Trump Is Trying To End The Afghan War, He Is Right And We MUST Support This

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  1. Democrats: Trump is warmonger!
    Trump: End wars.
    Democrats: Trump doesnt respect laws
    Trump: Protects 1A and 2nd Amendment.

  2. Tim: "I'm torn; I'm absolutely torn."
    Me: Your choices are Trump and a guy who'll do whatever the people actively turning over their cities to mob rule tell him to do. Those are your choices, Tim. Have a deep thought about this and get back to us, okay?

  3. HOW DO WE KNOW IF BARACK OBAMA CHARACTER WAS ALL THAT. BILL CLINTON WAS GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS, WAS ELECTED OUT BECAUSE OF HIS CHARACTER. THEN WAS ELECTED BACK IN! REMEMBER WHAT HE AS PRESIDENT. THE GOVERNOR SITUATION I KNEW BACK IN 1980S WHEN IT HAPPENED!HATE TIM IS A CHARACTER FLAW ALSO TIM. IT IS SENTENTIOUS ALSO!THERE IS A JOKE OUT THERE, THE ONLY PRESIDENT WHO PROBABLY DID NOT COMMIT A IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE WAS, WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON, 1841- 1841 SEE WHY. JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY, LYNDON BAINE JOHNSON And many others. Stop acting like you are the final word on judgment Tim. We have cancel culture because we do not agree that no one is perfect. I was taught back in 1967 to pray for my leaders not stand in judgment of my leaders. You know at respected of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King jr. Life. Malcolm X was known as a man of high character. There is rumblings that Martin Luther King jr.,who said color of skin, content of character and character issues with Adultery. That why we need to pray for our leaders,others and ourselves. ???

  4. Trump. Because I really want the US to continue the trade fight with China and win. If that fails because Biden wins, more than the US will lose. The world will lose and nothing will stop China from expanding into everything and taking over.

  5. It's been said all along since 2016. Trump has plenty of flaws but he stands up for America and gets things done, unlike the Democrats who hate America, constantly apologize for America and waste tons of time and money on stupid shit with nothing to show for it but violent riots and failing cities.

  6. Back in 2016 I was a dumb senior in high school who thought both leading candidates were two bad choices and voting for the lesser of two evils is wrong.

    Now I think we have Joe Biden is weak and destructive for America, and on the other side we have Trump who is no Saint but has done good in multiple fields and is trying to do more. More like ending the war and returning all the troops.

  7. Great work by this entire group and all that work with them, thank you for all your efforts. Austin Steinbart "Q" Comeback after being illegally arrested… #AustinSteinbartisQ There are 2 Technologies that still give us 'Hope' even in these crazy days…. These 2 new disruptive technologies could help us realize Jacque Fresco's dream of a resource based economy….
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  8. I am in the Air Force now. If Biden wins, I am out. Not renewing my contract.

    This would seriously throw mine and my wife's plans out of balance but I don't care. It is nothing compared to the risk of what could end up happening if Biden is in charge.

  9. Like Bongino says, the left hates Trump so much that if he touted how wonderful Oxygen is, they would put plastic bags over their heads.

  10. They are changing the law to allow a president to be prosecuted for offences after they are out of office, they hope to steal November and once they have power ‘get rid’ of everyone who can expose the corruption they have been guilty of. In short – if the Dems win – Trump, Barr etc will be persecuted.

  11. Called it like a year ago. Tim already knows who he's voting for (Trump) but for the sake of looking unbiased, he won't say for sure until day of or day after. He doesn't want to sacrifice some of his viewer base.

  12. Never Trumpers hate him so much, they feel the need to always be on the opposite side of Trump. They think he can NEVER be right. No politician is always or never right imo.

  13. Where you are wrong TIM is, If indeed President Trump does get reelected. He will have full control of the house and senate. So all these ruse impeachment scams, obstruction and sabotaging will no longer be happening!!!!