the hydro drug that the dems constantly blocked they will be forced to admit it works

  5. Trump is 74 and over 100kg. It will be tough for him. Wait about a week for that's the time between an infection and its main strike to the body. The key question will be if he can heal quickly and 100%.

  6. Survival rate for 70 years olds is Significantly higher then 90 %!! It is 99.825!! LOOK IT UP! Trump has ONLY a .175% chance of DEATH!! Less the 2/10 of one percent! The odds are WAY AGAINST HIM dieing!!

  7. The President gets cold symptoms and the DOW drops 400 points. This makes you think what would happen if Biden wins the election? This supports the idea that Biden's idea to shut down/slow the economy is not a favored policy by Wall Street. A Harris administration would sink our economy and our nation.

  8. Here's some information for you, no matter what eventually we will all get this virus unless we happen to die some other way before coming into contact with it. So really it is just a waiting game for us all.

  9. Knowing a pharmacist you can bet half of congress is in diapers and on dementia meds. But that is why their pharmacy is so secret. Don't need to know who is beating down the door for viagra. Or meds for their bipolar etc etc. Ps not knocking anyone with these issues but I would like to know if you are in charge of me and the laws that govern me.

  10. This is so funny. Democrats were about to claim Biden had coronavirus so that he could skip the rest of the debates. Trump beat them to the punch. Now democrats will be mad as hell and be DEMANDING debates. Trump is playing the democrats game BETTER than the democrats play it. And they are pissed! And can't do a thing about it!

  11. 99.99% of the worlds population so far has survived the epidemic and the virus is negligibly lethal.

    If we had not been told that there was an epidemic in the country, you would not have known there was such an epidemic and you would have not done anything about it.

    History will judge the hysteria.

  12. I actually support a fully dysfunctional government and think it would be best if we elected more Alzheimer's patients into all levels of government instead of only at the top.

  13. I love how The Simpsons/Disney is a ok with having an episode with a dead Trump or an episode with Bill Cosby, but the Michael Jackson episode? Banned forever.

  14. Well, I guess the Anti-American/Western Civilization Radicals, got last second desperate, and Sprayed Air Force One with COVID-2019 super snot on it's last outing, and zapped Mr. Trump and some of his family and administration…

  15. think twitter+facebook will censor+take down posts cheering and wishing death upon the president of the united states? does it not count as hate speech? nah. not to them.

  16. This is a cope video. Trump just sank his entire campaign with his positive Covid test. He looks like an idiot. Called it a hoax in February now has it. Biden is going to win Trump just lost.