Trump Is Infected!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Trump gets Covid days after his poor performance at the debates. Coincidence? I wonder if it's just an excuse to spare him the embarrassment of participating in future debates.

  2. When I heard that the Prez has IT,the first thing that ran through my mind is the predictve programming of the simpsons,with him lying "in state"; I've always thought this thing is being spread manually and is bacteriological in nature,(NOT VIRAL) and that they can target specific areas or persons…. I think they gave it to him

  3. 3 out of 4 people do not get permanent heart damage, that is just not an actual thing Jimmy, you are buying into the hype and alarmism without much skepticism, They havent even been observing this long enough to launch those kinds of wild assertions.

  4. You don't know how to respond? Ok, so if there is a mass shooter not giving themselves up and continues to kill people, should you say, "hope and prayers to the mass shooter", or "I hope the shooter is taken out before another 200 thousand Americans die." I hoping the virus takes him out before another 200 thousand Americans die.

  5. Jimmy is so afraid of covid, he refuses to look at the science of masks, the "covid test" (mostly false positives), the actual death rate, and that this does NOT qualify as a pandemic. It is serious, but like the flu, the most important thing you can do to prevent getting it is washing your hands, but to protect yourself from an air born virus you need minimum of a face shield (it will enter through your eyes most commonly), maximum of a class 1 environmental suit.

  6. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't take experimental drugs for mild symptoms. So either Trump and them are lying about his condition, or they are lying about him having it and taken experimental drugs, so that they can push those experimental drugs to say they have a cure for his reelection. Trump and the Republicans will do and say anything to keep power.

  7. I guess am evil bad Jimmy, because I do want to see those (all of the top 1% and a good bit of our elected politicians) who have the power to help the American people, but don't, get a nasty case of Covid19. Since going back to work (teacher) I have now had three calls telling me that someone I was near at the school has tested positive. Chances are I am probably going to get it before the school year ends and I am diligent about safety protocols, but I am surrounded by children and adults who are not. So yeah fuck em, let the so called elites die and suffer along with the rest of us.

  8. Jimmy I want to see the study you saw! There are so many lies out there ! They call it the NOVAL Corona virus . Noval means New never seen before unknown origin. Which proves to me this virus was concocted in a lab that’s why they keep changing symptoms. Whether you wear a mask or not it makes no difference on whether or not you contract a cold or a flu or a virus. If you take notice when you’re wearing a face muzzle that you can smell perfumes and other fragrances the reason why you can smell it is because the particulates penetrate the face covering. So if you think wearing a mask is protection you are seriously wrong I know this because I’ve worked in the healthcare field for years and I can say this without fear of losing my job because I am long retired. It seems the only doctors and nurses that are really speaking the truth about this are the ones who don’t have to worry about their livelihoods being threatened! If you recall the doctor from the CDC that was found dead in Georgia it was probably because he knew about this virus and he was going to be a whistleblower we need to wake up to the truth or the world will be in lockdown communism for the rest of our lives! To keep us cowering in fear where the flu has killed more people along with tuberculosis and other contagious diseases that have always been around this Covid is a lie and we need to take action and wake up to THE TRUTH , Or we are doomed and that’s a NWO plan! Please Jimmy realize the Rockefeller initiative spell this out 10 years ago. If we don’t wake up to this truth it’s game over! And all these so-called lying specialists can dance around their pentagrams as they worship their God the devil!