Trump is Trolling the DOJ and FBI

He declassed it folks:

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  1. Biden looking to steal another 47 Billion for Covid, MonkeyPox and other such B.S.
    He knows it’s almost over for the Dems…This theft has to be stopped!
    It won’t be though…

  2. I stay out of this and similar Legal cases because it's a he said she said story with lack of evidence for the public to make a fair comment on. What I will say is that although Trump has won each legal battle he has been put through each battle has given the enemy information on how to one day win. You know the saying a broken clock is right twice a day? I'm worried that through the sheer volume of legal battles Trump is put through that one day he will lose due to the odds of them having to succeed at least once through a slip up on his defense or through a more effective approach on their end….

  3. Let's face it ! He has all the goods on them and they just cannot allow him back in power so they will even break the law to entrap him ! I hope he is using private security and not the secret service !!!

  4. I knew he set the FBI up when I heard about the raid. The docs they took are all the docs related to Trump’s persecution. Now the public will get to see them all. He played a reverse Uno card on them all.

  5. Except for one thing there is no such thing as attorney client privilege anymore. The end of that was when the FBI broke into his attorney's office.. I wonder why people don't talk about that? Don't ever tell your attorney something you don't want the FBI to know…

  6. If Trump had an unpaid parking ticket it would be front page for weeks and every talking head would screech. The constant bin diving, shrub shaking has shown just how clean this guy is. There isn't a thing they have on him. I'm surprised that is possible for anyone.

  7. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger comes from an aphorism of the 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.
    Donald Trump is growing stronger day by day. Don’t listen or watch the legendary media, AKA leftists talk heads.

    Don’t vote Democrat in 2022

  8. Styxhexenhammer666 – You're missing the point as to why these outlandish attempts by the DOJ and FBI to bring down Trump. They don't really expect any convictions, what they want is to put in the heads of Americans is an evil person not worthy of their vote. All their failed efforts are in keeping with an often-quoted phrase "Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth". Additionally, they are trying to exact pain for Trump by prosecutorial assassination.

  9. I disagree, man. I think they will indict him on bs and try to lock him up 100%. Do they look like they care about the optics looking like a Banana Republic? They don't care about your opinion

  10. Theyll continue to investigate him even after hes dead. Their creepy obsession will lead them to dig up his body based on a tip that he was buried w classified documents. 😐

  11. Finally the truth. The Demon-Rats say he's evil and the alternative MAGA crowd defends him which is basically saying he is in trouble. Neither is true. YOu make a lot more sense.

  12. What are your thoughts on Judge Neapolitano’s point that there’s a lot of evidence against Trump and that his lawyers should have appointed a Special Master the DAY the FBI executed the warrant at Mar A Largo? But they did it too late? Is he right?

  13. Exactly! DOJ was doing the ultimate slow walk to keep these documents under wraps. Trump hangs out red meat, DOJ jumps, now the documents are in the courts where the disclosure can be ordered by the judge and Trump is in the clear. Game set match.

  14. Well, they're going to keep trying. Because they have to – only stopping after success. They own Justice and are solid business partners with the Media, and MIC, which solidifies intelligence community membership. So, if all else fails, is a kennidy solution under the table?
    "Naw, that would be too obvious."
    But…so were all the other scams. And it hasn't cost the Wigs a dollar or a day in jail.
    Just thinking out loud.

  15. You are so right. President Trump in his speech said the corrupt FBI ransacked his 16 year old son's room. What you want to bet he has it all on video. I hope he has them flinging papers over his office and filming it.

  16. I agree, I feel like trump set a trap for them! This is a great way to get all those now unclassified docs into the light! Required discovery if they should indict him! Wouldn’t that be fabulous! What if he has the Hillary crimes that Comey ignored? Epstein client list, The Assange info, the devils classify all their dirty work and crimes to get away with murder. Oh I pray they’re all exposed!

  17. All their talk about his papers and yet, didn't we hear earlier this year that nobody can see Biden's senator papers stored somewhere? I thought they all end up in a library or whatever.

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