Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Price A SECOND TIME, Trump To Announce ANOTHER Historic Peace Deal

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  1. @TimCast, the #Nobel #Peace #Prize lost all credibility & relevance when they gave one to P. o. t. U. S. Barry Soetoro before he actually did anything, think do I. There is a rumor that, through #Project #Camelot, he was about to reveal the #Secret #Space #Program. That still fails to justify him being given the award before he did anything of worth, feel do I. #PotUS #Donald #Trump actually earns the award & the #statists miss how insane they appear by continuing their campaign of baselessly insulting, demeaning, & degrading him & all who vote for him… because he has done more, than any previous PotUS, to stabilize the #Middle #East since #Israel’s creation, believe do I.

  2. You are WRONG, Tim. The left uses our good intentions, TO KNIFE US IN THE FUCKING HEART. The left cannot be reasoned with. They have been made insane by shady douchebags like Joe Hiden. They are to be DEFEATED. PERIOD. I love you, brother but you're wrong about these people.

  3. Most of my uninformed lib friends still regurgitate what they get from MSM. I read reports, Fox news, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, whatever, and I look for the raw.

    I weigh what they tell me is happening vs what I can see with my own eyes.

    My lib friends are incapable of this, apparently. They take the bubbled info and simply repeat it without questioning it. Its fucking terrifying.

  4. The fact that we have unmitigated violence on US soil, and our president is going out of his way for Israel, a nation that offers LITERALLY NOTHING to America, is all the proof i need to know that while Trump may love America, he won't do a damn thing for it's people.