Trump Has Secured ALL VOTES To Confirm New Judge, Democrats PANIC, Threaten Massive Backlash

Trump Has Secured ALL VOTES To Confirm New Judge, Democrats PANIC, Threaten Massive Backlash. Mitt Romney sides with the Republicans locking the vote down.

But this is the Democrats own fault. They changed the ruled back in 2013 and its haunting them just as Mitch McConnell predicted.

He said they would regret it when they changed the rule from 60 votes to 51. Now Trump will have appointed 3 new supreme court justices.

Democrats, learning nothing, tried to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, resulting in the Kavanaugh effect, a massive surge in Republican enthusiasm and support.

Now they once again are calling for the nuclear option which of course will backfire. They have pitched packing the court, adding new justices if they win. But some Democrats correctly point out that if they call for this but lose then the Republicans will do the same thing expanding their control even further.

Biden meanwhile is a no show and floundering, Trump seems fired up and his supporters are ready to vote.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. It's obvious that they're burning this down because they have more at stake than just the "game".
    They have committed some crimes and they are desperately trying to get back into power so they can cover them up this is all about damage control for them. They are fighting for their very lives and reputations. That is why there are no holds barred in their minds. They need to regain power so that the American public cannot "follow the money."

  2. My friend I’ll be straight with you. The only concern I have about a modern-day Civil War with liberals is that we will never get that 45 minutes back…

  3. Why don't you just admit that you're a republican? And how about republicans maintain the same energy they had 4 years ago when "you shouldnt confirm judges in an election year" 8 months out

  4. I laugh every day the Dem's heads' explode.
    But, I keep in mind what these nutsacks are going to do us when they get their chosen puppet as POTUS.
    It likely won't be this time, but it's coming.
    We all need to think ahead.
    Not 4 years but 12 years.

  5. I'm not a conspiracy theorist (albeit I'm rather cynical) but what are the odds that Youtube age-restricts any political commentary that they don't agree with whilst allowing far-left political content to be unrestricted?

  6. I don't trust Roberts. His 'bad behavior' should have had him removed from the bench over Obamacare. He changed the law and English to push it through. Not is first or last failure. Selfish Ruthie should have retired under Obama but expected a women (Hillary) to be assigning her replacement. 'Packing the courts' is absolute proof that it's being used politically, not constitutionally. Don't forget they also talked about 'burning it all down', 'violence and unrest' until they get what they want… Sorry Tim, I won't be 'logging in'… YouTube is doing this to demonetize you and others. We see how differently they treat the left and right. Better start courting other platforms.

  7. IMHO, Dr. Ford was a CIA operative and used against Kav. Her body language, tone, inflection was nothing more than a well trained act. After all, she trains people to beat the lie detector test. Ford had absolutely nothing. A rape victim would remember details and there's the lies (ie. flying). Her 'evidence' amounted to: No idea how she got to the party or home; No idea where it was; No idea what day, month or even year (making it difficult to track anyone down) and her witnesses went hostile or admitted they know nothing. REMEMBER: Kamala was a big leader in trying to fry Kav… Imagine her as President. Nasty would take on a whole new level…

  8. Majority of Americans do not Trust Traitor Trump after hi call are Troops Losers and Suckers.they said hi must go to Jail for Treason right now, that is why they are voting Early for Joe Biden for President

  9. ah yes ,

    put a PUPPET scotus in place , so when the orange baby loses , he pulls it to the supreme court claiming mail in ballot fraud, and his puppet will grant him to stay in place

    the things damaged here isn't just your country Tim, it's your brain, more the lack there off.

    the only rules changed is the ones the orange genocidal assholes will to stay a dictator.

  10. It would be the dumbest fucking thing to not put your judge in. If you lose oh well you got your person in who cares what they say and if he wins re-election then who cares he won. It’s a no brainer.

  11. That's it, just missing the fact that Obama got stone walled with a lot more time on the clock.
    We'll have fun with the RW supreme ct will we not? No health care, continuation of poor education in poor neighborhoods, no environmental policies passed to protect the lands you live on, minimal workers rights more economic austerity and maybe even some back alley abortions. For generations!
    What a grifter

  12. Harry Reid got rid of the 60 vote requirement because the left thought hillary "Yeah I killed 'em, what you gonna do about it"clinton was going to get to take advantage of the simple majority and transform The United States into a third world nation under commucrat rule. Then the people told her to stick it where bill won't go and gave that weapon to Trump. This is why they have been going crazy with the impeachment crap, it was to keep The President busy so he couldn't take advantage of the system that Harry broke on purpose.