Trump Launches NUCLEAR Option Over Social Media Censorship Of Conservatives, Targets Section 230

Trump Launches NUCLEAR Option Over Social Media Censorship Of Conservatives, Targets Section 230. An executive order targeting social media censorship has leaked showing impending action and it seems Big Tech is scared.

The order directs the FCC to clarify what constitutes certain phrases under section 230 and could see Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube lose liability protections if they run afoul.

Democrats currently want to outright revoke section 230 protections because they don’t like conservatives ability to communicate but conservatives don’t like big tech getting it both ways, being a publisher that can censor but also a platform that can’t get in trouble.

Many people, like Ben Shapiro and Robby Soave, feel that this could get back for the right and end up generating more censorship.

I disagree however as this EO would restrict what could be censored.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Let's all kill rioters and have a peaceful country by next week. If you see people rioting just grab your ar-15 and lay them down to sleep so that we may sleep in peace.

  2. These social media companies made their decree back in 2016 that they would not allow another 2016 election to occur! They have been working diligently to make that happen. Now that they are being called out for doing so, they want to get all butt hurt over it! They are either a publisher or a platform, not both! I am 100% in support of what President Trump has set in motion with this!

  3. jack did not understand what happend. this guy is crazy. his answer is a good example of the sheer arrogance these people have. he really beliefes he knows everything better, than anybody else. dorsey wrote "We will continue to point out disputed information" it makes it very clear,
    twitter doubles down, and they will continue to censor whatever they believe must be censored, even the president of the united states. i hope twitter gets utterly destroyed by this move. they deserve to be visited by some friendly IRS agents.
    twitter behaves in fact, like a politican. they are unable to change their "rules" and policys because they admitted to be political. they admitted to be left leaning. it would be a betrayal for them to change their "rules", so that any "nazi" can use their plattform to promote "hate".
    twitter painted itself into a corner – because a certain ideology is involved, they are unable to change.

  4. About fucking time tbh, these biased tech firms need to grow up and realise real life doesn't have safe spaces, people are allowed to have different opinions and not everyone agrees with the woke agenda. Pretty sure they'll need years of therapy now someone's kicked over their sand castle.

  5. I hope there are people setting up these publishers (yes, they are acting as such) for lawsuits personally or class action. They are acting as anti 1st amend and anti American.

  6. There's a huge difference between fair and balanced debate of opposing ideas vs individuals with huge platforms espousing propaganda and sometimes, straight up lies, baseless assumptions/opinions. What Trump essentially faced with this “fact check” debacle was a challenge to his opinion. Twitter provided the link to opinions of opposing natures. Now, people can read both and make their minds up. True free speech, both sides represented, same platform. Let’s not piss around here, Trumps problem here stems from arrogance. He hates to be challenged or feel as though he’s disrespected. He would prefer his tweets go unchallenged. If you think these are positive qualities in leadership…well..
    The USA has a population with an inbuilt paranoia and neuroticism of a people largely educated by movies/comics/fear ridden news broadcasts. Add to that the fact that so many Americans are extremely poorly travelled. If you stay in your bubble, blinkered, that’s where your sympathies will remain and your eyes will very much remain closed.

  7. Surreal isn't it? The president takes an action to protect the First Amendment and the media outlets which depend on the First Amendment are fiercely against it.

  8. I love how they say enforcing plain text of the section as reinterpreting. Nope it's always been interpreted that way it's just not been enforced

