Trump IS RIGHT About Ukraine War AGAIN

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Trump IS RIGHT About Ukraine War AGAIN

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  1. As kooky as trump is….he knew how to keep the peace amongst nations….I believe he is smarter than putin and actually played him….get the dems out please and save out country and the world.

  2. It is the height of hypocrisy for the United States to a) claim to be defending sovereignty and democracy; b) condemn other world leaders for beings insufficiently democratic; and c) condemn other world leaders for starting needless wars.

  3. lets clear something up.. YOU dont have left in america.. you have democrats and republican… democrats are middle of the road right wing party leaning towards democratic values.. then you have the right wing republican party.. but you dont really have a left wing party of say socialism, karl marks style..even though you do have a public who have proportions of such political views.

  4. The only foreign policy "BLUNDER" D.J. Trump made during his term was bombing Somalia…but every President for the last 30+ years bombed Somalia…what's up with Somalia..? Is it where the "Military Industrial Complex" dump their over produced bombs & bullets..? To empty overloaded warehouses…THE WORLD…THE UNIVERSE…& THE MOST HIGH GOD…has recorded your works…putting a "Black" face on Evil…don't = Evil Black…& putting a "White" face on Good do not = Good…oh you tricky Devil… you who has deceived the world…

  5. I love Trump but he made the Ukraine situation worse by increasing the training and providing Azov with weapons when he could have made them follow the Minsk agreements

  6. Jackson, follow the Democrat money and join the dots, this is what the whole thing is about in the Ukraine with the U.S ,apart from the Donbass killings, that's a Russia thing …….NZ.

  7. Jackson, you say that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were President, how would you know that? Simply because he keeps saying it himself? Well, he also said that he would bring peace to Palestine or North Korea, and he didn´t. He just can´t do such things because he knows nothing of politics and diplomacy. He is a fool who thinks he´s a genius. So please stop parroting that infantile nonsense.

  8. I wish jackson had the ability to think more critically about issues. It's not hard to see that Russia's expansion represents a direct threat to the US and would guarantee WW3. Using all force to stop Russia is a now or never opportunity.

  9. Russia is a very patient pussy cat.. china play stupid and ignorant.. you try something on them they fry you alive in a wok.. by the way the biggest navy in the world is a rust bucket..

  10. Of course Ukranians could surrender at the begining BUT they have been under Russian boot so long that they are fed up. You are nazi because you say stronger is allowed to rule.

  11. Çin, Rusya, Hindistan, Kuzey Kore, Suudi Arabistan, Katar, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri ve diğer Türk devletleri bir bütün olacak zaman geliyor. NATO üyesi olmak Türk devletinin faydasına değildir. Avrupa birliğine alınmayan Türkiye Cumhuriyetinin derhal Avrupa birliğine müracaatını iptal etmelidir. Üçüncü dünya savaşı başladı başlayacak. Avrupa birliği çatları bile. Rusya Almanya gazını kestiğinde dengeler değişecek. Türkiye artık rengini belli etmek üzere. Turan birliği açık şekilde dile getirilme zamanı.

    The time is coming when China, Russia, India, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and other Turkish states will become a whole. Being a NATO member is not in the interest of the Turkish state. The Republic of Turkey, which has not been accepted into the European Union, should immediately cancel its application to the European Union. The third world war has begun. Even the cracks of the European Union. When Russia cuts off Germany's gas, the balance will change. Turkey is about to show its color now. It is time to express the unity of Turan clearly.

  12. I'd like to investigate those polls in Taiwan. I've heard the Taiwanese people prefer the government they have now in Taiwan, but China is interfering and trying to take control.

  13. It's about time progressives are figuring out that Trump is right about EVERYTHING. A little late to the dance, Jackson. Better late than never, I suppose. 7 YEARS late to be exact.

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