Trump MOCKS Anti-Vaxxers, Touts MAGA Vaccine Victory | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the comments former President Trump made in a recent event about taking the covid vaccine and getting a booster shot

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  1. The news will now have to change their messaging. How dare Trump support vaccination. The agenda has been telling us all those who are not vaxxed live and die by what Trump says to do. So why is it that Trump was never against it, but media made him the scapegoat.. Laughable, nice try breaking points, but no dice……just stop already

  2. I think Trump is trying to pull his base back from the anti-vax edge bc he'll probably repeat this moving forward to appeal to more of the electorate for 2024.

  3. i’m confused. his message was: you don’t have to take the vaccine if you don’t wanna but we should take credit for its creation for political reasons. i mean props to him for saying anything pro-vax but it seems like the bar is so low for the responsibility of republican political figures to push vaccinations.

    im not saying they should say vax mandates are good, but come on, where in this clip does he say “you should go out and get vaxxed”

  4. He should never have been banned from Twitter even though his toxic narcissistic rhetoric was very stress inducing, drama oriented, ignorant but that corporate decision chipped away at the spirit of the law free-speech. Glad to see he’s had some me time and better social skills training but still probably a sick puppy to be in a leader ship position.

  5. Sagar, just when I thought you were making progress. You insult yourself and the entire maga crowd.of which you have aid you are a part of. The fact that the elections in Venezuela were stolen by use of Dominion voting machines is well documented and known. And acknowledged by politicians on both sides of the aisle LONG BEFORE anyone ever heard of MAGA. I REMEMBER READING ABOUT IT AS FAR BACK AS 2006.

  6. He’s an idiot. It hospitalized less than 1% of people that contracted it. He’s still a con man and both red and blue are the same party.

    Please for god sake vote 3rd party. Any other party. We need these two parties to have competition or they will never represent us.

  7. Wait, we're pretending the experimental gene therapy is working well now? Okay" Ill play along too I guess. Myself and everyone I know who got covid naturally and recovered perfectly fine in just a week have not gotten sick again since. Not with flu, cold, or covid. Just sayin

  8. Trump & O'Riley are older…they should get vaccinated & boosted because they are most at risk…the younger people are not generally at risk of serious illness and/or death…and in the end it should be their own personal choice as these vaccines are proven to be "leaky" and do not prevent infection or transmission…they protect you and no one else…

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