Trump NOT Legally Impeached Says Dems Own Lawyer

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  1. The world is a much smaller place than it was 250 years ago, so the dems claiming Trump asked for help from foreign entities doesnt make sense, because back then he would've had to taken a ship, or send a pony-Express letter over seas to a foreign leader. Nowadays he just picks up his phone and pushes a few buttons.

  2. The powers of impeachment given to the House of Representatives by the constitution are ONLY for Their Officers.. Read the wording. Article1 Section2 says: "The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other officers, and shall have sole Power of Impeachment"… This is a single sentence applicable only to their power to chose their speaker and officers. The misinterpretation of this secition, in our time, is verified by section 3 which gives "sole power" to try impeachment all impeachments to the Senate, including the president. Section 2 says nothing about powers over the president's office. The House of Representatives are overstepping their power by misreading the section 2 provision for their powers over their officers. The president is not one of their officers.

  3. Jimmie your talking to Corporate Democrat / they're are told what to do and say by the people that pays them. So stop with stupid segment which doesn't mean a thing. Jimmie why aren't you talking about the impeachment and how this Clown is QUILTY !!!!!! ?

  4. Delivering the articles to the Senate either matters or it doesn’t. If it matters, and the House can delay, then Trump hasn’t been impeached. If it doesn’t matter, and Trump has been impeached anyway, then the House can’t delay the Senate. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. Maybe Nancy "sat" on the articles because they still need to decide on which managers they want to deliver the articles to the Senate? Personally I think it's pure political, but there could be a reason for holding. I'm sure they picked the managers months (or years) ago, but these are democrats and these people have zero credibility, so I lean toward Nancy sitting on it just to be childish.

  6. So basically get in the house a majority, then Impeach the opponent president because you have majority and you can put in that paper just : "We don't liek this guy" (liek wasn't typo). and if your friends agree (if not they are bigots) then boom! opponent was impeached… stupid and makes no sense! My brother's sister's mother's sister heared somewhere that president is bad, therefore imnpeach!

  7. 24:30 but the House said same thing when rep told dems that this was bullsht they said that: "lalalalalalala i can't hear you Impeachment i cant hear you!" mind you nearly all dems votes yes and all rep voted no, some dems voted no and 1 voted neither! and now they ask for "fair trial" so in a room there is 10 people, 6 on my side and 4 on yours, 6 on my side say i don't like yo ass lets beat him up because "we dont like you", and 4 day NO… then hey 4 vs 6 out claim of" i dont like him" is legit so lets beat him up but we dont have enaugh to kill him because court is 6 vs 4 agaist us so we will never send that sht untill we will have fair trial, meaning 6 vs 4 in favour of us! gg right? spit

  8. 6:30 – "I can read the Constitution…" – but can you read the article by Noah Feldman that you're talking about on the show, where he quotes the Constitution: "The relevant constitutional provisions are brief… Article II says that the president “shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”
    Putting these three different provisions together yields the conclusion that the only way to remove the president while he is in office is if the House impeaches him and the Senate tries and convicts him."

    We don't consider someone a murderer who is indicted for murder, then acquitted of murder. We consider them "not a murderer", not guilty, etc. They don't go to prison or the gallows for murder, as if they weren't charged in the first place. Similarly, you aren't considered "married" just because you propose; it requires someone saying "I do", usually more than once, having the wedding, getting a marriage license, etc. Everyone is familiar with processes that require multiple steps to reach an outcome.

    6:55 – "whether or not it goes to the senate is just a procedural matter, or whatevar, governed by house or senate rules… that are superceded by the constitution"

    You aren't married just because you propose. You aren't guilty just because you are charged. A bill isn't passed just because the House votes to pass it. Everything in our system of government works this way, including impeachment. You don't need an IQ of 300 to note that Impeachment isn't just a vote, it's a process that ends in transmission to the Senate, for trial, that has one of two outcomes: confirmation of impeachment, or acquittal from impeachment. That's why we've been hearing for as long as we can remember, that "impeachment is like an indictment; you are either found guilty or acquitted".

    If Dems vote to impeach, then tuck that vote away in their pocket until after Trump is re-elected, for example, would it be like indicting someone for murder, but then refusing to send the charge to the court, and telling them to just wait at home until the prosecutor decides to actually subject the accused to a trial one day?

    Tell me how that works out for you guys. I've got my popcorn ready, just waiting to be popped.

    11:32 – just because a process is fully articulated in the 1800's doesn't make it unconstitutional. Judicial review is real. The supreme court can interpret the constitution, and decide long after it's written how to interpret what it means. Subsequent interpretations are not invalid. In fact, precedent can be overturned, that's not unconstitutional. So who care that the Senate developed rules or detailed procedures "after the Constitution was adopted". Not every Article of the constitution was adopted at it's founding (we fought a civil war and it had the result of appending new articles, remember?) What are you even thinking?

