Trump Insists He WILL WIN, DOJ Official Resigns As Bill Barr Authorizes Vote Fraud Investigation

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  1. The Rule of Law is ALL that matters!! We are ostensibly a nation of The Rule of Law. Without adherence to The Rule of Law we are a third world nation and will be prone to civil conflict. POTUS is challenging the invalidity of certain states' election results – and under our nation's Rule of Law precedence he has EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to do so. And I support him in doing so.

  2. We cannot give in to Terrorists no matter the cost. if it costs half the population of our country, the Terrorists will know that we will never give in. many terrorists will die, and that is a price I am willing to pay.

  3. 12:00 Tim, that's what the left is doing. Normalizing the idea that Biden is the President elect. You've already come to term with the idea. They're hoping for everyone to do the same. In addition, they're hoping to oppress support of the election defend funds. Just like what they did with the polls before election.

  4. It’s not just the courts Tim, and the courts make judgments on merit anyway, they are unswayed by political bullshit. At least hopefully. Regardless that’s not his only avenue. The legislators in the states are all Republican, and ultimately they have the responsibility to send in the electors

  5. When are politicians going to realize that Donald Trump is wildly popular. There’s so many people that stand back and are afraid, if you just step forward you would be a rockstar and be the closest thing to Donald Trump that there is, besides Donald Trump. But they just insist on being the swamp creatures that do nothing and are scared. Stand up for Trump! You’ll get votes and support like you never imagined. This goes for Bill bar or anyone

  6. If those mail in ballots are unconstitutional (and the ones in Pennsylvania are, at least, because they weren't prescribed by the legislature), then they need to be thrown out, partly to protect the Constitution and the electoral process, which is forever undermined if Biden successfully steals this election (which he won't be able to).

    And if the left decides to burn their territory down, well, what's new? Prosecute 'em, lock 'em up, and as felons many of them will lose their voting rights forever. And with those kind of people, good. We don't want violent fascistic communists deciding anything ever again.

  7. I tend to agree that the Trump team is fighting an uphill battle. But I am supporting the legal defense because any exposure of the corruption is good. Because I cannot statistically see in any way that the spread of Trump and Biden supporters in these few states can be so different. 2-4% at most. Unbelievable to me. I like math and statistics and it just do

  8. Biden is the projected president, NOT the president elect! Everyone should know the difference, and you want to talk about fact checking?? this is utter nonsense, and for someone that hopes to run the country, you should certainly know the difference between the two. If you believe Joe Biden does no the difference, well that just makes things worse. So its lose, lose, either he is a scum bag or a complete idiot (personally i do believe it to be the second option). either way ignorance aside what we have is call Stolen Valor. The POTUS is the highest ranking member of our great military, and you don't get to claim things that you are not! If Biden is an idiot well there really are not laws against that, but I assume he is doing it to play a political game, and that is Illegal, and he should be arrested and charged to the furthest degree.

  9. so ironic the media declared winner cant challenged trump claims they did not cheat and make trump teams them show proof in court , thus making misdirection,lies,deception,charade of excuses instead of confronting it, it only make trump claim more credible that they really did cheat to win this election and probably do in their power to certify the cheating is legal under the rule of law

  10. the reason why their pushing so hard to claim biden is president so that if trump does win his case they can claim he is ilegitamate as biden had been claimed the winner for weeks or months

  11. Tim you are full of it. take a stand man geees, I have given to president trump legal fun and I do not give a shit how he spends it. stop being a pus Tim.

  12. We've never had such blatant voter fraud before. Really, they didn't even hide the after-election fraud. They were brazenly blocking the view of Trump poll watchers. They are brazenly and obviously adding fraudulent ballots. They aren't hiding it. They did nothing to prevent us from knowing that's what happened.

  13. Just saw the Van Jones Ted Talk vid about this very issue. Deja Vu, if the President does not concede, he can still win the election through the state legislatures. The Democrats didn’t flip any state legislatures this election. Trump is playing 4D chess once again.

  14. It's not even the Russiagate, Kavanaughgate, Ukrainegate, peepeetapegate. It's literally that if these people take over our government, it's the end of our republic.

  15. The horrible thing to consider is that no matter how this goes down, chaos is sure to follow at the moment. If there was a clear result on election night, that was basically the only way things would be peaceful, but the drawn out and irregularity ridden "results" being advertised, well, there's far to much distrust for this to end well.

  16. The courts aren't going to agree with him because it's so far out of the norm??
    Isn't that reason to focus more on it due to how abnormal it is? Wouldn't that make it easier for them to say "this is abnormal, shut this down" ?

  17. To abandon this nation to Biden and the scum who put us through the last 5 years because you're afraid they're going to put us all through it even worse than before the dumbest thing our nation could do because that will show them that they can do this again and again again as much as they want. We won't get security or freedom, and we will deserve neither.