Trump Has NOT Pardoned Julian Assange, He Is STILL Being Detained And The US Wants To Extradite Him

Tim, Ian, and guest Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules on Twitter) discuss some of the finer points of the Assange case and the driving force behind the arrest.

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  1. I'd love for Julian to be free but I fear what would happen to him if he was. Extremists want him dead. Powerful influential people want him dead. I whinge to say it but in his current situation he might be safer. Even if he was cleared he would probably have to have a squad of trained mercs/body guards at his home to keep him safe 24/7. Two questions then arise. One,who would flip the bill for that and two, if Julian cannot even truly have privacy and must be escorted every where he goes is that not merely another kind of prison??

  2. It's funny how liberals are OK if Trump's tax returns are leaked, but this stuff, REEEEEE you can't leak this stuff!!!!!1111 the 24D chess thing about this is, Trump has him under indictment, but has not asked for extradition, because he knows Assange will be killed by the Clintons if he steps on US soil.

  3. 3:00 – How could giving up Julian Assange’s dnc source put him in danger? Seth Rich is dead.
    It wouldn’t ruin WikiLeaks either since he’s not being asked to give up all of his sources. It’s only asking for official confirmation of what we already know.

  4. Tim… I honestly believe the fact that sources aren't disclosed is how our country ended up in this mess cause networks can just say "Sources say" I honestly believe that unless you are willing to disclose the source you shouldn't even report on it to begin with

  5. Assange is a bit of a douchebag, but he's been exposing the deep state for years, which is something I thought Trump would be in favor of with his, 'drain the swamp', rhetoric.

  6. I get the distinct feeling that Trump wants to, but he knows that he can't do it yet. Assange and Snowden both are the kind of people you pardon in the lame duck stage. As Trump is on his way out, he won't have to worry too much about the establishment trying to stymie him any more than it already does.

  7. I can't understand this either. Assange should have already come out and admitted Seth Rich was the source of the DNC information. They had him killed for it. Data transfer rates proved it was not an internet hack.

  8. Important distinction: WikiLeaks published UNREDACTED information that has put a lot of people in danger with their governments, including my family for helping US government. Imagine if news publications released all information about people involved in their stories, wouldn't you say that kind of "reporting" is irresponsible.
    So yeah, I have no problem with Assange rotting in prison.

  9. I feel a bit bad saying this but is this women romantically involved with Julian?

    She seems involved to the point where objectivity is compromised

    She seems so bent on being anti Trump that she thinks Biden is ok, WTF

    Biden is not ok

    What she fails to understand is that most of those she claimed with her loose statement about Trump surrounding himself with certain people, is misleading. Most of those he inherited. Bolton for example, Trump got rid of because he found out he was a warmonger, so please, try and be a bit more objective and not so much loose statement to push your agenda about Orange man bad
    Trump has to work with the people he has she he'll have to use many useful idiots

    Go and study history, look at what happened to Caesar when he tried to fix the establishment in one go… He got assassinated for his efforts!

    Juice media sucks now. Tim is right, they are just leftist anti establishment pushers now
    Then again, look at where the founder for juice media got his education from, the lefty universities where he in fact he educates (indoctrinates) today

  10. I have to be honest, if I were Trump I wouldn't be pardoning him yet either – if wait until after the election. If he loses, he's still got time to pardon him, if he wins he obviously does… But there are conservatives that would not like him pardoning Assange – waiting until after the election it wouldn't matter after.

  11. Plus Julian has never published a false story! Must Free Assange! Feel Trump will will do it! He has been busy. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

  12. 15:48 wow I'm new to US political parties I'm here because I think Trump is o.k.
    and I hate what the left has been up to. There are so many rabbit holes
    The more I learn the less I know! ??❤???

  13. More proof Trump is a globalist stooge. Snowden won't get a pardon either. As if having an opponent as weak as Biden gerrymandered wasn't enough to expose them already. You don't think it's a coincidence that the main opponent for the current President isn't fit enough to organize a grilled cheese. And all of this right after a 100% illegal nationwide shutdown over 0.01% mortality rate cold.. Nope, nothing odd. Nothing to see here. Let's pretend this election is legit as everything continues its downward spiral.

  14. To honest folks, Assage is a hero. His only sin is telling the inconvenient truth. This is always offensive to politicians who use their power to destroy all those that oppose it. We don't know what Trump's motivation is. Could it be he is protecting him until he is useful?

  15. Let's assume everything you guys said is right, and provable. Who do you think will be held accountable? My point is it that it's all another waste of time..

  16. Trump has floated the idea of pardon. He has to do things legally so yes JA is still under extradition until the paperwork is signed to pardon. I think JA is in grave danger once here…too many 1%'rs want him silenced. Epstein didn't kill himself and JA won't either.

  17. Why did Wiki Leaks offer a reward for the Killer of Seth Rich? Who was Seth to them?

    Numerous people have said that that Seth was ordered to make copies of the information on the servers. Likely this was another John Brenan Op, where he steals information and everyone claims it was a "HacK" when it was an authorized user making copies as ordered. The problem likely came when Seth decided to share this information with Wikileaks.

    If the source was the deceased Seth Rich, Julian needs to tell what he knows, as that likely implicates John Brenan and the Obama Cabal.

  18. Epstein had dirt on the establishment too, and a lot of them seemed to like the guy and enjoy the services he provided. How long do you think Assange will last?

  19. You do know that every branch has a combat media MOS’s. No they don’t cover war like journalist do but they do cover engagements between units and hostiles. I seem to remember back during operation enduring freedom there was an incident where US Marines attacked some insurgence and then wives and children came out to pick up the fire arms and hide them while I’ll be recorded on US Marine Corps.