Trump MUST Take EVERY Legal Option He Can, ‘Truth And Reconciliation’ Commissions Might Be Coming

Tim and Lydia host guests Seamus Coughlin (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) and Drew Hernandez (@LivesMatterShow on Twitter, @LivesMatterOfficial on Instagram) talk about a possible Joe Biden presidency and what it means for the very far left ideas of ‘truth and reconciliation’.

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  1. I hope that dude Maddow loses his job since his Entire existence is based on hating trump. He will have nothing to live for or substance when she leaves office

  2. So here in WA state, you can either mail in your vote post marked by/on election day. Or, you could drop it off by 8:00pm election day at the office or drop box locations. However, I turned in my ballot at a drop box location at 7:57 pm. There was no one there to pick up the ballots or stop people from pulling up and voting after 8:00pm. Imo any ballot that was turned in after 8:00 pm is invalid. I don't see how they can differentiate my vote that was turned in on time vs the ones that were put in the box after. This is one reason why I think this election is bunk and should be considered illegitimate by everyone. If the people who handled the ballots can't prove that ballots are valid or not, its on them that this election didn't go right; not Biden, Trump, or voters. The media isn't helping… The establishment is at fault, fighting tooth and nail to ruin our system and keep their position. The house should delegate the president like Tim said because of this.

  3. Everybody seems all too concerned with a win/loss of a candidate. Yet nobody seems to be at all concerned with the conduct of these "elections"! In the European countries such a process would not be called into question, such a process would be declared wholy illegitimate! We do not wait days or even weeks for the votes to be counted, we know the results in the span of 24 hours since closing the voting stations! And we do not allow ANY additional votes in AFTER the polls have been closed! This so called "election" is nothing but a rigged mess and is entirely illegitimate by European standards! If you love our healthcare system so much, then you should rather adopt the voting style of ours first!

  4. If biden wins and if he starts ruining the country if no one calls it out openly and he allows the democrats whatever they want and no one goes on the offense then your all just larping pussys, TL;DR NUT UP OR SHUT UP IF BIDEN WINS, i dont want that dementia riddled benedict arnold in charge but the establishment will do whatever the fuck they want and no one does anything against them then let the country burn and let the normies cry out to god asking how/why this happened as their shot by chinese and antifa communists up against a wall

  5. And Viden will release his cure for cancer , COVID will go away, and the riots will stop. China will control the east and Russia will own the moon. Bidentopia. It’s a brave new world.

  6. Making a wild prediction – the CCP wants as much uncertainty in this election as possible. So in the coming days they will probably find big batches of Trump votes as well and then both sides are going to be mad about the process. Probably wrong, but this year…nothing would surprise me in all honesty.

  7. Project V should be called in to provide evidence if a Supreme Court Battle happens.

    I am sure there will be loads of stuff that this will uncover that has happened over the past 4 years.

  8. We know that there is a giant conspiracy called GLOBALISATION! The end-goal is a totalitarian Global fascist state. Joe Biden is a mega Zionist-Globalist. Under Biden Censorship will escalate, The Lock-down will last forever, we cant let Joe Bidens administration destroy everything Trump accomplished????

  9. It's time the World cut off the USA, stopped watching its creative outputs and stopped using its tech platforms, before the hateful leftist ideology which is espoused by the majority of its subjects infects the rest of us.

  10. Demographic will change in Amerika around 2070 meaning more of them then you and then how do you think they will vote they already teaching to hate whites

  11. Thanks for adding the twitter info for all of us who are no longer allowed within jack's bubble town square lol I realize that's the battle ground, but, it's super nice out here in reality, so can you guys post gab & parler info as well? And since yt is spiraling into authoritarian obscurity, got bitchute? DLive?
    "New Normal": Anything that censors isn't a thing to engage with.

  12. Make sure all evidence of voter fraud is fully recorded and exposed. Download, save to flashdrives and do everything you can to preserve the truth. We can't afford to lose anything

  13. Don't you find it strange that republicans did so great in senate, amazingly in the house, flipped congressional seats yet the President is losing in all the democrat run swing states. STILL COUNTING!?!? Even if some people didn't vote Trump, its just not making sense, especially when you witnessed the rallies.How do you call California after 8 minutes after poles closed???? I saw a video of a woman videoing 2 guys with duffel bags filled with ballots and were still in the process of emptying the ballot box with tons of ballets still being taken out. She was like ,The state was called already!!!!!!! This is out an out fraud!!!!

  14. If I was ever outed from a society my first act would be something I wish we could do in modern society; throw my phone off a cliff.

  15. I think voting should be weighted on age. For example 18-32 your vote is worth .75, 33-48 your vote is worth 1, and 49+ it is worth 1.25. Of course those are just example age bands that could be modified.

    I just think someone who has little to no adult experience in the real world shouldn't get equal say. I also recognize how much I have wised up since my 20s, and expect once I am in my 40-50s I will be wiser than my 30s.

  16. Now they found out the software was glitching to change trump votes to biden and thats confirmed. same software used in the places they get all these votes for biden that should not be

  17. Rump is trying to steal the election. It's that simple. If he had real proof, that could withstand scrutiny, he would present it. He is trying to get people to accept his beliefs as proof. It isn't. This is an attempt to kill democracy. He is saying those ballots that went for him were valid, and those that didn't are fradulent. That is Hitler, Mussolini, Putin. Put country before party. If you don't, you are not patriots. "Believing shit" is not proof. If you can't get it past a court, it doesn't count.


  19. Republicans (house and senate) should use THIS ELECTION to pass ELECTION REFORN. I enphasise: it has to be RIGHT NOW. You must pass a law to close EVERY fraudulent breach in the process, and then force REDOING the election with the reformed process.

  20. If Biden can steal the election, maybe Antifa has one good point, the system should be destroyed. Lol let's not replace it with Communism or Communism light (socialism).

  21. Until republican citizens come together and start destroying these democrat city’s and “handling” some of these politicians, nothing will change. This isn’t a fake crime solely to incite a riot, this isn’t George Floyd, this is 100% justifiable rioting waiting to happen. It HAS to happen.
    Everything connected to far left politicians, far left faces like dr fauci, main stream media buildings/studios, must be “taken care of”

  22. What are you guys talking about Bannon was expressing his opinion I don't know the whole text but I don't think he was calling for people to actually do these things. If Trump loses they will gin up Biden's policies and cover up his failures and corruption. The media won't move to the center ,they still what they are Socialist Democrats

  23. If Trump ends up as having lost the election, and the cause of that being the outright corruption and destruction of the integrity of the process of voting, it wouldn't be hyperbolic to say America, the Idea, died. R.I.P. America.

  24. Both the Russian and Chinese civil wars were fought between Socialist factions. In the end, the winners retained the title of Left, and the losers were branded Right. Hitler, though a Leftist by practice, is branded Right, because he lost.