Trump Has Just Announced HISTORIC Middle Eastern Peace Deal Between Israel And UAE, This Is HUGE

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  1. trump is still an evil Nazi Hitler that only wants war, you can tell this is the case by how he tried to get peace between n and s Korea, how he tried to get the troops out if Afghanistan and now this, what a war monger

  2. Barack Obama: Gets Nobel Peace Prize for being elected.
    Donald Trump: Brought peace to the Middle East, wont even be considered for Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. What do you mean “at least Israel steps up to the table for negotiations”?

    What kind of negotiation is “you either agree to lose 25% of the 10% you have left and leave millions of people homeless or we will take 100% of what you have left illegally in the next 10 years”

    That’s a conversation between the neck and the sword, it’s a lose lose, Israel’s oppression will never end because fools like you think “normalizing” this is a good thing when illegal settlements, infringements on human rights, and oppression should never be normalized just because “tHeY DiDnt WaNnA nEgOTiAtE”

    Edit: I shouldn’t call you a fool cuz I understand everyone has different levels of knowledge when it comes to this issue and you may not be aware of some of the daily atrocities Palestinians have to face. I’m not going to remove it because that’s disingenuous. All I’m going to say is that Zionism is evil. I have nothing against Jews, In fact many Jews are against the occupation, but Zionism is not Judaism, it’s pure evil, the reason Hitler did what he did. The same reason why Uyghurs are treated the way they are in China. That treatment of of Jews is not justified, but Zionism was the reason, the same way Islamic terrorism is the reason why Uyghurs are being held in camps. 5am idk if this makes sense.

  4. Dig deeper, look into Qatar. Trump did nothing but what others wanted. This is a joke, UAE and Israel are not friends of the people of the U.S. but Qatar clearly is. Strange how Trump called Qatar a nation of terrorists, who support terrorism, yet we sold them well over 10 billion in fighter jets just days later. The U.S. also has the largest air base in the middle east in their country with many of our best aircraft at that base. UAE does not like this, nor does Israel, so this is in contrast to what has been the status quo for a very long time. Last, this is nothing as of yet anyway, it is just words, but a start will be embassies in both countries, that is a start.

  5. Know I read somewhere there would be a false since of peace just before a great war in that region, a war to end all wars. Also, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in what May 2018 was very dangerous as well. We will see how this all turns out soon.

  6. This is a sign of Revelations it’s been written over 2thousand years ago or more ( no one really knows) peace treaty while they are fighting in the streets of Israel the only thing missing is the leaders going to the desert ? to sign it it’s about to be ON like Donkey Kong!! Jus sayin!! Repent and get your faith straight!!!

  7. No shit? Wow wtf, will he get the nobel prize for this? I assume the Trump haters will no longer use their nobel people to make outlandish statements if it happens

  8. I think that the dems aren't even as much opposed to anything Trump says or does as they are just devoted to ensuring that he get's no credit for anything and all the blame for everything they do. That is what they must have meant by "resist!".

  9. It seems like Democrats make the perfect the enemy of the good. The normalization of relations is a good thing, a step in the right direction, a potential foundation stone on which further progress can be constructed.

    The criticisms seem to claim that "good" is not good enough: it must be perfection before any praise can be given.

    I grew up with a parent who had that attitude. It's a great way to kill off a person's desire to try hard or to satisfy the person. Why bother at all if it will never be good enough?

  10. Well fancy that, Hitler's disciple and the Devils nephew has actually created peace in the middle east and no one will know because the MSM won't even consider this as News because it's positive.
    Sorry people, If it's not negative about Trump than it's not Newsworthy.
    Trump 2020 and Trump 2024, hell why not. The Democrats are breaking every rule in the book to get what they want don't then?

  11. Maybe some time you should list Trumps accomplishments. It would be a long long list. This is only 3 years while being attacked by the most corrupt and biggest low lifes l have ever seen. No l am talking about the pos media. Hes incredible and you take issue with the president getting irritated at times. Like having hemroids but even hemroids are more respectable and they probably smell better

  12. I didn’t even know the ISIS thing! It’s crazy how much the mainstream media suppresses information! To be fair, I’m off and on with how I keep up with politics depending on how busy I am, and I rarely pay attention to the mainstream media anyway, but this seems like something that everyone should’ve been talking about. I was young when Bin Laden was killer and I definitely didn’t pay attention to the news, but everyone was talking about it and praising Obama.

  13. This is not a historic deal at all – as u yourself said u are very ignorant on this
    1) The UAE and Israel already had a relationship – this is just making opne what we ( not u – informed people) knew was going on between Israel and UAE.
    2) Come Tim – this very lazy on ur part. People who point out that this is not a historic deal are not hard leftists they are just well informed on the politics of the region unlike you

  14. Plus if u want to talk about historic peace deals, much as i am loathe to say it, cos i dont like Obama at all – what he did to Libya and then Syria. However the fact remains he did sign a historic deal with Iran – why is it historic – not cos it stopped Iran from developing nukes – Iran doesnt want to develop nuke weapons But it was historic because Obama did this against the wishes of the Israel Lobby, against the blood-thirsty neocons. No president of the US has stood up for US interests against Israel and survived. That is why it is historic.