Trump Just ENDED Biden In Last Night’s Debate, Biden ADMITTED To Ending Oil, Its Over, Biden Is Over

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  1. I lost my grandma to covid but it wasnt Trump's fault it was Gov Wolf and Dr Levine and other democrat gov that decided to put covid patients in with the most vulnerable

  2. People who believe Biden won last night. Twitter is a place. I know we always forget it’s there, except when their trying to cancel someone. Just wait for Trump to tweet…. the first 10 post will be democrat bots. There always the same ones too. Now I deleted my twitter but, I’ve seen it enough that it’s there. And then after the bots you have the woke far left response and democrats that know their corrupt and don’t care but still act like they have the morale high ground even though they don’t.

  3. Tim the states where Democrat governors turned demogog, the population is pissed and voting inpetson to stick in the Governor’s eye.
    I know I am doing it because if Wolfe

  4. The CDC put out a report that 300,000 extra deaths have occurred since locking down because of Covid-19. That does not include the 200,000 that died from the virus. It's 300,000 extra deaths from people not going to the hospital when they had a heart attack cancer treatments whatever because they have been spun into a fear of dying from covid-19 if they leave their house. That number is going to continue to climb faster than the rate of people dying from the virus but Democrats will congratulate each other on being proactive not spreading the virus and letting everybody know it's so dangerous. So if the people who died from the virus is Trump's fault then the people who died because they were scared of getting the virus that's Democrats fault well that's almost 100,000 more so far Good job Democrats Good job idiots special places in hell I have to believe..

  5. I don't think the mute was automatic. Or it wasn't set for Biden. The moderator said to Trump "you have 30 seconds", and Trump got muted. The moderator turned it over to Biden, and he was able to talk for at least 45 seconds without being muted.
    The moderator was terrible. The reason the flow of this debate was better than the last is because the debate rules were better. In the previous presidential debate it was 2 minutes given to a candidate to answer a question with no time allowed for discussion. Sometimes the question asked was even different than the one the other candidate had received. That's why the candidates had to interrupt in order to try to respond to each other. Eventually candidates started to ignore the moderator's questions and use their 2 minutes to respond to something the candidate said. It was ludicrous. The debate commission set that up to benefit Biden, I believe. But seeing it in action they realized it was untenable.

  6. The coyote thing is probably good; I suspect those people won't be able to avoid learning what the term really means. That has the possibility of setting off an awareness cascade.

  7. The oil industry comment was like the final scene in A Few Good Men when Jessep said he did order the code red and the entire courtroom went silent.

  8. So I didn't get to watch this debate yet, but the thing that is most making me think that it's likely that Trump won last night is the promoted videos on Youtube.

    After the first debate, which didn't cast the brightest light on Trump, ALL of my promoted videos at the top of Youtube's home page had to do with the debate. Every. Single. One.

    This time? Not even all of the "Breaking News" videos (3 out of 6) are related to the debate at the time if writing this comment (the other three being about COVID) and NONE of the other promoted videos are about the debate at all. I even had to search this video out even though my feed usually has several of Tim's latest videos in my feed.

    If Trump got shat on in this debate, you'd better believe it'd be all over my feed, but just like Hunter's emails…
    If it makes Trump look bad: Promote it.
    If it makes Biden look bad: Ignore it.

  9. On the issue of "The Talk," I'm white and got the talk, as did my little sister when she got her driver's license. The talk is not a racial issue or even a gendered issue; it's just something responsible parents teach their kids.

  10. I think Trump using the "Coyote"-Human-Smuggler was intended to the latino vote. They know exactly what he was talking about and it was a smart move by him.
    The blue-checkmark morons actually proved that.

  11. I like Frank Luntz also – BUT. He flat out LIED to other news anchors, saying Biden won, when in reality, he asked "if you had to vote today, who?" Asked 8/12. 7 said Trump. 1 said undecided. But yeah. Biden somehow won.

  12. Excellent comments, always like your feedback, fair and balanced. Regarding the Abraham Lincoln comment, I saw a two minute YouTube clip about someone thinking Biden might have been using 'high tech' contacts to be fed information. I would have to agree that it is probably really out there to think that, but it makes you wonder. Take a look at how Biden is looking into space/towards ceiling as Trump made his comments related to Lincoln (before Biden responds).

  13. I watched the debate twice last night. Once on Newsmax, then a second time in RazorFist's watch-along. I thought Trump did well the first time, but on second viewing I thought he did even better. In the same vein, I thought the moderator did a good job on first viewing, but on second viewing I realized that she only did well in comparison to Chris Wallace, which isn't a high bar to clear.

  14. Coyote’s have been known to steal babies or infants yes. Much like Dingos in Australia. I don’t know if coyote’s stealing infants is all that common any more. That might be more of an early 19th century thing or earlier. I’m not going to say it hasn’t happened in more recent times it probably has. I just dunno if it’s common. Either way that’s why those types of smugglers are called Coyote’s.

  15. Look up the death numbers annually in the United states vs. the population of the United states go back 10 years and compare it to the death toll of the x-virus and see how the numbers come out.

  16. They have to be young people 18 to 24 I'd say who only pay attention to the world on their phones ! Phone world is who is doing what with who or what celebrities are doing now gag me please. The don't use their brains for anything in the real world! Did you catch the just after Biden called Trump Lincoln? I now know who the proud boys are thank you for that information but can you please tell me who the poor boys are now lol.