TRUMP Judge ORDERS Affidavit UNSEALED; FBI Confirms ASHLEY BIDEN Diary; Hunter Laptop BURIED by FBI

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The Department of Justice submitted a redacted affidavit in the Trump Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant case that Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered released by noon. The media urges the court to unseal more government briefs, Trump responds and new sources say Judicial Watch may have had Trump’s ear in the battle over the documents.

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The Department of Justice announces that two individuals have plead guilty to conspiracy to traffic in stolen property after obtaining private property belonging to a a family member of a national candidate. The New York Times that Project Veritas may be in the sights of the Justice Department.

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Whistleblowers in contact with Senator Ron Johnson reveal that the FBI tried to bury the Hunter Biden Laptop story until after the election. Ron Johnson writes a letter to Christopher Wray demanding answers.

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:55 – Court Docket Update
00:01:47 – Mindmap Recap
00:08:28 – Compliance Filed Under Seal Redacted Affidavit
00:10:13 – Order to Unseal
00:15:18 – Media Request Unseal Brief
00:23:19 – Trump on Truth
00:28:20 – Judicial Watch Involved Tom Fitton and Trump
00:31:00 – Docket Review
00:31:38 – DOJ/FBI Confirm: Ashley Biden Diary is Real (Press Release)
00:34:31 – Information: Conspiracy to Commit Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property
00:48:58 – Project Veritas NEXT? NY Time Details
00:58:25 – Facebook Encouraged by FBI
01:03:00 – Youtube & Locals Community


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  1. No they had to do the reductions because if they didn’t that they affidi we show that they were on efficient expedition to try to get Trump to not run in 2024 that’s why this is all done everybody knows it they have to David has to be reducted because if it wasn’t in the public she didn’t they were say it’s a fish expedition you got the judge who signed up on the more we excuse them self not too long to go on a Trumpcase okay he was been noted to heat be a heater of from so it’s a bias I don’t understand and we could have it the dependent judgment when he is to accuse of it in the the not be that so to me it’s just another fishing expedition another witchhunt this is Russia collusion three porno should we say 5.0 now

  2. Play the bones of master stuff distraction know it’s the pole barn kids all yeah boy oh convenient no the biotin kids need sympathy the poor little biting kids oh and now they could take away from the real truth the crusher run in the government Biden and his son and dad now Trump is it is important because they got to get them from running again they have to do they have the demonize him with the FBI to Weaponized to check on him from running again in 2024 so that’s not all by the sports narrative about the port Byron cage

  3. Must be another corrupt judge working with Joe Biden to punish Donald Trump say we go again I’ll tell you the buyers are so crooked the judge is a crooked they all going to be fired man Trump kitchen he’s got a fire every single judge and put him in jail they all should be arrested for treason and Shockton justice you work for the people you don’t work for some Democratic Party to get their narrative across the finish line Joe Biden is a creep

  4. How was the judge able to pin up these two people against the wall and Tom if you don’t give us state diary we’re gonna put you in jail and threaten them because they got to get that I wish I didn’t expose creepy Joe OK that there is two sets of justices there’s one for the Biden family and one for the people and whatever goes against the Biden family they are put to protect him I would’ve never gave up that diary I don’t care if they to me in jail for years because the government is corrupt take for Shirley killed John F Kennedy that’s for sure I want to know how old is somebody steal something if they find it no they found it they didn’t steal it OK but that’s a good thing for the legal system to a point them as a stole it so they can have an alibi to arrest them so they can get the diarrhea so it doesn’t get exposed to the public so they really know what a creep we have in the White House and I’ll cook it is that’s the reason why they don’t want it all to take out where the extreme to get people in trouble that could expose the Biden family or shall I say no the Biden crime family

  5. I understand now the Democrats on touchable and the Republicans breathe the the can be arrested in charge in the coral law. I understand we have two tears with justice we have the Democrat just department and we have a Republican justice upon actually the Republicans have no rights there writes a garnish Democrats hold the power of all the people they choose whether guilty and not it doesn’t have to be proven the Corto or there’s no no quart of water be proven and because they home and they

