Trump May Be Released TOMORROW As Doctors REJECT Unhinged Theories From Fake News That Hes VERY SICK

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  1. 93% 02 sat is fine for someone who is 70+ , I am a nurse and if someones 02 was 93 I would just keep an eye on it, you wouldn't go for 02 until 89 and it's not really that big a deal

  2. I wonder how many people nowadays go to the hospital when they catch a cold. I wonder how many get a cotton pizzle up their nostrils, since they're there.

  3. My poor mother thinks trump has his finger on the words coming out of the mouth of his doctors, making sure the news fits his narrative. She also thinks Kyle Rittenhouse is an abject far right extremist gun murderer yet refuses to watch any gathered evidence clarifying the events that took place that night. I love my mother but damn this is a tough year.

  4. So silly. They stick an O2 cannula up yer nose if you have anything vaguely respiratory. I don't think these people have ever been in a US ER for Pete's sake.

  5. Trump receives routine treatment for a respiratory condition

    Media translation : it's 50/50 ! Touch and go! Could be dead by morning !!!

    Literally the only medical staff to comment: he's fine

    Media : We just received reports of the Grim Reaper entering the hospital !

  6. you don't understand medicine at all. steroids is the treatment protocol for beating a cytokine storm and reducing inflammation. It's reserved for strict conditions. I'm laughing at you trying to play doctor. maybe interview a doctor that can tell you when certain drugs are given for covid and at what point. trump is not well. he will likely recover but please, spare us Tim with your "journalism" or commentary. just like Boris the White House will not tell us the truth unless he's in dire shape and they have no choice but to tell the public. the market will tank on Monday they're trying to spare it so please spare us Tim. it's painful. INTERVIEW A DOCTOR.

  7. so wait the msm is trying to flipp this on the president and dr's but its ok for them to bs the public with their fake news aka anonymous source that was probably written by karen acosta

  8. Tim, YET AGAIN, uses Twitter posts in positive and negative references to make his points, while simultaneously declaring, YET AGAIN, that Twitter is a toxic waste dump.
    C'mon, dude, cut the cord. Get off Twitter. You'll recover and be much better for it.

  9. There is a thing called doctor/patient confidentiality. Since Trump has been fine, he probably Trump did not want to alarm the public. I see this as a nothing burger.