  9. this is not a "nuclear option", this should be the default option, there should be no exemptions for any media platforms/outlets until they prove they DO NOT CENSOR ANYONE WITHOUT A COURT ORDER.
    meanwhile, mainstream media and media organisations are claiming (in actual lawsuits) that their own free speech rights are being violated by this executive order… by their lawsuit, they imply the first amendment grants them the right to silence others in "the public square" (as determined by supreme court judgement).
    but back on topic, ben shaprio states the problem best at 25:25 (but he is wrong in his conclusion), "no website is willing to leave comments entirely standards free". THIS is the problem, the websites cant handle simple words on an interweb, without getting their censorious authoritarian fingers itching to press that delete button on other ppls speech..
    there are actually websites that are willing, but section 230 OBLIGES censorship on some very murky terms, using vague and un-defined words like "extreme".
    the legislation required to solve this problem should be something to the effect of No one shall be censored unless the words are determined to be inappropriate by a court of law this way at least there is a transparent due process involved where any problems can be remediated by another due process (getting the law democratically changed if it is wrong)
    think of it this way – a court (an actual fully qualified judge of the law, not an appointed "independent committee") has to actually convict you and lock you up to prevent you from exercising your constitutional right to vote, its not like the elections board (analogous to a social media company or their "independent review committee") can determine "he's a criminal, we wont issue them a ballot to vote with".

  10. This video didn’t show up in my feed. When I click on your video page it’s not there. The only way I got to it was from my email notifications

  11. Hello I looked up what are Caustic Liquids here is the google definition (Caustic most commonly refers to: Causticity, a property of various corrosive substances. Sodium hydroxide, sometimes called caustic soda. Potassium hydroxide, sometimes called caustic potash. Calcium oxide, sometimes called caustic lime.) So basically people are putting acids into water bottles on top of frozen water bottles aswell, this needs to be pointed out and spoken about. Peacefull Protest/Riots right?. Jeez this is crazy.

  12. I don't like Trump, he runs his mouth without any brakes, but he did a lot of things right, this is a very good example! so I guess I like his actions, but not so much for his words?

  13. IT'S a defacto public space with no clear/consistent guidelines. Go hands off and maybe give a "safe space" setting, charge $2.99, you're welcome! Letting someone go into a safe space, no problem. Forcing everyone to live in what you call a safe space, tyranny. People are so hung up on words, they are just words….its the idea that matter, and people will still get those ideas across with or without censoring.

  14. No, I think this should be revoked. It’s convenient to stop companies from not supporting specific people, but we’re supposed to be the country of freedom when it comes to businesses. Businesses should be allowed to do whatever they want within the law. If the people have a problem with it, we stop interacting with the business until it changes. And if it doesn’t, it goes out of business.
    This is Europe-like lawmaking, making laws to target only a specific part of the market, justifying it because it’s only one small exception to the 1st amendment. Too bad. Don’t use Twitter if you think it’s so immoral that it should be punished. WE punish businesses! That’s what CAPITALISM is. All this speaks to is people’s laziness, and not willing to deal with minor inconveniences.

  15. Trump is treating the symptom but not the cause. The real problem is the US education systems. Until those institutions basically make people soft, entitled, biased and narcissistic… The employees of ANY.. companies will be censorious. The far left has bee n winning this on the long run, from inside out. Nothing will change until you fix the root cause. The divide will increase.

  16. Our flying spaghetti monster, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy shitposting;
    thy memes be fun;
    Jack's will be shunned;
    on twitter as it is in heaven.
    Please Lord Spaghetti Monster, let the internet return to days of yore. Where the only time money that changed hands was through retail stores who had no interest in telling me how to live my life; where youtube content was created solely by passionate individuals who expected nothing in return; where the only acceptable response to being offended by something was to press X and move on with your life.
    I'm sorry Tim, but I sincerely hope this spells the end of Twitter, Facebook and, even, YouTube in its current form. It took humanity thousands, if not tens of thousands, of years to begin to finally throw off the shackles of religious puritanism, only to immediately start replacing it with something far worse: social justice dogma. Enforced by purple-haired feminists and their army of desperate virgins.

  17. I'm here from the future. It didn't work. There's a great purge of creators going on now. Censorship of the highest form. The riots are still happening. The marxist organization BLM has Democrat politicians and libyards bowing to them. The dems dressed in African garb from a major slave trading tribe in Africa. Gun sales are insane. Statues are being pulled down, others removed. The second wave of coronavirus is hitting areas pretty hard. Businesses are suing cities to reopen. The left has gone complete apeshit flipping reality with their appeal of white guilt never having to address their racist standards and contradictory beliefs.