Trump Just Brokered An HISTORIC Middle East Peace Deal, Does He Deserve A Nobel Peace Prize??

In a truly admirable move, Trump has managed to facilitate conversations between two opposing powers in the Middle East for some kind of peace in the region, and some of his more generous critics this he might just deserve a Nobel for that.

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  1. Being raised by conservative parents, war was always portrayed as horrible and to honor those who brave through it. Kind of a "don't go chasing it but don't pansy out when it comes knocking."

    The dems today will cling to anything to paint us as war lovers though.

  2. The Israeli peace is temporary that won't last. The other side never keeps their promises. I've already heard that they were claiming that they were coerced into the deal. Trump deserves the credit for this effort!!! I do pray for peace and support israel!

  3. Let's be clear, WMDs were ultimately found in Iraq (after several months), I'm not saying that means it was the right war or not – I'm saying let's be clear about who and what the lies were.

  4. For talking with Kim jong un, f*ck all has changed, so No.
    For this, he would, if it lasts.
    Obama did not deserve his, so being deservant doesn't have any influence on getting one or not…….

  5. Trump doesn't make the budget. Spending come from the house and must be affirmed by the Senate and president. The budget is hardly his fault

  6. I thought Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was a glorified "Participation Trophy" for winning the election. I don't think he'd taken his first dump at the white house yet.

  7. a) Trump Administration, might deserve Credit, Trump himself did very little.
    b) Pretty shitty peace deal, when one of the sides refuses to sign on to it.

  8. Trump has reduced government spending until COVID19. The stimulus packages are blowing up the deficit, since the Dems want to keep putting more into the bills that have nothing to do with the pandemic.

  9. I wanted to get this out there. Im the last person I thought would do this, but….Goodyear has proven to be Anti-Police. Anti a bunch of other stuff to the right, but that's ok. Not the police thing though. I'm calling for a Woke Up about Goodyear. No police, no Goodyear Tires.

  10. Its the 3rd company to normalize relations. Egypt and Jordan did it first and now UAE. If he can get more they will pressure Palestine and they may be able to get real peace.

  11. Considering how quickly the actual real war in Syria and Isis were wiped out after Russia went in, why not Putin?
    Timeline: This could go on for years, Isis has taken over this area and that – Russia goes in – Even with resistance from america with bullshit false flag stories like the chemical weapons (for which no evidence was found, but the media made it a fact anyway) the war ends soon after and Isis is a thing of the past.
    No, I'm not a "commie", neither is Putin or Russia, and neither is China for that matter. I would love to see a poll of people that actually think China is a communist country.
    Wake up people, its a re run.. Commies everywhere!!!

  12. in response to her "you hit a certain age and your cannon fodder?" question yes in all countries every child is precious untill your an 18 year old male then your a bullet sponge untill you 45-50 that is the male privilege

  13. Omg I’d love him to see him get the noble peace prize for this…. it’s pretty wild what he was able to do . Am I 100% Trump no but he deserves credit instead of the media trashing him 24 seven I mean when have you heard anything else on the news besides name President Trump what happened to medical discovery science and rescue a cat in a tree I’m confused!!?!???

  14. The UAE is an extremely progressive Arab country (progressive relative to the rest of the Middle East, which is good). I felt very welcomed by the people when I visited, world of Ferrari is sick and I even ended up picking up a cute Emeritian girl lol. They love American tourists and are years ahead of their neighboring countries. Props to Trump, Israel and the UAE ?

  15. Trump needs to receive the mack daddy peace prize for his pure awesomeness! This is only one of his accomplishments! Start with the big ones, stand up for your people, building the wall, prison reform, fund the police, and the peace deal too! Stopping our wars, limiting the evil CCP and calling them out on the virus.

  16. Hey, love the video, but you are definitely off basis on the whole dropping bombs on random people in the Middle East. As someone that works directly with pilots and target acquisition and kinetic action, bombs don’t just get dropped on anyone that is a certain age.

  17. I actually really like Tulsi Gabber. I think people on the right liked her so much bc she’s truthful, means well, she’s not some weird radical. She a real American

  18. As long as there wasnt a planes sent with pallets of cash or the like I'm in. I have zero problem giving President Trump an attaboy when he deserves it.

    As far as Trump being terrible on the national debt. I honestly dont care for the guy but he was basically handed a military that was being stripped or in war for like 36yrs straight. The average age of our aircraft is very telling. You dont rebuild a military by spending peanuts. I honestly think he cares about our troops far more than any president other than maybe Reagan in my lifetime. I will ALWAYS want our boys and girls to have the best equipment and gear and a lot of it, and also taken care of when their service is over like promised.

    As I said. I dont care much for Trump. But not a day goes by I'm glad Hillary is not president. I wish we had a real choice this election, but thanks to millions I'm left with no choice but to plug my nose and vote for the less of 2 evils and most likely vote more of my rights away. If Trump should win again, during his acceptance speech he should really thank Biden and the libtards for spending decades proving terrible and sitting the bar extremely low.

  19. Obama: gets Nobel Peace Prize for winning election in 2008 for "what he may do to bring peace" *proceeds to drone strike the middle east and lets ISIS grow in power*

    Trump: literally got an arab nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel and destroyed ISIS in about a year

  20. IMO, In terms of the budget, pre-CV of course, my thinking was there was so much broken and needed after Bush and Obama that Trump needed to build things back and fix things then with a successful economy the debt would be more the focus in the second term.

  21. Companies have the capacity to be very authoritarian, and the more corporate they get the more authoritarian, but competition (when it's allowed) creates better accountability than any government and thus punished abuse of authority.

    To use your example, yes someone in a sock company could use the company's funds to purchase a bunch of grape jelly, but it's not likely to be a good investment. If such decisions become common, they will likely be outcompeted (assuming of course that the government hasn't given them a monopoly on socks or something).

  22. I think US presidents should be forbidden to get the prize before their term(s) end, to make sure that they don't get involved in (needless foreign) wars after receiving the prize (like Obama did).
    It would also incentivize presidents to try and resist that urge to go to war, because their ego would be challenge to get that prize.
    The premature prizes only potentially undermine the meaning of it, because the receivers can do terrible warhoundy things after receiving it.