Trump is Nearly Unstoppable, 3361

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  1. The Devil went down to Georgia he was lookin for the vote to steal. He was in a bind cause he was way behind so he was willin to make a deal The devil doesn’t get to win. God is still on His throne. Praying ???

  2. Well let's see how this video ages. Maybe you're right, but here is one major factor you're not considering: republicans ARE traitors. They will betray you. And democrats are total lunatics.
    I still say the only solution is civil war. But let's see if you're right, Mr. Still.

  3. Ever wonder how you get states with GOP legislatures and dem governors and/or US senators??

    The answer is that you cannot rule a state legislature by manufacturing votes. They can manufacture all the votes they want in Philly, Detroit, Madison or Atlanta, and Republicans will still win their own areas.

    I believe that all or nearly all such cases of dem governors in basically GOP states are fraudulent and the same goes for dems controlling other state level offices and the election apparatus in such states.

    It seems obvious therefore that Trump's ultimate fallback position of having the state legislatures determine the present election (the 31 – 19 splitt you read about) is totally legitimate.

  4. Bill — unless team Trump can prove fraud the state legislatures ARE NOT going to undo anything. You would not want them to thats why I follow you– think about it thanks my friend

  5. I am so sick of hearing that Biden is picking his cabinet members and he is planning to do this and that. The whole left is a joke. Liberalism is a genetic brain defect. They can't be fixed. They just must be voted out of everywhere. JOE BIDEN WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT.

  6. Things aren't going well in PA. Maybe the President's team wanted to just get to the Supreme Court anyway, but yesterday a federal conservative Republican judge – I believe he is a Trump appointee — rejected their case in PA. How frustrating! Dershowitz has reviewed their case and says they will win in PA. I sure would love to hear your take on this, Bill (on the judge).

  7. You have far more faith in the republican party than I do, Bill. I would not expect republicans to fight for anything against democrats. They never have in the past. Cowards to the core.