  9. Actually, it doesn't matter.  Because the delay is only going to be temporary.  Eventually the Democrats will actually send over the articles and then nobody will be able to quibble about it.  Right Democrats?


  11. And the US goes around the world killing and destroying professing "you need US style democracy" Are you fucking kidding? What is it about the US that makes them believe they know it all……."you need a regime change" Kill, bomb, destroy, lie, deceive and corrupt. The US has so much to offer!! The problem with the US is they BELIEVE their own bullshit. America could be great but not until they have a president like Tulsi Gabbard IF she's straight, certainly worth a punt, they have nothing even close to her.

  12. “All my life I grew up thinking everyone else was better than me then as soon as I stick my toe in the water, I find out they’re not. Nobody in journalism is better than me, and certainly no one in politics. These are the most mediocre of fucking people with the most transparent of motivations, and I can see through them even after I smoke a bowl.” [JIMMY DORE]

  13. Your guest ha to be a prank..lets see what the xonstition says

    English and colonial history thus informed the Framers’ consideration and adoption of impeachment procedures at the Constitutional Convention.31In some ways, the Framers adopted the general framework of impeachment inherited from English practice. The English Parliamentary structure of a bicameral legislature—dividing the power of impeachment between the “lower” house, which impeached individuals, and an “upper” house, which tried them—was replicatedin the federal system with the power to impeach given to the House of Representatives and the power to try impeachments assigned to the Senate

  14. stopped watching in 2016 because i couldn't stand seeing your refusal to call Cenk out….so glad i checked back in to see you finally understand that he is a witting trump enabler and a true neolib! look how Cenk smeared jill stein during his interview with her!

  15. That is because this Lawyer is smart and is thinking long game. If Trump is impeached, what is to stop the Senate from trying it? If Congress won't hand over the articles to the Senate, but he is still impeached, then the Senate might just hold a trial without it.

  16. Nothing is as it seems. Trump is trying to bring down the biggest criminal cabal in history. Don't think that the truth would be laid out. Can't work that way. Pelosi and Schumer think they should have been informed prior to the hit on the monster of iran…..LOL. He would have been warned and the operation would have failed. Not a doubt in my mind.

  17. Yes, but you see, Leftists only WANT actions to occur. Leftists don't actually DO work; rather, they want SOMEONE ELSE to do the work–or, simply, want the work to be PERCEIVED as completed simply because THEY WANT IT DONE. I know, it sounds crazy, but that's Leftist Think 101.

  18. Wow! ? Here's what I've gathered from Jimmy Dore's comment section:
    a. The caller in this video agreed with Jimmy 95% about EVERYTHING except to disagree about whether trump is impeached…a position which the MAJORITY of Constitutional scholars agree with INCLUDING Feldman himself, who states in his editorial that TECHNICALLY chump is impeached but that the 'spirit' of the impeachment articles in the Constitution intends for a subsequent trial…and, for him, that means 'trump COULD say he was never actually impeached.'
    b. But damn near all of the commenters deride the caller as if ALL he did for the entire video is support democratic party positions. When in fact he slams them as much as Dore.
    c. Leading me to believe that a good portion of the people who bother to comment on JD videos: don't watch Jimmy's entire videos, don't pay attention to what is being said except when it confirms biases (basically aren't thinking critically), simply come to these videos with their minds made up on a subject and with the purpose of posting comments they already formulated, will agree with whatever Jimmy is saying unquestioningly, or are trolling for whatever objective rewards them for doing so.
    WHICHEVER category/categories these commenters are falling into…it doesn't bode well for intellectual integrity of the progressive community. …assuming they DO actually fall into the progressive community of course. I mean I really hope it's mostly option 1…that they just aren't watching all the way through…which DOES seem very likely. Because I hate to think that this is just a bunch of people who are no better than trump supporters…unable to think critically and form their own independent opinions.
    Peace! ?

  19. The Dems' "temper tantrum" has been going on in a myriad of forms since before Trump came down the escalator and will continue morphing over and over into new nonsense as long as he is president, after that . . . ?

  20. Come on guys… Hating the Democrats and their whole case until their lawyer agrees with you on one point. A point that by now is moot since it was transferred to the Senate. Seriously, everyone is acting the same way Russia-Gaters act with Comey.

  21. The Dems do not want a trial, because Russiagate will put them in jeopardy of criminal prosecution for subverting the FBI to frame their political opponents. This shit is way worse than watergate, Clinton Obama, and the DNC elite should be prosecuted for framing people.