Trump Is WINNING The Only Issue That Matters And Democrats Are Nervous He Will WIN Reelection

Trump Is WINNING The Only Issue That Matters And Democrats Are Nervous He Will WIN Reelection. It’s the economy stupid.

While Joe Biden and the Democrats have focused on COVID and Trump has been focused on Law and Order the one issue that actually matters falls to Trump by default.

The Economy

It’s the number one issue for voters this year and Trump owns the issue across the board but especially in battleground states.

The sad reality of human nature is that when push comes to shove people will take a good economy over all else. People may not want to admit that they prefer to get paid than to have some kind of social justice which could skew polls against Trump.

However, there are many good polls for Biden and its anyone’s game at this point.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. also trump didn't hurt the economy with covid. he did what he should have done. states rights are important. big brother fed government is bad. always. now if he had big brothered us. we would be better off due to all the dem governors.

  2. The most important issue for me is world peace which, IMO, is best achieved through diplomacy and deterrence. It is also important to support your allies and stand up to your ideological enemies. Most of Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, and India are true allies, while the majority of the Arab States such as the Gulf States are friends through a common enemy. Our enemies, are Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela. Trump would have my vote for the way he's handled foreign relations. He's also stopped the non-stop wars, by finding better ways to deal with our enemies

  3. SILENT MAJORITY are SILENT NO MORE, on NOV 3,2020 PATRIOTS will VOTE for TRUMP /PENCE 2020 in PERSON ❤️???. If you WATCH TRUMP'S RALLY in RENO NEVADA, 30, 000 attended, 15K in Las Vegas, 15 K in SALEM on and on SAME DAY..TRUMP FLAGS are everywhere❤️???

  4. Listen…I've just been burned out of my Oregon home by democratic state sanctioned arson(we need a new word for this type of arson it's so violently extreme). Voting for president isn't usually something I even feel comfortable doing regardless who's running. If I vote this year…not those guys. That's for sure. So there's gotta be many more of me out there too. Not smart.

  5. Trump 2020 ? Support our police officers! Not supporting any Sports or Businesses that support BLM! They were all just out stealing, Burn & Looting! VOTE IN PERSON!???

  6. That poll of Portland says it all about the left. They’re masochists! In one breath: “we don’t like authority and we are antifa!” In the next breath: “thank you sir, may I have another hit with your baton?! Harder, daddy!”

  7. I don´t like Trump.
    I don´t think he is a good candidate for presidency.
    I think he has a bad character.
    But he is also the better choice in comparison to anyone in the democratic field.
    I would just wish, he wouldn´t act (and tweet) so much without considering potential reactions and outcomes.

    This comes from a european

  8. Tim, Trump is winning on the only issue that matters, but that issue isn't the economy.
    That issue is " S T O P T H E D E M O C R A T S . " All the issues you bring up, riots, fires, economy, covid… are the Democrats' fault.
    Ever since Obama, Republicans have been united as an entire single-issue party.
    And every time a Democrat makes news, or makes up the news, we grow stronger.

  9. In a bunch of those fivethirtyeight electoral maps that suggest a Biden victory, Texas goes blue. As someone who lives in Texas, I'll believe it when I see it. Texas has some pretty liberal parts, such as the Austin area and the urban parts of the bigger cities like Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio, but I think it is way too optimistic to consider Texas a battleground state quite yet. I remember the Hillary campaign dumping some resources into Texas and thinking that was 10 years too soon.

  10. Tim the article about California hits the highest voter registration rate IS TOTAL BS. The reason for that is NOT because record numbers of people are going and registering to vote. They just passed a law that as everyone renews their drivers license THEY ARE AUTOMATICALLY REGISTERED TO VOTE! You have to specifically tell them don't register me to vote!
    Gee so isn't it funny how that happens in CA, they pass a law that essentially registers EVERY person to vote and then they, against their own rules about having to request a mail-in ballot, are going to send a mail-in ballot to every single 'registered' voter. Hmmm…

  11. Re: Trump v. CoVID-19
    Not to mention Trump's dependence on Anthony Fauci, MD, a New York Democrat and Hillary Clinton's "doctor admirer" (see WikiLeaks trove of Clinton emails released October 2016). It's a mistake to give an unelected swamp dweller sole power, no peer review, no debate, no conferences, nothing but one man's opinion.
    Re: Riots Easing Up
    Portland was in a windstorm that rolled in about 7 September 2020. Not only did high winds make being outside difficult, due to flying debris, tree leaves/branches, trees falling down, etc. . .as well as that the wind fanned flames from forest fires. Simultaneously, the temperatures soared into the 90's. It was just hellish to be outside.

  12. When Trump wins the election the left will riot. Trump won’t have to worry about re-election anymore and he’s going to bring in the National Guard and crush them.
    TRUMP 2020!