Trump Impeachment: Democrats Star Witness Used NYT As His Only Source (Im Not Kidding)

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Written by Hard Bastard

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  1. So… what to expect in an impeachment trial: witness cites fake news story, Senate debates whether or not the story ran, convict president because fake news made shit up… or at least that's the house democrats' plan.

  2. Got ads during this video. 1 set of ads lasted less than a minute. Second set of ads lasted a full 7 minutes. Then the third set of ads I skipped. First ad was a Daily Wire's 46 minute Andrew Klavan Show. Skipped.

  3. HB, I'm happy to see that the high grade Medical Pasta you've been consuming of late has you on the mend, and I hope your continued administering of this Italian treatment proceeds unabated. Check this clip out /watch?v=buRP_2XAQys it's from Stanley Kubrick's masterwork, Dr. Strangelove, "our source was the New York Times" is unbelievably apropos and clearly indicative of the absolute demolishing of journalistic standards of lying convincingly to the American people. At nearly 40 years old, I remember a time when journalists could look back at careers of lying for the powerful with nuance, subtlety, and tact, but the noise repeaters of today cannot even muster the IQ points to stray more than a single pasta noodle width away from emotion, outrage, and pants shitting terror that their own complicity and collusion with the criminal Obama administration is so very close to being fully revealed and the entire industry is like a California forest, years of deadwood waiting for a DEW spark. I cannot wait for Nov. 3, 2020 much more as it will be so very funny to watch the 5 stages of mourning these donkeys are going to go through!!!

  4. Pelosi called it the wrapup smear. Politicians will make an allegation and the MSM reports on it as fact. It gets written into Wikipedia as an entry by one of their legion of #resist editors. Politicians pick it up again as fact. Remember AOC saying "The Daily Caller" has known white nationalist ties? It's in Wikipedia that one of their minor editors had written articles in a White Nationalist publication. When they found out, they fired him but it doesn't matter. It is a quotable fact that they have WN ties. Take a look at the Wikpedia Talk page for the details of how people have tried and failed to tone that down.

  5. • The Russian scandal was based on the Peepee dossier
    • The Urkraine scandal was based on an openly released phone call and a NYT article
    • Epstein didn't kill himself

  6. uck. suggested video: The late show with stephen colbert "Trump impeachment resolution passes with zero republican votes."

    remember when late night talk shows were about comedy instead of naked propaganda? Literally he is exploiting the ignorance of the audience (that he has had to tell to stop clapping before because they didn't understand what he was saying) to suggest that there is so much support for impeachment that they didn't even need republicans. never mind those democrats who voted against, lets just quietly vote them out in their reelection bid. He acts like "they are united on this" and I guarantee he makes it seem like the President is going to get thrown out. it is really pathetic. I mean, I remember back in like 2002 when every comedian started mouth shitting out "DURRRHURRHURR BUSH BAD!" and audiences would shit their pants with fake (I have to assume) laughter to show everyone else they got the "joke." I don't know if it is for sure but I would say this kind of garbage is worse.

  7. I would love to find out that almost everyone in the house and senate are controlled opposition by the other party. it would explain SO much. It would explain why the republicans cuck out on everything and bend over submissively at every chance they are presented to sell out the things they profess to believe in, as well as explaining why every democrat is magically insane. Wouldn't that be fun to learn? that there are like 3 actual republicans an 5 actual democrats and the rest are just opposition plants?

  8. Isn't Taylor a "Vietnam times veteran" as well, or was that another lying scumbag, there's so many of them "bravely stepping forward".
    There's a rumor that Trump Jr. was once in the same country as someone that sent/delivered a bunch of fake "bomb like" packages, was arrested and never seen or heard from again.

    Epstein did not kill himself.

  9. Oh yes, you're totally right about the Dems and all of their media friends sucking the dick of anyone who gives them what they want in this inquiry. And then trying to scare everyone else who doesn't give them what they want into suddenly flipping their stories (Like Sondland).

    This is why they didn't want all of this to be made public, and why they attempted to limit the ability for Republicans to cross-examine, they wanted to be able to railroad all of these different witnesses, and then just say whatever the fuck they want.

    CBC (to no surprise at all), up here in Canada, told the same fucking shit about Bill Taylor. "Oh, he's gonna be tough to disprove being a Vietnam Veteran and over a decade of faithful service in politics." something to that effect. Totally trying to pretend that he's ironclad and 100% infallible and is the star witness.

    And that was yesterday, even though it is publicly accessible (as you show) from a whole day earlier, from other more honest sources that Bill Taylor based his opinions and claims solely off of a New York Times article. CBC just ignored that that even existed, just like every other hack legacy media outlet who're Democrat shills.

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  11. Msm will never recover from this never,no one will ever trust them again even retarded liberals with TDS the only people that watch fake news will never trust them,because even they no it’s a witch hunt but are blind by there hate for trump.Rip fake news