Trump Is WINNING Over Union Voters, No Matter How Hard Democrats Try They Make NO Gains

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  1. Well, here in North Carolina we support TRUMP. Or at least in here Wilkes County, NC we do. Everywhere you look theres a Trump 2020 sign, hat or bumper sticker. I for one am voting for TRUMP 100%!!

  2. They take the jobs cheaper.. Definitely but not because Americans won't do it.. The left has to understand that illegal immigration is one of the primary reasons that wages have become stagnant. When base wages or minimum wages go up it goes up all the way through the system.

  3. I’ll tell you as a construction worker.. in 4 years I’ve not found a single person I’ve worked with or around in 15 plus different states from sunbelt to rustbelt to Southern California that is not a proud die hard pro trump person. Now their bosses, companies owners yeah they split 50/50 but the workers in the field are 100% solid base. Think how talk on job sites go. Trump sounds like one of us. They like that! They don’t follow politics a lot of the time they like that he is real. Not right, not wrong, but real and says it like it is in plain bombastic speech.

    Latinos, blacks whites, women I don’t care who it is.. if they work with tools and wear boots they are for trump. Working class americas are going to go 75% or better for trump this election. The working class is the people that polls cat reach. It’s not even about reaching his base or this person that person. It’s the working class they can’t poll and they are also the ones that will walk on glass for 6h in thunderstorms to vote in person. This election was done before it ever started.

  4. Your country grows to capacity, wages grow because the workers are valued, see Britain in the 60s. Imigration only grows business to grow by falling wages and population grows EXPONENTIALLY continuing the wage shrink

  5. Of course that's the reason wages have been stagnant, Tim. It's basic economics. (Which have been taken out of schools.) Take 30 million illegals plus 20 million more legal immigrants over the past 20 years, that's 50 million people, or 1/6th of the entire population. Flood any market with anything, and the price goes down. If the supermarket suddenly had 30 PERCENT more steaks, the price of steaks rockets down. Employees have a market price too, that's called the job market. More employees, lower price aka wage per employee.

    This is still true even if you are SUPER pro immigrant. Those immigrants' kids WILL have stagnant wages too if the massive inflow of workers isn't stopped.

  6. Dems are disrespectful. They count blue collar, they count blacks they count minorities as theirs.
    Screw the dems. The more I delve onto the garbage of the democrats the more I realize just how wrong I've been. I walked away this year. In part cause of you, Tim.

    But as I look deeper, I question every single thing I've ever learned.

    The lies go deeply into schools, news, it's frightening