Trump Has DISAVOWED Racism Of All Kinds, As Well As The Proud Boys, Though He Doesn’t Know Them

President Trump has publicly and repeatedly disavowed all forms of supremacy, and the Proud Boys – with the qualifier that he doesn’t know anything about them, but he’s been pressured into it by Joe Biden. Tim, Ian, Lydia, and the chairman of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, sit down to unpack why Trump worded his response the way he did, and whether there’s any supremacy in the Proud Boys.

Guest: Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the Proud Boys (@NobleLead on Parler)

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Biden and Harris DO know that antifa is a terrorist group, but haven't been asked to denounce them. That's all you need to know.
    And furthermore, if you want to pit Proud Boys against antifa, can you imagine any antifa hotshot being this well-spoken and reasonable? It would just be: he's a fascist, she's a nazi, smash the patriarchy, fuck the pigs, mao did nothing wrong, looting = reparations and oh yeah, we are the good guys and if you don't agree we'll smash your face in. ?

  2. I've yet to hear any Dem…condemn antifa or BLM….while they burn US cities and extort Small Businesses…. Proud Boys are of all Races and are Patriotic Americans attempting to defend against the Left's deranged Authoritarian Agenda.

  3. I am a very conservative person and I grew up in a communist country for 18 years then my parents had the courage to live and come here to this Godly Country, and we enjoy a life of freedom of any kind especially to worship, so all this leftist movement is very alarming for me but for people who don't know and are not educated it's ok! Proud Bouts are good people Keep up the good work you do?

  4. Instead of attacking corporations we should use ''mutual destruction'' principle, from the Cold War era. Doing exactly the same thing to the other side. Calling, writing complaining about extremists racists. Which they are. Avoiding left (right) just label them as supremacists. We need to throw shit back at them. Since it sticks so well. And let them scrape it off, until they realise how unfair it is.

  5. Proud Boys and Antifa are both leftovers from a time when people thought they could be free. They are irrelevant in the 21st century when it is corporate police states who hold all the power. Antifa and Proud Boys are both like children who won't accept that reality is not what they want it to be. Fight against the state and you will be stomped.

  6. They are trying to play gotcha with Trump and trying to get him to burn bridges for votes. PB are far from white supremacists. The left just doesnt like you guys because you are out there on the streets against antifa and blm nutjobs.

  7. yes Proud Boys, please stand by…what the left doesn't understand is that you are just the front line. every red blooded American with a deer rifle is 100 yards behind antifa can't throw a can of beans that far.

  8. He can disavow them all he wants….liberals call strong men racists. That's just how it is. We won't grovel for them, so what else can they do? They're weaklings….they can't argue….logic is on our side…patriotism is on our side….They have name calling, and 'bigot' seems to be their favorite…

  9. I wonder if one is judged by the five breakfast cereal they verbalize during initiation? " Weetabix, Corn Flakes, Muffets, All Bran, Muesli" "Wow that dude is regular, welcome to the chapter bro"

  10. It seams that the Proud Boys have a really smart leader. They are not jumping to conclusions. For sure they are not White Supremacists. Antifa is a real threat to Freedom and America that is for sure. Antifa is the embodiment of what they claim to be against!!!!!!!

  11. Trump had to disavow because of the media! He doesn't really disavow you guys! Let's be real he meant stand back and stand by! But the controversial issue is too large he knows you guys are the good guys!

  12. If you think about what and how Cancel Culture goes about canceling people, groups, or businesses they are committing acts of terrorism. If Trump with an executive order or the FBI or DOJ could amend the federal definition to include those which participate in Cancel Culture as terrorists then perhaps we can end Cancel Culture.

  13. Tim Pool – be careful about wanting the government to regulate tech companies. What ends up happening is the gov asks the tech cos. to help them write the regs. Then they write them so as to keep out the start up companies.