  6. Play Ramos it sounds like a shut up with the buyer and shutting up these people I mean you leave a diary which is the Biden family member leaves of diary they find it all of a sudden know they crucified they had the daily show the governments going to get it back so they create some folks narrative to punish them and get it it’s just like it’s wonderful how the government operates and they don’t like you by the burial

  7. What a great shut up Ashley that was a great set up the Biden family once again shows how crooked they can be and I’ll crooked they off why don’t we go after your son Joe Biden Hunter Biden money laundry rug at a prostitution and the big guy how much money did you get Joe using the AirPods two to go do personal business via son while you’re holding in a political vice president position of the government Lyons personal use that’s that’s quick pro quo but I understand all this drama is to keep the attention away from the real criminals which is Junior son but don’t worry after Trump kitchen but you will no matter how much you people try to block him from getting the moon when he gets in you and your son all going to jail and I can’t wait to see you go to jail Joey

  8. I think they’re trying to make it stolen property that governments trying to make it still and five so they can put a number out of four it’s technically not stolen property but the government whatever they say go sure they say you stole a waitress Shikoku opinion to the wall you take this please if you don’t throw you in jail for 10 years and that’s how they get there a little persuasion

  9. Yeah the FBI stole the election from Trump was stolen from trumpet was the FBI you stole it from Trump how fitting the FBI is so crooked it’s pathetic I wonder if they go to church from the FBI is this something else

  10. $10,000 isn't enough to get me to be an idiot. That amount is about how much more it costs to survive each year since Biden stole the office. The people upset about debt forgiveness after they paid their loans off should be upset with the institutions that ripped them off, themselves for accepting the loan, or the government for making it all possible, not at the students that, by no act of their own, might be able to escape it. Biden left $85 billion in military equipment with the Taliban (WTF?), $60 billion to Ukraine for war, and is offering free tuition for 4 million immigrants. This is an investment in the people of this country who have endured neglect because too many Democrat politicians have done nothing but obsess about Trump. How much money has been wasted on how many attorney's and others on investigations, hearings, television and internet coverage. The US ranks 38th in education, the UN recognizes 28 countries as first world. How long can the US stay on top with it's students unable to compete in a global job market? I hate seeing Biden spend more, exacerbate inflation, and further devalue the dollar but at least this time it is for people that actually live here in the US. I still won't voluntarily vote for Corn Pop's nemesis. *I'd rather be an optimist and a fool, than a pessimist and right. Anger dwells in the bosom of fools ~ *two quotes from Albert Einstein

  11. Zuckerberg always speaks like he's giving a hostage statement. He created a place that people upload every bit of their personal data. You'd have to be nuts to think the CIA who's job it is to spy didn't usurp that company instantly. They use him as the frontman but there's no way they aren't in control.

  12. Robert ! Trump was baited with "Diary " before èlection.. could the Raid be over Diary and if he has a copy.. ??? Not classified story distraction.. Zuckerburg story is Diary too ????

  13. That's 🐂💩‼️ Project Veritas didn't put it out because of how shadey things were & are the ones who called FBI to turn them in‼️But instead of FBI knocking on door & saying thank you for your cooperation, they bust in the door, handcuff everyone in the middle of the night & steal other clients privelage info from them that has nothing to do with Ashley & then leak it to NY Times‼️‼️‼️‼️🙏🏻🇺🇸

  14. What I'd like to know about is the statement Trump made about Obama and previous Presidents having packed up their office and taken home many documents. The news media and national archives denied that Obama took documents though the NY Post article pointed to an Article from 5/6 years ago in the NY Times talking about Obama taking millions of documents home… What is the truth? I find it hard to believe that in packing up their office with the help of aids documents wouldn't regularly be taken home by former presidents.

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